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With the muggleborns in charge, nothing has really changed since the Battle of Hogwarts. The sides have been switched with those bearing old family names being discriminated against. Once again the revolution is upon us. What side will go to the darkest places to get what they want? Will it be yours?

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Drucilla Selwyn


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Jul 23 2018, 12:21 PM
There were times in her life when Drucilla Selwyn sincerely wished she wasn’t the go to person, the solver sought out by others to help with their problems. She also wished she could say no much more often than she did. But then, the man who had paid her a visit that morning was a friend, an old friend and Drucilla didn’t know how she could have said no. Maybe if she hadn’t listened to him but when he had told her his woes her heart had gone out to him. The poor man only wanted what was best for his daughter and Drucilla could well relate to that.

So it was that later that same day she was to be found walking towards Caer Morrigan ready to interfere in the life of a man she’d rarely felt the need to. Richard Morrigan was the smartest, most savvy man she had known in her life - a very capable person who rarely even needed her help. It was a mystery to her then why he had suddenly come over so seemingly clueless.

With her wand in hand she used a spell to knock on the door before she’d actually reached it. Her old legs and their slow pace would ensure time, making the chance the door would be opened as she arrived more likely. The elf that answered knew her well and without a word from either of them led her to where Richard was spending his afternoon.

Not waiting for an invite to do so Drucilla settled herself in a seat. Once comfortable she settled her eyes on Richard and though, as always, there was a fondness in her gaze her eyes also held an edge.

“Nikos Stanis stopped in to see me this morning.” She felt no need of a greeting instead preferring to get straight to the issue of the day. Drucilla Selwyn was a busy woman and time was not always on her side.

Richard Morrigan
Sep 2 2017, 11:24 AM
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Drucilla Selwyn

[imgImage URL[/img]

Full Name: Drucilla Erested Selwyn
Blood Status: Pure-blood
Nationality: British
Place of Birth: Northumberland
Date of Birth: May 3rd, 1998
Age: 79
Spoken Languages: English
Relationship Status: Widowed


Eyes: Brown
Hair: Thin, wispy and grey in colour Drucilla always keeps her head covered.
Height: Small in stature.

Look Description:

All through their lives the Erested triplets were described as impish. Drucilla can still be described as such. Her round eyes are always alight though it is hard to tell if it is with delight or mischief. Though her face is now wrinkled it’s delicacy had not been lost and the beauty evident throughout life can still be glimpsed. Her smiles come easy though they aren’t too often a result of pleasure if she isn’t dealing with a family member. Long fingered hands are proof of the worker she has been throughout life, the tools of her trade have long took their toll.

Dressing Style:

Drucilla is always to be found in elaborately decorated robes with her head always covered with something from her extensive collection of headgear. Comfortable shoes always hug her feet since she had to leave her beloved heels behind. Jewellery is her obsession and because of it Drucilla makes tinkling sounds when she moves.


Character Description:

Drucilla has all the typical traits of a Slytherin. She is cunning, sly and will do whatever is required so her needs and desires can be met. Her tongue is often sharp. Always the more dominant of the triplets she has long exhibited all the qualities required of great leaders. She is a purist through and through genuinely seeing herself and others like her as the true superiors of the world. As a wife she was loving and attentive even while she firmly held her own independence. As a mother she gave her children her all, even when she was a working parent the children always knew if they needed her she would drop everything for them. Becoming a single mother was one of the most difficult times in her life but she carried on passing all the proper lessons to her offspring and guiding them gently but firmly through life. Though there were times she had to be hard on them, especially Malachi as the future of the house she always ensured the children knew they were loved and made her proud. She was a parent who believed in praising the good just as much as disciplining the bad. As a grandmother she devotes as much time to her grandchildren as possible, her face a constant in her life. She enjoys her new role with less responsibility. Yes sometimes she has to step in where her children are failing to ensure the next generation is brought up right but much more of her time is spent enjoying the younger ones - spoiling them.



Loyalty to her family
Quick thinking
A born leader


Her age has slowed her down
Her family


Her family
Expensive robes


Muggles, muggleborns and blood traitors


Malachi a baby in his cot dead



Patronus Memory:



Wand: Cedar. Fairy wing. 7 inches, whippy.

Strength: Charms, Defensive magic, Herbology
Weakness:, Patronuses, anything concerning future telling, the dark arts


School: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry 2009=2016
House: Slytherin

University Herbology 2016-2022


Position: Florist
Former positions:
2022 - 2063 Freelance Herbologist
2046- 2054 Sitting member of the Wizengamot
When her husband died Drucilla found a loophole that allowed her to sit on the Selwyn Family Wizengamot seat until her son was old enough to sit it himself.

Family and History

Father: Alvarez Erested
Mother: Rosalina (Nott) Erested
Isidoros (Older brother)
Vivianna (triplet with Ducilla and Lavinia) married into the Fawley family
Lavinia (triplet with Drucilla and Vivianna) married into the Rosier family
Cicely (younger sister) married into the Carrow family
Husband: - Mordechai Selwyn
Malachi (b. 2033)- Father of Lysander Selwyn
Kalysta (b. 2041) - Mother of Nero and Poppy Burke
Loreza (b. 2039)
Danica (b. 2039)
Brielle (b. 2041)
Nero Burke (NPC)
Lysander Selwyn
Poppy Burke

Honorary Grandchildren
Cecily Carrow (NPC)
Theron Rosier

Pet: Her trees, plants and flowers are her pets.


Drucilla was born to an old but relatively unknown pureblood family - Erested. The Erested’s were little known thanks to their habit of the males of the line producing far more daughters than sons. In most generations only one male Erested came into the world. Drucilla herself is one of five siblings, she has one brother and three sisters. Isidoros her brother was the first born to the family, the heir. Drucilla came second quickly followed minutes later by Vivianna who was in turn followed by Lavinia who again waited just minutes before joining her sisters. Having triplets didn’t put their parents off having more children and while the girls were still toddlers Cicely, the fifth and youngest of the brood was born.

While the family was not as well off as some others, and were a target of The Ministry after The Battle of Hogwarts they did not lose all. One ancestral home had been allowed to the family for them to roam. It wasn’t the largest, not by a long shot but it was a bit bigger than they needed with plenty of places to explore. Their father worked, a potions master, he was hardly home while their mother took on the full role of caregiver. The only staff they would ever hire were the tutors brought in to teach the children as early as age six. The five were close, with the middle three being closest. They shared a deep bond, an often creepy link.

The Hogwarts letter came as the girls knew it would and soon they were off on an adventure. Though they were so alike in appearance the girls were vastly different inside. Vivianna the brainbox was to be sorted to Ravenclaw, Lavinia the mother of the three went to Hufflepuff and Drucilla, the leader found herself in Slytherin with her brother. Cicely would later join Vivianna in the Ravenclaw tower.

She worked hard at school and soon found Herbology to be her favourite subject with Charms coming a close second. Many nights after school hours she spent in the greenhouses while she had the chance, just studying or questioning the professor when she was around. She swore that one day she would have greenhouses to rival those at the school. Upon leaving school she like her siblings went on to University. Drucilla studied Herbology there for six years.

One year before finishing, at the age of twenty-three Drucilla married - Mordechai Selwyn, a man she’d met and fallen in love with at Hogwarts. They were perfectly matched, her forehead even fit snugly in the dip of his nose. They had planned on waiting, Drucilla had never intended to be the first of the siblings to be married but she was. When they left education for the last time they did so as husband and wife with the whole world at their feet.

Drucilla soon started work, putting herself out to the wide world as a freelance Herbologist. Whatever a person needed then Drucilla could get it. Her husband’s family were wealthier than hers and though the greenhouse on their land was in need of a lot of repair and care Drucilla was overjoyed when use of it was offered to her. It soon became her domain. She and her husband had decided early on that their careers were their own and their personal time was for each other. What personal time they got they used well. Together they travelled, going on their own adventures, ate at fancy restaurants, went to lavish parties, met important people… they lived.

Children had been something spoken about but not something either of them really wanted. Oh they knew that with Mordechai being an only child they must have one of their own but neither had any great yearning for parenthood. Drucilla’s own plan was to give birth someday and have the baby taken care of by others as early as possible. She had a career, a life, no time for a family. So while her sisters got married and started their families Drucilla put up with the questions of when. The not so quiet wonderings from others of why she had none, what she was waiting for.

For years the couple had no responsibilities outwith their careers. They hadn’t even put down roots anywhere preferring to stay at either of their family homes and lodging with distant relatives on their travels. This enabled them to save, which they did in the Gringott’s vault they’d opened together on their first wedding anniversary. For starting off so small it certainly grew over the years.

In 2029 her father in-law died, his wife having left the world seven years previously. A terrible accident and pointless. Her husband was distraught and for the first time in a marriage that had been equal Drucilla found herself having to firmly take the lead. After an appropriate time for grief her husband was sent back to work. It had quickly become apparent that when it came to running a household the man had no clue. Drucilla did having been taught by her own mother. The estate that really hadn’t recovered from its abandonment after Voldemort’s first fall soon began looking more like it’s old, grand self under her instruction. More greenhouses were added to the extensive gardens as her business grew. Soon under her guidance the grounds were full of all kinds of plants, trees and shrubbery. Many considered them to be the most beautiful grounds of all the pureblood families. Dusty, unused rooms were cleaned, aired and put to use - anything to keep them from feeling empty. She would never understand why after their return the Selwyn’s hadn’t taken more pride in their home. They certainly had the money and the house was such a beautiful thing. She was glad though, happy that she was the one to return it to glory.

Finding herself pregnant at the age of thirty-four Drucilla was gripped with bitterness. This child which she felt was forced on her by expectation was going to ruin the life she had. It didn’t matter how many people she hired to help - her life was going to change. The pregnancy was not an enjoyable one. It was also life threatening which was why Drucilla found herself facing the potential loss of both hers and the baby’s life. Fear gripped her heart, it surprised her to realise that the fear was not for her own life but for the life her unborn child might never have. She thought it unfair that her life would change but she was wrong. So very wrong. Much more unfair was the child that she had grown within not even having a chance to live. It would not do! She would not have it! Her child grew within her and nothing, no power in the world was about to deny her. He was born in the year 2033. Much too early. Drucilla didn’t even get to see her son. While she was whisked one way he was taken off another. She wanted to scream for him but she had become too weak, first the pregnancy and then the delivery had completely drained her. It was kept from her then just how close she’d come to losing her life but if she’d only have glanced at her husband’s face she’d have known.

A day passed before Drucilla became aware, she was sure she’d been awake but there is no memory of the hours. Still weak she had looked around the room and spoken just one word to her husband. “Malachi?” When she’d chosen the name she would never know but that was his name, she knew that much. She’d quickly lost consciousness again but when she woke next, alone in the dark room she knew what she had to do. She had to be strong, she had to fight. It had to be done for her son. While she would not lose him neither would he lose her. It was a long nine days after his birth before she was well enough to see him. He was so small she found tears began falling when she looked on his face. Sitting beside his cot she listened as the Healers told her what they were doing and what was required of her and him then finally she got to hold him. It would help they said, his mother’s touch. When he starting to improve Drucilla firmly believed that strength had been his cure. Her own and what he’d inherited from her. Mordechai proved mostly useless - his wife forced to see them both through the trying time.

When the new parents eventually took their baby home Drucilla took up the role of a mother with ease while her husband returned to work. For three years she concentrated only on Malachi having hired others to work for her now well established business. The boy she kept close at all times, he was hardly out of her sight for a second. She knew it couldn’t continue that he would suffer for it but as long as he was young she saw no harm in it. All too soon though she realised she needed her work and when he was aged three a nanny was brought into the house. Her own staff were scaled back so as she could get back to working. The weekends were spent with Malachi though, and her husband when he wasn’t needed at work or with the Wizengamot.

The accident that killed Cicely shocked and angered the whole family. The fault of a drunk driving muggle it fuelled the flame that was their long held hatred. Unlike her husband Drucilla did not fall apart in grief. She couldn’t, she had Malachi to remain strong for. It wasn’t long before she found herself having to be strong for the children Cicely had been so cruelly taken from also. Drucilla would take them under wing having them at the house with her whenever she could. Over the years the closeness she had to Cicely’s offspring has grown and she is now seen as an honorary grandmother to them, their children and their children’s children. The bond between the remaining sisters was strengthened by the passing of the youngest in the family. Their days more often than not were spent in one another’s company, always at Drucilla’s home. All three took on the role of grandmother in later years working together to guide them all. They were each grandmother to them all but differently, in their own unique ways. Her brother grew apart from the rest foolishly thinking he didn’t need his family.

Aged thirty-nine Drucilla found herself pregnant a second time. It came as a shock and though she didn’t suffer as she had carrying Malachi she was terrified. She tried not to let it show, especially in front of her son who she wanted to be excited about the new baby. Her worrying was for nothing and Kalysta was born in 2037 with more ease than her brother, a perfectly healthy baby girl. This time round though she still kept her baby close Drucilla continued to work. She found ways to balance both a baby and her career and she managed. She even still kept her weekends for family time though she did often sneak off in the night once they were sound asleep. It only lasted two years but like her brother before her Kalysta got her time when she was barely away from her mother.

Her own mother died when Drucilla was just forty-one. It would prove a most trying year. A time when she would need her mother most for moral support as well as practical help. It was in that year of 2039 that her twins Loreza and Danica were born. Again the pregnancy had been easy, she’d actually begun to enjoy it near the end and though it was hard their entrance was straight-forward. Though she would find the need to take on more staff and to do less hours herself Drucilla did not give up work. Again she chose to find the balance. The twins she kept close like the two children who had come before them. It was two years before they too would come under the part care of a nanny.

Two years later, in 2041 Drucilla was expecting again. Brielle, her last child was born when she was forty-three years of age. She knew Brielle would have to be her last for though there had been no major complications this time the exhaustion of it all had taken it’s toll. Her family she felt was complete. For the last time she juggled work and a baby giving Brielle the same three years she’d spent with Malachi. As she’d done with the other four Drucilla enjoyed every minute of it and she cherished them all too aware that one day she’d only have the memory. It was during this time that her father died. Her brother, heirless so far and a complete fool of a man inherited the Erested family home.

In 2046 her husband died. An accident of his own fault. Drucilla’s world threatened to fall apart. She still loved the man dearly, for all his faults her heart was still his but he’d left her in a mess. At thirteen Malachi was too young to inherit and the Selwyn’s had long held a seat on the Wizengamot. The threat of it becoming an elected position was all too real. It was so that when she should have been grieving the passing of her life’s love Drucilla found herself delving into the world of wizarding law. It pained her to do so but for a short time when they needed her most Drucilla had to leave her children mostly in the care of their nannies. The time she spent pouring over crumbling parchment detailing the old laws of her world, talking to lawyers, stalling them and then when the time came pleading her case to the full Wizengamot in all their splendour. Her request to take up the position herself until her son had finished his education was one they found could not be denied. There was an old loophole she had found, one that allowed what she requested until the wizard/witch came of age. It wasn’t too much of a leap for them to allow the extended years. She breathed a sigh of relief when the Selwyn seat was retained then returned to her children. There was amusement well hidden a year later when the scrapping of the law was decided by them. She’d voted for keeping it of course but hadn’t been overly concerned to see it go. There would be others she was sure and none of the one’s making the noise over her loophole would put the effort into rooting out others.

The duties bestowed upon the Wizengamot were more than Drucilla realised and she regretted not speaking of his work with her husband. She could have been more prepared if she had. Once again in her life she found her dream being put on hold somewhat as she was forced to hire a full staff. There was so much to learn. She couldn’t give the position what it required, spend time with her children and run her business. Something had to go and it was never going to be the time with the kids. Life carried on as closely as it could to how it had before. Drucilla fought to keep the changes in her children’s lives minimal and even if she did go to bed some nights long past the stage of exhaustion she did so gladly, knowing she’d done it for her kids.

When her brother died in 2053 Drucilla saw the perfect opportunity. Her brother had died childless. As the oldest of the sisters the Erested house passed to her with the remaining pitiful amount of gold in Gringott’s being split three ways. Still, it was the perfect opportunity and one year later she took advantage. Her family she moved to her own family home, Malachi too even though he was past old enough to fend for himself. A week she spent getting them settled before sitting Malachi down. It was time she told him, he was responsible enough - the move had happened because the Selwyn house and Wizengamot seats were now in his hands. Her reasoning for moving before telling him was simple. She wanted her only son to know that though he hadn’t grown there the Erested house was his home also. Wherever his mother was he could call home and she could only hope he’d always know that.

By the time Brielle left school there were no siblings remaining to Drucilla. Her own family had died with her brother. There was no way she could change that and she’d long ago put all her weight behind the family she’d married into, birthed children into. She took up more of a role in her sisters families, guiding them as she could, as they needed.

Turning sixty-five made Drucilla stop and think. She wasn’t as young as she once was, she was running the risk of spreading herself too thin. Something had to go. Once again, it would not be her time with her family. Drucilla gave her business up, passing it over to her daughter Loreza. Her only child holding the same passion as she. For three years she trialled retirement and she really did try to enjoy it but much too often she was left with nothing to do. She still needed to work, she just needed to seriously lighten the load.

Three years after her retirement in 2066 Drucilla bought a house in Hogsmeade. The front room she turned into a shop - all it took was her having the front door moved and the room properly fitted. The kitchen she kept but made the dining room her sitting room. Upstairs there are two rooms and one bathroom. It’s not space inside a home she required but space outside and the garden was not a let down. There was plenty of space there for a large greenhouse and many, many planters. Her florists opened in the July and she’d moved into the house properly by August. The Erested home sits empty though cared for. She has yet to decide who it passes to.
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