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With the muggleborns in charge, nothing has really changed since the Battle of Hogwarts. The sides have been switched with those bearing old family names being discriminated against. Once again the revolution is upon us. What side will go to the darkest places to get what they want? Will it be yours?

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Alyssa Penrose


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Jun 4 2017, 10:38 PM
Aly liked Hogsmeade for the most part. It was a nice little village full of quaint little people. She liked it a fair bit more when it wasn't teeming with students from Hogwarts. Not that she hadn't spent her fair share of time there when she was a student, but she hadn't liked the masses then either. However this was the best way to visit Amber before summer came along and swept them both up in whatever plans they each had. She had a gift for her, though she had no idea if the younger girl would like it at all. She cared to a point but even though she cared for Amber she wasn't always in her business to know exactly what she would like. Maybe she could remedy that one of these days, once she was out of Hogwarts and away from that muggle loving trash, Norwood. She sneered at the mere thought of the so called head master of her former school. She would be exceedingly happy when her cousin was no longer under his watchful eye, which luckily wouldn't be long now.

Aly stopped at a cafe' she was particularly fond of for various reasons. One, it was out of the way and generally empty save for a few older witches and wizards. Two, said witches and wizards were almost always of a higher class and always pure-blooded, well as far as she had ever known and thanks to her grandparents she knew almost every pure-blood family that mattered. She was a young lady of polite, pure society and it was expected of her to know who she was associating herself with at all times. Given that she wasn't often out and about, she rarely cared unless her grandparents were actually around, but she wasn't about to seat herself in some muggle filled rat hole either, not even for Amber's sake. Well..she might, depending on the situation, but she would be loathe to do so regardless. Why yes, yes she was that vain.

She had ordered a cup of tea, some biscuits and sweet cakes, then sat in her preferred table. Back corner, facing the door so she could see who came and went, mostly so she wouldn't miss Amber, but one never knew who would pop up, even in there. The gift she had for Amber was sitting on the side of the table to her left, biscuits on a small plate in the center of the table, her tea directly in front of her, though hidden from view as she perused the garbage of the Daily Prophet while waiting for her cousin to arrive. She heard the bell chime on the front door as someone either entered or left. She folded the right side of the paper in towards her for the briefest of moments but saw only a mother and child leaving the shop and righted the paper again, continuing to wait patiently.

Amber Elison
Jun 4 2017, 05:52 PM

For now:


An Overdue Visit - w/Caspian

Hadley Thought? - w/Sasha
Mar 22 2017, 04:21 PM
I am totally gonna brag on my son who just graduated Air Force Bootcamp.

Dis is mine, I made Dis. <3 <3 <3

Feb 14 2017, 03:00 PM
So...after a disgustingly long hiatus I hath returned! Rawr!! so I will be looking for a few connections for my ridiculous girls. I am not a fast poster but I will be able to post at the very least once a week as long as life leaves the the f alone for a while. >.>'

So..without further adu, I give you my charries:

Note: This is a WIP til I get home...but you get the basic idea. Also I do know Hadley is showing up as a Puff, i imagine it will get corrected eventually.

[pic of Character no bigger than 200x200]
Alyssa Penrose
19 | Uni - Potioneering | Hetero | Single


Blurb: Aly is a hard person for anyone to get along with, and growing up hasn't really changed that. She is cold and distant at best, downright mean and nasty otherwise. She is exceptionally loyal to and defensive of her family, it's not a good idea to cross any of them. She is a stark supporter of Purebloods being in and remaining in power as muggles are just filthy and pathetic in her eyes.

Looking for:
Friends: Aly has like...5. Good luck with her choosing your char to be one of them considering at least 2 of these are already (or at least were) filled. She will NEVER be friends with a muggle. She might use one for her own ends, but never befriend one. Certain half bloods are tolerable depending on families and their personal views. May the odds ever be in your favor....
Enemies: Hahahaha....Pretty much everyone but she LOATHES anyone who is pro muggle or anyone who even remotely thinks Purebloods should not be in charge.
Other: Aly's heart is as closed off and guarded as it gets. She's already fancied herself in love once, which didn't end well.

[pic of Character no bigger than 200x200]
Hadley Baxter
16 | Ravenclaw | Hetero | Single


Hadley is an all around nice girl for the most part. She is quiet and reserved, most likely to be sitting by herself with a book or two rather than going out of her way to join a crowd. She doesn't trust people much and even those she calls friend she doesn't often trust completely

She is your typical Ravenclaw but she does like to go have fun too, sometimes. She likes to run around the Quidditch pitch from time to time and of course loves to play Quidditch too. Having grown up as a muggle but dumped by her mother for who and what she is, Hadley really doesn't care for muggles much and tries to avoid them if she can. She finds they are untrustworthy and cruel, more so than any pure-blooded wizard she has met so far, with a few exceptions, trying to defend their right to be in control. It puts her in an odd place that she isn't pleased with but it is what it is, so to speak.

Looking for:
Friends: Friends are always good but she could use one or two really close friends that she would likely have known from the first or second year of school. Someone she would trust enough to tell about her father and not be judged for it and who wouldn't say anything about it to anyone else. You know..a true friend? Guys or girls, doesn't matter to her.
Enemies: She goes out of her way to avoid this, but she has probably made a few over time in some way.
Other: She hasn't really thought about dating, though after 6 years I imagine she has dated someone. Past flings/boyfriends are always welcome and welcome to still be friends or hell, they could loathe each other, who knows.

As a side could be interesting to see her mother cross into her path or for her father to be picked up. Might make a wanted about that later, just a thought here tho.


[SIZE=7][font=Broadway]Name & Name[/SIZE][/font]
[b]Proposed Interaction(s):[/b]

I have not decided whether or not I want to bring back Logan, tho he remains on my listed chars in my sig. He's off to Uni but has siblings and friends. Should anyone wish to have him around, let me know and I will be glad to drag him out of his box as well.
Aug 17 2015, 10:24 PM
So, as I have mentioned in the cbox I have no net. I am able to hop on at my friends house sometimes, like now when I am house sitting. Work is now too busy for me even to attempt getting on the site.

I would like to get things tidied up but I literally have no idea where to start. I will have net til Thurs this week, or at least Wed. and in a couple weeks ill have net all week. I am really hoping I can get my net back soon at home, cause I am dying of boredom.

Anyhoo. I will attempt to reorganize and hunt down threads I owe and get them posted but if you want please feel free to slap me with something I owe or a thread I need to get posted.


Off to bed, work in the mornin. Miss you guys so much *cries*
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