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With the muggleborns in charge, nothing has really changed since the Battle of Hogwarts. The sides have been switched with those bearing old family names being discriminated against. Once again the revolution is upon us. What side will go to the darkest places to get what they want? Will it be yours?

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May 3 2018, 07:18 PM
As May rolled around with it came exams and a bit of a break for the History of Magic professor. He’d helped those who had come asking as much as he could, drummed the importance of revision into their heads as often as possible and now he could take a step back.

It had been his habit for many long years to pass some time with the examiners before the exam and he wasn’t about to change habits so late in life. So it was that on the morning while the examiners were preparing the room they were also chatting with the professor.

Soon enough everything was prepared and it was time. Rufus opened the doors and stood to the side as the students filed in. He treated as many as possible to a stern glare, a last warning that if any one of them put a toe out of line he’d make their last months of this school year a living hell. When all were seated the professor bowed his head to the adults at the front of the room before taking his leave, closing the door firmly behind him.

One of the examiners stepped forward. “You have one hour. Raise your hand if you require extra parchment, ink or a fresh quill. No talking.” The woman paused as she studied her watch. “You may begin.”

The sound of quills scratching across parchment soon filled the hall and the examiner’s set off on their walk arounds.
Apr 1 2018, 07:38 PM
As he sat behind his desk with his hands clasped Rufus watched the students file through the door. His lessons didn’t start a moment before or after time so until that moment the pupils were free to chit-chat as they pleased. When the bell stopped clanging he closed and locked the door with a flick of his wand.

"Settle down." He barked, a short sharp order. "Parchment and quills at the ready, the lesson is beginning now."

His notes were in front of him but he didn't need them for this. This had been his favourite history lesson at school. He'd lapped it up in his youth and had took it upon himself to explore the island as much as he could because of it.

"We're moving onto the Giant and Goblin rebellions. Take your notes with care, I will not be repeating myself.”

"Over the years our world has come under serious threat from magical creatures twice. They, like the wizards and witches, were looking for a safe space to dwell. Mixed up in this most important issue was magical envy. The giants feared and worshipped magic while the goblins wanted to learn wizards secrets while keeping their own.

There was a stark contrast in how both parties went about trying to get what they wanted. The giants, being the small brained savages that they are, tried to get it by wrecking, killing and basically blundering about the place. The Goblins on the other hand took a sneakier route. They have always been the slyest of the magical creatures. They made promises, gave gifts and eventually things turned nasty as these situations often do.

Scars from these wars can still be seen in places and will probably remain forever. Both times the wizards won but with heavy losses and increased intelligence when it came to dealing with both creatures in the future.

Today’s work and homework should be simple if you take Care of Magical Creatures, if not, I advise going to the library and picking up a book. Your assignment is to write an essay on why you think the creatures failed in their efforts. Choose Giants or Goblins to concentrate on. We’ll see who gets closest to the mark.”

“Well," he looked over the room, his gaze resting on each student for a second, "get on with it then."

As was usual this close to exams Professor Gray had a pile of marking to do though the students knew how to get his attention if needed. Every year he told himself he wouldn’t give out so much homework as May drew ever nearer but every year the students would prove they needed it all, and probably more too.
Mar 1 2018, 05:03 PM
There was a slight difference in Rufus' classroom on the day of the lesson. A large table had been erected and placed at the front of the class. On it were some of Rufus' most prized possessions, possessions he was trusting to the third years grubby little hands.

There was a Shabti, a bronze mirror, an Eye of Horus, necklaces, sparkling arm bracelets, a canopic jar made of stone, a canopic chest that the jars were usually stored in, a headrest, a mummified cat, a cosmetic palette decorated with dogs, a bundle of papyrus, a Saqqara Bird, an ornate scarab brooch, a Sistrum, a small model Sphinx and a book of hieroglyphs.

Everyone was present and seated so Rufus started that days lesson after locking the door.

"Straight into it then. Quills at the ready."

He gave them a minute just in case anyone had forgotten that this wasn't a practical class over the holidays.

"The Ancient Egyptians, An Overview."

He paused and then he was off, in his full unstoppable flow.

"The Ancient Egyptians are probably the most fascinating people of all time. They narrowly beat the Greeks in my opinion because of the truly splendid pyramids they designed and built and the curses they put in place to protect their most loved rulers.

This year you will learn the significance of the pyramids, the sphinx and why the Egyptians worshipped the Gods they did. You will also be learning of some of the darkest magic ever performed which I and The Ministry feel you are up to. Don’t let us down.

This lesson I want you to start an essay about the Egyptians, simply letting me know all that you know. It gives us a good foundations to start on and allows me to work the lessons around your shared knowledge. Think about everything you know and have heard about them from the booby traps they set, how they attended their dead right through to their relations with goblins.

Well, get started. You can look at the artifacts on the table here if you wish, some may jog your memory. Be careful or you'll lose more than points."

Rufus, who had stood in front of the table now moved. He did this slowly and grudgingly as he did every year when he let them paw at his stuff. He walked to his desk where he sat and turned his eyes to the table. He stared at it like a hawk with his wand at the ready waiting for the moment one of his items would fall to the floor.
Feb 2 2018, 12:21 PM
Wearing coal black robes Rufus walked into the classroom ten minutes before the start of the lesson. He had a little bit of preparation to do. The elves had already erected the table he required and Rufus went straight to it as quickly as his leg would let them. Once there he looked around, scowling until his eyes fell on the box he'd asked one of the elves to bring up. With a quick levitation charm the box was on the table and Rufus started pulling objects out to arrange them on the table.

Two minutes before the bell rang everything was ready. The table was now full of artifacts he'd been allowed to keep from his time in Greece and some replicas he'd bought. The replicas were of such good quality that it would be impossible for the untrained eye to pick them out.

On the table was two vases, one decorated with beautiful women and the other centaurs, a bronze statue of an actor, gold bracelets, a bust of a goddess, bowls and cups, a trident, spears and swords, helmets both plain and ornate, a miniature copy of The Parthenon and a photo album full of pictures of the most famous sites in Greece.

The pupils seated themselves and the bell rang signalling that everyone should be in their classes. Rufus took that as his cue to lock the door. No one was ever late to his class because he simply did not allow them entry.

He turned to the assembled students. "Welcome back to History of Magic. As I told you at the end of last year we are moving on to the Ancient Greeks this year. I hope some of you had the sense to at least look at a book about them." He didn't hold out much hope, it was his view that with most kids if it wasn't handed to them and made as simple as possible they would make no effort.

"Lesson One, The Ancient Greeks." As usual he paused to allow the students to write the heading. After that they were on their own. It was their responsibility to keep up and take notes, not his.

"A truly fascinating people who worshipped magic and even elevated some witches and wizards to God status. The Greeks accomplished some amazing things and many famous names come from that era. Many of our magical creatures were discovered at the time and thrust into the limelight which is why muggles know stories of them.

Some of the beautiful buildings they erected still stand today and ruins of others remain. Many of their traditions are still part of both magical and muggle life. The most notable of these being The Olympic Games which is held every four years in the muggle world.

The Greeks loved their art and some of the most beautiful sculptures I have ever seen were in Greece.

Some say the Greeks were barbarians, once you have the facts it will be up to you to make up your own mind.

Before our next lesson together I want each of you to hand in an essay about The Ancient Greeks. You can concentrate on one thing or person you know most about or try to write an summary of the era if you feel up to such a task.

This table here has some of my best finds laid out on it. You may look at them. If you are very careful and treat them as though they were a precious newborn baby you can lift them. Any breakages will have to be paid for by your parents and since some of this stuff is priceless your parents would not be best pleased with you. You have been warned. Start your work."

Rufus moved from the table carrying the now empty box in the hand not clutching his cane. He sat at his desk and watched them... or rather watched his precious items. His wand was at the ready to stop any disasters, he was still quick for an old man and was certain that no harm would come to anything while he kept lookout.
Dec 2 2017, 09:53 PM
The classroom was unusually dark since all the drapes had been pulled over the windows. The candles in the wall scones had been lit but early in the morning, by that period straight after lunch they’d burned down low and were now dull. This was Rufus’ favourite year, a year he could actually work up some enthusiasm for.

He walked into the classroom just after the bell stopped ringing. There wasn’t a spring in his step but he was certainly moving faster than he normally did. He waved his wand at the door locking it behind him as he made his way to the middle of the floor.

He turned to the students, in the dim glow he didn’t nearly as old as his years. “Death.” He breathed. “It comes to us all. Only two things are certain in this life and that is that we shall be born and we shall die. None of us can know when and none of us can know how.”

Rufus paused for a moment looking at the students one by one. “Through the years the many different cultures have had a great many different ways to deal with death. From the Egyptians and their tombs, to the Victorians and their bells at graves, to now when death seems to be just another fashion show for some.”

He started pacing the floor. “This term our study is death and how we humans deal with it. If you feel that you don’t want to continue with this year you are, of course, free to leave. Just use your time wisely and attend next term.

We will visit the graveyard here in the village and will be discussing some gruesome, frightful topics. You may see things you wish you hadn't and you will certainly ask some harsh questions of yourself and humans as a whole. No one will think any less of you if you go. Of course, this subject will come up in your N.E.W.Ts but if you would prefer to study it alone that is fine.

But, I will impress upon you the importance of N.E.W.Ts and remind you that as a Professor, I have no idea of what percentage of the exam will focus on this subject. There is a slight chance that you will pass without my teachings but a great chance that you will fail.

Look through your textbooks to see if you can stomach it. Use your time now to make up your mind, discuss it if you must. I will be grading class work if you have any questions.”

With that he turned to his desk, the long black cloak he wore birling round to follow him. Sitting in his chair he looked as though he was studying the parchment before him but he was actually watching the students. He’d had a few drop out in their seventh year before. Not just because of the subject he chose to teach but also because they’d realised that one less class was a good thing in their final year.
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