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With the muggleborns in charge, nothing has really changed since the Battle of Hogwarts. The sides have been switched with those bearing old family names being discriminated against. Once again the revolution is upon us. What side will go to the darkest places to get what they want? Will it be yours?

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Billy Longbottom

Hogwarts Staff

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Jul 14 2017, 09:35 PM
William Longbottom

Full Name: William “Billy” Nathaniel Longbottom
Blood Status: Mixed Blood
Nationality: British
Place of Birth: London
Date of Birth: June 30, 2040
Age: 36
Spoken Languages: English
Relationship Status: Single


Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Brown
Height: 5’ 9”

Look Description: Billy is a large presence, though he’s only of about average height. He is muscular and powerfully built and could probably be fairly intimidating if it weren’t for the friendly, open smile that so often graces his features. His brown hair is cut short and he keeps it neat and easy to maintain – a holdover from his time as an Auror. More often than not he has a decent amount of stubble; not in any attempt to be stylish, just because he forgets to shave.

Dressing Style: There are very few things that Billy cares about less than fashion. He’d be completely happy to wear sweatpants and yesterday’s t-shirt; though, he does understand the need for him to set an example and he does own dress robes and other nice bits of clothing.


Character Description: William Longbottom is an extremely happy-go-lucky individual; he enjoys life and always looks forward to the next new experience. While always quick with a joke, Billy has a pretty awful sense of humor with a particular fondness for puns. He likes to keep active and get antsy if he has to sit still too long. His friendly nature conceals a keen and strategic mind and great skill with his magic.

Quirks: When he was younger, Billy smoked. He’s given it up by this point but he’s still pretty much always chewing gum.

Strengths: Billy is both quick and strong from years as an Auror. His training also developed his mind and he is cunning and fearless. This is all combined in him with a generous and giving heart.

Weaknesses: The downside of a life as active as his had been was that he gets bored really easily when he has to sit still. He also has a tendency to be rather immature and stubborn, something that sometimes caused his supervisors fits. And though, as though it were a genetic gift of the Longbottom bloodline, he is depressingly clumsy.

Likes: He’s a bit of an adrenaline junky, he likes anything that could get his heart racing. As well, he’s a fan of music and dogs.

Dislikes: There are many things that frustrate him, but above all he hates bullies.

Boggart: People getting hurt because of him.

Patronus: Timber Wolf

Patronus Memory: Billy has several, but they mostly revolve around his family.


Wand: His wand is made of plum wood and has a core of barghest hair. It is 10 inches long and is springy. It is lightly colored and is ornately carved.

Strength: Billy Longbottom was a DADA prodigy and he hasn’t lost a step as he aged.
Weakness: He struggles a bit with Transfiguration, it requiring more concentration than he con comfortably pull off, and he’s absolutely horrible with Potions.


School: Hogwarts (2051-2058)
House: Gryffindor

School: Auror Academy (2058-2061)


Position: Hogwarts, Professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts (2076-Current)
Former Position: Senior Auror (2071-2076)
Former position: Auror (2061-2071)

Family and History

Father: Nathaniel Edgar Longbottom (Deceased)
Mother: Laura Elizabeth Longbottom (Deceased)
Siblings: None

Pet: Dachshund named King and a young black kitten named Zod

Background: Billy Longbottom is the current scion of the famous Longbottom family. Unlike some of the purebloods of old, he couldn’t really care less about the name other than for how the prestige and wealth he’s inherited can allow him to better help other people. His parents spent a great deal of time instilling a generous and helpful nature in him as he was growing and it was a lesson that settled deep. He was a friendly and outgoing child and that hasn’t changed as he’s aged.

His time at Hogwarts was a blast; just as amazing as he had hoped it would be. Much to his Professors’ dismay. He was a mischievous and troublesome student though he managed to pass most of his classes and eagerly jumped into Auror Training after he’d graduated. Unfortunately, his parents would not be able to attend his graduation and swearing in as they were lost to an outbreak of Dragon Pox that claimed several others from their society.

Even as he grieved, he threw himself into his work and made a name for himself as a successful and competent Auror. There was a strong streak of insubordination, however, which slowed his advancement through the ranks. He acquitted himself generally well over his career until a drug sting that he was leading went south, leaving the suspects and an innocent dead. After a lengthy investigation, he was found innocent of any wrong doing, but the cloud of the affair, along with his troublesome demeanor meant he was likely going to be confined to a desk.

Just as he was beginning to consider whether that meant it was going to be time to move on and find something else to do – he was approached by Headmaster David Norwood. Before he knew it, he was turning in his resignation to the Head Auror and preparing to take up the DADA post at Hogwarts; something he’d never, ever thought he’d even be interested in, let alone have the opportunity to take up.
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