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With the muggleborns in charge, nothing has really changed since the Battle of Hogwarts. The sides have been switched with those bearing old family names being discriminated against. Once again the revolution is upon us. What side will go to the darkest places to get what they want? Will it be yours?

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Mar 7 2018, 03:33 PM
Exam fever seems to have settled on the school so as far as gossip goes there isn’t much but, not wanting to let our readers down your writers went to great lengths, searching out just what it is you want.

Slytherin House has been rocked by the departure of one of its seventh year students. Amber Elison has thrown in the towel on her studies giving up not only on her education but also, Timothy Morrigan. Being the hottest of the snakes it is wondered if the problem was that Tim really could not keep his secret parts to himself, concealed by his trousers. Or was the problem with Amber herself who much like a divining rod had special parts that gravitated to any and all females in the common room.

Another blow to the house of green comes in the form of their very own Poppy Burke. A girl who has been seen not only at The Fayre but around the castle with the much ridiculed Aiden Flynn. How long the ridicule will last is anyone’s guess since Aiden seems to be quickly working his way through girls so much out of his league.

Sadly, after last months revelation all professors seem to be keping to the very best of behaviour. Leaving us with only the identity of the new Headmaster to dwell on. Many rumours have been doing the rounds the most ridiculous of which is that The Minister himself will be stepping in to fill the gap - he will not. Stop saying it. It’s dumb.

Student of the month is Ravenclaw Hannah Graham who wrote at least double the word count for all essays completed in January.
Jan 25 2018, 07:52 PM
School Chatter

Welcome to the first ever edition of School Chatter - Hogwarts Unofficial Newsletter! We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and that those who were lucky enough to be invited had a great time at Caer Morrigan. Your writer was one such lucky person and is happy to report that it was a wonderfully grand affair indeed. Mrs Selwyn and Mr Morrigan outdone themselves that night. As did our very own Head Girl Maz Cowan who sang with such beauty that more than one person was heard noting the hairs on their neck and arms had stood on end. Now, isn’t it about time we got back our school choir?

All school notices are as usual; no magic in the corridors, no wandering in the forest… the same we hear every year like we don’t already know. There is nothing exciting to report in regards to classes. What about some trips, Professors? We like to get out and about. Hogsmeade Days remain once a month for those eligible.

As everyone must surely be aware we lost our Headmaster over the break. A great sadness hangs over the school at the loss. It can only be hoped that the Board of Governors can quickly find an adequate replacement. In the meantime we all know that Professor MacLeod will keep the school running properly. Thank you Professor MacLeod for stepping in.

Now, onto what you all read for - the gossip…

Their relationship having been on the rocks since Halloween night Gryffindor Rowan Wilson and Ravenclaw Katie Greeves have called it quits. If the fighting in many random corridors is anything to go by this was not before time. In fact, to the casual observer the relationship was long past its sell-by… at Halloween.

Speaking of Halloween and the kiss that everyone was talking about. It would seem that our Head Girl has chosen not to pursue a relationship with the Gryffindor Aiden Flynn. This news will of course come as no surprise to anyone. Maz, you can do a lot better. Aiden… you’ll probably be single for a long time.

Worry has spread through the Slytherin common room for fellow student Pavon Sannesley. Recently he has become pale and withdrawn. One and all hope that he has done no more than pick up a nasty seasonal flu. You are wished well, Pavon, people are happy to be there for you.

Where our beloved professor’s are concerned it needs to be pondered just why a certain numerically obsessed teacher met in a supposedly empty classroom with one who came down from the towers specially. This also questions just what the same starry-eyed professor is playing at after being seen in the village pub with our most caring member of staff over the holidays. Perhaps the playing field needs expanded?

The first detention of the new year is awarded to Ravenclaw Francis Patterson who got himself into an escalating battle with the school librarian. He was caught in the act filling the librarians sleeping quarters with vast quantities Farting Gas. The area has been cordoned off and is expected to remain so for the next fortnight at least.

Student of the Month is Hufflepuff Anna Fern. Miss Fern achieved 100% on every piece of homework assigned in December. Well done, Anna, you do your House proud.

That is all for January. Thank you for reading. Until next month, dear readers, have fun!
Jan 23 2018, 11:00 AM
<img src="">
<div class="articleheader">Murder At Christmas</div>

<div class="articlebody">The Auror’s didn’t know what to expect when they arrived at the Norwood house on Christmas Day. They certainly didn’t expect the scene of murder and muggleborn hatred that greeted them.
It is reported that on Christmas morning, ready for a day of family merriment Michael Norwood, Head of the Magical Law Enforcement Department found his father, Hogwarts Headmaster David Norwood, dead. Murdered; possibly, by one or more who hold the most unshifting of purist views. The authorities were notified immediately and the Aurors were on the scene within moments. Since the Norwood home was in a muggle neighborhood, a cordon was quickly put in place to assist the Aurors in dealing with the curious muggles who were milling around.
A source within in the Ministry who was one of the first to respond, reporting on the condition of anonymity, described the scene to us, “It was a mess! I’ve rarely seen anything so bad in all my working life. How a human could do what they did to another… ghastly. More than one person was sick before Auror Mitchell arrived to clear the scene.”
We questioned our source as to whether there was anything that stood out. Something that could point to a perpetrator the source told us; “Mudblood - it was written everywhere. Some of it in the man’s own blood.”
Other Ministry officials who wished to remain anonymous verified these initial claims and went on to point in the purebloods direction. Some of them described the other anti-muggle messages daubed on the walls; ‘Dirty blood’, ‘Not welcome’ and ‘Purity of Magic’ were the most repeated after the worst word in our world.
It has long been known that the purists in our small community would like nothing more than Headmaster Norwood removed and a person of their own choosing in his place. I hope that the Board of Governors will prevent them from having their way after this appalling first step was taken.
Reporters caught up with Head Auror Mitchell, he refused to comment on the scene but did allow himself to be quoted as saying; “The Auror Department will not rest until the person or persons responsible for this most despicable crime are caught and brought to justice."
The Prophet has to wonder - Is this the beginning of the fight we’ve long known is brewing? Will we soon have anarchy on the streets? That all remains to be seen and in the meantime we extend our condolences to the Norwood family and mourn the passing of a truly great man.
Norwood leaves behind his son Michael, three grandchildren Isla, Fraser and Iona as well as two great-grandchildren David and Tara. The family have asked that instead of flowers anyone wishing to show their respects donate to a charitable cause in the Headmaster’s name.
Turn to Pg 3 for an indepth look at the life of David Norwood, a man who worked tirelessly for the good of others, especially the children.
<img src="">
Dec 21 2017, 03:39 PM
<img src="">
<div class="articleheader">JUSTICE!</div>

<div class="articlebody"> <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" class="leftfloat" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"></a>After a long period of time working in conjunction with muggle law enforcement the Aurors have taken the instigators of this summer’s riot in Diagon Alley into custody. Goddard Brooke, Neil Elliot, and Elroy Bryce were arrested by Aurors in the city of York. In an effort to escape justice, they had cut ties with their families and retreated into the muggle world. Were it not for the Ministry’s willingness to work alongside the muggle government they might have escaped all together.
An emergency session of the Wizengamot was called by Chief Warlock Saunders and the accused stood trial before the Court. In a nearly unanimous decision, all three were convicted and Elliot and Bryce will be spending the remainder of their lives in Azkaban Prison. Brooke will receive the Dementor’s Kiss for his part in the deaths of the Morrigans and the injuries of several others.<br><br><br>
In addition, Robert Goethe, the ex-Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement has been convicted of Manslaughter and Criminal Negligence in his failure to ensure that the Law Enforcement Patrol was adequately staffed for the needs of keeping our people safe. Director Norwood, in partnership with the Minister and the Chief Warlock, have taken steps to nearly double the size of the Patrol as well as to increase the funding for the Aurors and the Hit-wizards to be certain that nothing like this ever happens again.</div>
<img src="">
Aug 18 2017, 12:59 PM
<img src="">
<div class="articleheader">TRAGEDY IN DIAGON ALLEY</div>

<div class="articlebody"><img src="" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic">Not since the days of the self-styled Voldemort has there been such violence in what is reasonably considered the heart of British magical life. On what should have been a fun filled day of friendship and camaraderie, hatred and anger boiled over and led to violent destruction of property and tragic loss of life. Four people were killed during the altercations that took place over the weekend at Diagon Alley the youngest of which was no more than a baby.
<img src="" class="leftfloat">Lara Morrigan hadn’t even celebrated her first birthday when the hatred on display robbed her of that chance when she was brutally murdered in the melee along with her mother, Annabelle Morrigan; robbing the Morrigan family – the blood relatives of our previous Chief Warlock as well as the current Charms Professor at Hogwarts – of a mother and sister.
Nearly thirty people were seriously injured and scores of others suffered minor hurts. Aside from the obvious questions of why and how did this happen, one of the main things that has come from this tragedy is how could the Department of Magical Law Enforcement allow this to happen? Where was the Magical Law Enforcement Patrol when we needed them? There were several Patrols on duty but they were nowhere to be found during the height of the violence when their presence would have been most needed.
Our new Minister for Magic is not taking this lightly as the former Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, Robert Goethe, has been fired from his position along with James Paulson, the head of the Magical Law Enforcement Patrol. Our sources tell us that both men are expecting to be charged with gross negligence and will be brought before the Wizengamot for their parts in this atrocity.
Minster Stewart has announced that Goethe will be replaced by Senior Auror, Michael Norwood.<br>
<img src="" class="rightfloat">
In addition, a group of outside consultants – professionals from Canada – will be brought into look over the Ministry’s procedures and help to make sure that nothing like this ever happens again. The DMLE, under their new leadership, and in cooperation with the Wizengamot are performing an in-depth investigation of the circumstances that led up to the riots and will hopefully be bringing the perpetrators and instigators of this violence to justice soon.
Information on Lara Morrigan, her family, and the other casualties of Diagon Alley – Page 4<br>
Information on Senior Auror Michael Norwood – Page 11
<img src="">
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