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 Hogwarts Rumors, For rumors about Hogwarts Students
 Posted: Nov 14 2014, 03:39 PM

It seems all is well in paradise again, as Mickey Crawford and Pavon Sannesley were seen sneaking off together. The Crawford boy was seen waiting for Sannesley in the dungeons, perhaps to apologise? After that they disappeared in the direction of the Ravenclaw tower, probably looking for a quiet, empty room where they would not be disturbed.

After Apri Glenn flew into a rage at Amber Elison in the Owlery the school has begun asking if maybe she was the reason for the redheads dropping of Timothy Morrigan.

Pavon Sannesley was dragged off by Professor Morrigan after being caught taking and distributing potions and dealing in muggle drugs to other students.

Pavon Sannesley was caught by a Professor immobilizing Aiden Flynn for some perverse intent. It seems that Mickey Crawford has truly lost his allure with the Slytherin.

Timothy Morrigan hits like a girl and screams like one too.

If you are Amber Elison's friend, she will sleep with you.

Timothy Morrigan has lost his way with the girls. Some say it is due to enough of them finding out that he has a shrunken, tiny...

Emily Adams has an imaginary friend she believes actually exists. Whenever she zones out she also believes she travels into her non-existent friend's world. Maybe a case for St. Mungo's!

Caryn Taylor is whiny and spoiled and a wanna-be rebel. She thinks she's all that, but really, she's thrown a baby tantrum for having to take trash out of her room.

Looks like we know how Professor Pembrokeshire got the job. With her outfits, and the picture in her room, there's only one way I can think it happened. Think she only flashed Norwood or did she do a LOT more?

Aiden Flynn's wand is so tiny he keeps on loosing it.

It is no secret Mickey Crawford made out with Pavon Sannesley, or that he instigated the kiss. However the manner in which he tried to make the other boy return his love, is a little more spectacular. He made the attempt to slip a love potion into Sannesley's food and ended up 'poisoning' most of the students in the Great Hall. He may have achieved his goal in the end, but his plans have been foiled by the quick intervention of the professors. It is expected he will try to lie low until Sannesley becomes less careful again. [It should be noted that the only person in the school spreading this particular rumour is the Sannesley boy. No other student believes that Crawford would go to the lengths of spiking himself to cover - he's just not smart enough for that.]

Mickey Crawford is no longer the interest of Pavon B. Sannesley, apparently the young Slytherin has his attention on one thing: Professor Gray's bum. To each their own I guess.

Apparently cats run at the mere mention of Blythe Morrigan. It makes people speculate just what the seemingly sweet girl has done to the felines.

Are some team mates from the Gryffindor team responsible for the injuries sustained by Blythe the other day? A rumour suggests that Mickey Crawford, Thomas Lightfellow and Lukas Becker were behind the attack. It is implied that miss. Morrigan approached Thomas Lightfellow and that their discussion instigated the retaliation against her. There were some indications that Aliana Alcove could have also been involved, but many dispute this as quite impossible due to the gentle nature of the girl.

Lukas Becker was seen not only kissing a girl down the 4th floor corridor, but also coming out of the Forbidden Forest where the Hippogriffs are usually seen. What could the Gryffindor 7th year be doing out there, and more importantly should his boyfriend Tate Carlyle be worried?

Vincent Grey and Amber Elison were caught in the GRYFFINDOR locker room in a compromising position before putting on a show for the Gryffindor team.

Cassie Eckloe wears a gravity defying, magically enhanced pushup bra that makes all things inside of it look much bigger.

Maz Cowan has an affair with a house elf. She has been seen sneaking off into the kitchens many times and returning with an armful of cookies of all sorts.

Nancy Choi is actually wearing a high end wig since her real hair was lost to one of her early experiments. This is also the reason she is asking people for permission to experiment with their hair.

If one wants to kiss Aliana Alcove then all they have to do is offer her candy; apparently she has a real easy sweet tooth.

Pavon B. Sannesley's desire for new toys has driven him so mad that is is now is "offering" himself to people. Let's hope the Headmaster does not hear about this one.

News, that might disappoint a few girls this boy has been nice to, but Zeke Maccini likes men. He has been seen gazing at them from afar on several occasions. One occasion in particular being the Christmas Ball, when he spent quite a long while doing this, too shy perhaps to approach. It is not yet clear whether he likes one boy in particular or whether he is still looking.

With Mickey Crawford in the Hospital, surround by girls, Pavon B. Sannesley has been seen struggling to find a way to away into the Hospital Wing for a visit. Is he trying to confess his affection to the Gryffindor before some girl steals him away?

Pavon B. Sannesley is apparently interested in more than just magical wands and his current interest is none other than Mickey Crawford.

To add a rumor, just post here. Newest rumors will be at the top of the list.
Aiden Flynn
 Posted: Sep 19 2016, 03:16 PM

Sannesley wasn't even able to wait for school to start this year. He was caught trying to molest Aiden Flynn on the train. Apparently the Pureblood has given up on earning MIckey's attention.


Thanks for the arts, G!

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