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With the muggleborns in charge, nothing has really changed since the Battle of Hogwarts. The sides have been switched with those bearing old family names being discriminated against. Once again the revolution is upon us. What side will go to the darkest places to get what they want? Will it be yours?

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Ethan Flynn


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Nov 25 2017, 03:47 AM
Ethan left Aiden furious. Furious with the person who put him there, furious with Aiden, furious with himself because he felt he was also responsible for Aiden getting hurt. The problem was he couldn't think of how to get that anger out. He left the castle and walked toward the Forbidden Forest. He wished he had his boomerang a friend gave him from Australia, but he knew that wouldn't really help him get rid of his anger. All he could do was throw it in the air as hard as he could, and if he threw it correctly, it would return to him. That would probably make him more angry. He was sorry he couldn't wrestle anyone here, like he did in Ireland. He could get his anger out on another student, who no doubt would beat him, and that would make him even angrier. Were there no hollow chocolates he could break and eat? As he thought he wanted to break something, he found a stick laying on the ground.

He picked it up and suddenly had a smile on his face. He broke it and felt a little better. He broke each of the two pieces of the original stick into two pieces and had four pieces. As he came toward a large rock, he threw the smaller sticks at it. The lightness of the sticks denied him the satisfaction of hitting the rock, but they tried to make it to their intended target.

Ethan realized he was all alone. If they wanted to, his enemies could very well confront him and put him in the hospital with Aiden. In a way, Ethan wished they would. He took out his wand and decided to practice some spells, just in case. He compelled each of the small sticks that hadn't originally hit the large rock he threw them at to hit the rock with the help of his wand. Then he marked the rock with the power of his wand. He could probably have written something bad about the boy he was thinking of, but decided against it. After all, he didn't want to get into trouble unless it meant killing him.

Of course, dueling an inanimate object like a large rock was easier than dueling another person, who also had a wand he was trying to hurt you with. He wasn't a talented in duels at all. He was a fighter, a fencer. He tried to be able to duel with a wand, but as much practice as he had with it, it was still strange to him. And the snake he wanted to hurt. Hell, kill. The snake was incredibly talented at dueling. Ethan envied him in a way because of it. But he hated him too. He marked the rock with another spell as his anger returned. He wondered if he should see if he should look for Xaneen in the Forbidden Forest. The centaur was like an uncle, who gave sage advice. He told Ethan parables that he hoped would impart wisdom in him and accepted the fact that the silly human didn't take it most of the time. Maybe he could play fight with the centaur? No, he was too old and would probably think it was ridiculous.

He wondered if he could conjur up someone he could wrestle with. Someone who would beat him, but allow him to get his rage out. No, it would have to be another Hogwarts student, but he didn't know who it could be. Maybe he needed someone to duel with and do that instead of wrestling. It would probably have the same effect. He sat on the rock and all kinds of dark thoughts ran through his head. Duels where he died and where his nemesis died. Submission wrestling matches were remembered where he was put into painful holds he couldn't get out of because his opponent was stronger than he was. He actually had a race with Xaneen, the centaur. How ridiculous was that? How could a sixteen year old human think he could out run a twenty or twenty-five year old centaur with four legs and a muscular horse body? Well, like his wrestling matches, he really didn't think he could beat him. But he wanted to be able to run and what better way to force yourself to run fast than to race a centaur?

Nov 11 2017, 07:21 PM
It was four o’clock in the morning when Ethan woke up with a start. He dreamt that he lost his homework and the professor wasn’t happy about it. What was worse was that it was Charms homework and Charms was his favorite class. The dream scared Ethan because they normally forewarned some trouble later in the day.

He got up out of bed and took a look at his Charms homework. No, it was done. He doublechecked just to be sure. No, no trouble there. He had an assignment for his least favorite class, History of Magic, that was due later the same day. He had planned to do it at recess, but he decided it would be better to do it now and then he would have free time at recess.

So, he went to the bathroom and got dressed after his shower. He really hated the idea of wearing his robes so early in the morning, but would he really want to go upstairs and change after breakfast or he was finished with his homework? He decided that laziness would win out, so he put on his robes. Why did they wear what looked like graduation robes when they went to classes? What would they wear when they finally graduated?

He felt so weird when he tried going downstairs that he wondered if he was in another dream. Those moving staircases always gave Ethan problems trying to navigate them. He found himself on the first floor and went into the Main Hall. He was so tired that he just sat at the first table he saw. He took out his History of Magic work and started working on it. Unfortunately, Ethan didn’t realize he was sitting at the Slytherin table.
Nov 10 2017, 11:45 PM
Contact: Ethan Flynn
Character Requesting: Ethan Flynn
Relationship Wanted: Friend
Name: Xaneen (open)
Gender: Male
Age: Open

Background Information: In his third year, he finally got the nerve to venture out in the Forbidden Forest. As he sauntered along, he thought he heard someone crying out for help. As he walked toward the yelling, he saw a centaur with his leg caught in a hole in the ground. He took a stick and started digging around it to set him free. The centaur, Xaneen, called him a friend from that time forth. In a weird way, Ethan seeks Xaneen's advice on most things. He feels that Xaneen is free of the prejudice of humans, when in actuality humans hate the centaurs more than the purebloods hate muggles.

I was originally thinking that he might be a young centaur, close to Ethan's age. But then an adult would become friends with him, even if he was a human, if he was nice enough to help him out of the predicament he found himself in. And you can change his name, if you like. If created, I'll create a centaur, so he won't only have Ethan to rp with. Are we allowed such obvious quid pro quo?
Nov 10 2017, 09:56 PM
Ethan Flynn

Full Name: Ethan Padraig Flynn
Blood Status: Muggle-born
Nationality: Irish
Place of Birth: Dublin, Ireland
Date of Birth: October 31, 2060
Age: 16
House and Year: Ravenclaw and 6th
Spoken Languages: English
Relationship Status: Single


Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dark Brown
Height: 5’8”

Look Description: Ethan’s a good looking, five feet eight inch tall kid with dark brown hair and blue eyes. He feels everything on his symmetrical face and head are in proportion, though they may be a little small. He is slightly built, though he does have a thin layer of muscle on his stomach. Admittedly, he isn’t as well defined as he would like.

Dressing Style: Ethan only wears the house robes when it’s mandatory. Otherwise, he likes to dress comfortably in blue jeans, a t-shirt, and sneakers. He occasionally wears a leather jacket. He likes to wear a silver Figaro chain with a Seraphinite stone on it. The stone is framed with pieces of silver and Ethan thinks he sees a sailboat in it on choppy waters during a storm.


Character Description: Ethan’s a good kid, though he is opinionated and doesn’t mind telling people what’s on his mind. In a way though, he doesn’t have to, because you can usually read it all over his face. He’d be a really bad poker player. He’s very honest, which allows him to lie every once in a while and get away with it. He’s good with people, but he’s infinitely better with animals. He’s fascinated by the thestrals, which he can see because of his grandmother’s death. He still misses her and he just hasn’t bonded with another person as much as he was able to bond with her. He seems to like animals other people don’t like, like giant spiders and thestrals. He’s friends with a centaur he met while venturing around in the Forbidden Forest. He doesn’t suffer fools very well and will either walk away or tell them off when he loses his patience with them. He hates pranks. He’ll treat you well if you treat him and his family or friends well and won’t treat him well if you don’t treat him or his family and friends well. He cannot stand loud, bubbly people at all. They’re worse than Slytherins, as far as he’s concerned.

Quirks: When he’s nervous, he turns his head to the left.

Strengths: (Minimum 5) Ethan is quite loyal to his family and friends. He’s a very good student and does well in all of the magic classes: Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Healing, Potions, and Transfiguration. He is also great with all kinds of animals. He’s extroverted, friendly and usually honest.

Weaknesses: (Minimum 5) He’s quite transparent if he likes or dislikes something. He’s as prejudiced against Slytherins as they are prejudiced against Muggles. He doesn’t do very well in Arithmancy, Divinity, and Runes. He’s arrogant, judgmental, stubborn, and holds grudges. He has intense claustrophobia.

Likes: Charms, Care of Magical Creatures, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Potions, and Transfigurations. He likes lads better than lasses, though he’s still very deeply in the closet. He does like correcting the idiocy that he hears students say about Muggles when it’s infinitely clear they don’t know what the Hades they’re talking about. He likes the art of Hieronymous Bosch tremendously. He’s friends with a centaur.

Dislikes: Arithmancy, Divinity, Muggle Studies because he’s Muggleborn, and Runes. He can’t stand quidditch because he doesn’t understand it. And he abhors Slytherins, especially those snakes that don’t like him for just being who he is.

Boggart: Being in a small, tight, enclosed space

Patronus: Irish setter

Patronus Memory Cooking apple sauce with his maternal grandmother


Wand: Nine inch Beechwood with Dragon heartstring

Strength: (Strong area of magic) Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Healing
Weakness: (Weak area of magic) Potions & Transfiguration

Family and History

Father: Galen Finn
Mother: Elsi Finn
Siblings: Aiden, 15 and William, their eldest brother

Pets: Gavroche, an Irish setter, who gets along well with Aiden’s black cat much to Ethan’s embarrassment, and Eponine, a miniature Scops Owl.

The Flynn family wanted for nothing because their father ran an international shipping company that had been in their family for four generations. The best part was that his father wasn't so busy that he stayed at work forever and never came home.

When Ethan was five, his maternal grandmother died. Ethan loved her more than anyone else in the family. That’s the first time weird things began to happen at home and they lasted until Ethan was able to come to terms with her death, which was a very long time. A week later, a bully in school pinned him to the ground and was hitting him. Suddenly, the boy’s shirt went up over his face, forcing him to release Ethan’s arms. Ethan forced the boy onto the ground and ran home.

When he was eleven, his letter from Hogwarts arrived and no one in the family understood what it was or what it meant. Luckily, professors from Hogwarts arrived and explained it to the family. It seemed to Ethan like William, his eldest brother, was a little bit afraid of magic, but Aiden, his younger brother, was excited about it.

Ethan realized that some students were rude and arrogant, and called him Mudblood. This upset him at first, until things inexplicably happened to them (magic Ethan still didn’t realize that he had). The students warned him that they would get back at him and he really had no idea what they were talking about until he began attending classes. Then he understand he could do magic and that explained the weird occurrences at home -- somewhat.

He learned to fly on a broom and enjoyed it a great deal. He was only sorry that students didn't travel everywhere by broom. He didn't understand quidditch then and still doesn't, which is why he doesn't play it. And while he excels at the magic classes like charms, defense against the dark arts, potions and transfiguration, he doesn't do well in the divinity classes like arithmancy, divinity, or runes.

He really enjoyed his first year away from his family because almost all of them weren't magical. They expected that Aiden might have some magic in him. He couldn't wait to tell Aiden about everything, although he definitely made a couple of enemies.

The next year, he welcomed having Aiden, his younger brother, at Hogwarts. He wanted to sit on the train with him to really let him in on what was going to happen on the way, but whether on purpose or not, he wasn’t able to. One, he lost track of him because a porter got in his way on the platform. Two, when he finally found the compartment where Aiden was sitting in, it was full with other students.

In his third year, he finally got the nerve to venture out in the Forbidden Forest. As he sauntered along, he thought he heard someone crying out for help. As he walked toward the crying, he saw a centaur with his leg caught in a hole in the ground. He took a stick and started digging around it to set him free. The centaur, Xaneen, called him a friend from that time forth.

Ethan is thinking he might want to be a healer though he is not sure if he wants to heal wizards and witches, or magical creatures.
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