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With the muggleborns in charge, nothing has really changed since the Battle of Hogwarts. The sides have been switched with those bearing old family names being discriminated against. Once again the revolution is upon us. What side will go to the darkest places to get what they want? Will it be yours?

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Mickey Crawford


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Dec 21 2016, 07:11 PM
His heart still wasn't in it Mickey realised at he watched the girl talk. He had no clue what she'd been saying since she approached him but still he nodded along, seemed that was all required of him. For his part Mickey was trying to make something happen, trying to bring back some of the thirst for the chase he'd had before. She was a good looking girl, there was nothing at all wrong with her - he should know, he'd observed her with almost creeper like attention. The problem was clearly within himself and he knew what it was.

It didn't matter what his mother or father said. It didn't even matter what the other part-veelas said. Mickey felt different and worst of all he felt guilt. Standing there with the girl chatting at him Mickey knew that within a second he could make it so she was all over him like a rash. That knowledge didn't help the guilt in the slightest. He was still stuck on the fact that he may have made people act in a certain way towards him. He may have manipulated girls into liking him without being at all aware. It was the most unfair thing in the world to happen and it just had to happen to him.

Giving up trying to find anything about the girl that might take him out of his funk Mickey took a look around. He'd wrapped himself up in layers and ventured outdoors to get away from others. He had wanted to escape the other inhabitants of the castle and now he wanted nothing more than for each and every one of them to come flooding out the door.

No one was coming though. No one was as insane as him or the girl who followed him to actually choose to be outdoors. The snow had stopped falling but lay thick on the ground and while there was no wind the still air was just as biting. The girl kept talking, her voice rising slightly so Mickey looked back to her.

"Look, I'm sorry. Just not much of a people person today."

Mickey left her which he knew was quite rude. He was past caring. He had to try and sort himself out, this not feeling quite like himself had to stop. Life had to get back on track. He knew what he needed too, knew what needed to be done. Mickey needed a friend or at least someone more on his own level. Someone not adult.

"Lilli." he said to himself with a smile as he spotted a familiar back. Jogging as best he could through the snow he caught up with her eventually. "Needing a break from people too, huh?" What else could have driven her from inside where the fires were out here? Falling into step beside her the boy didn't expect her to stop but was quite happy to walk along with her if she'd have him.

Lilli Duvall
Aug 3 2016, 11:44 AM
In the end Mickey hadn’t gone back to school to finish the year. He’d gone home and found that he simply couldn’t take it. Explanations of his absence would be wanted by his friends and he would put that off as long as he could. But while he couldn’t face school he also couldn’t face staying at home.

Everyone there was being… different. His father seemed to be walking on eggshells around him and talking far too much for a man who usually appeared to treat works as sacred. He kept catching his grandfather watching him and, after being home for a week his grandmother hadn’t threatened him with her broom, not even once. Home was weird, he had to get out.

So he had. At first he’d taken to hanging around the small village he lived in but with the muggle kids in school that soon became boring. Next he had tried Diagon Alley and even ventured down Knockturn a few times. That was boring too. He wasn’t in the mood for shopping or for any of his usual carry on. Finally he’d come to Hogsmeade and there he’d stuck. Sure it was as boring as the rest but something was different there. A different different than he sensed at home.

In a way Mickey felt that Hogsmeade was exactly where he should be. For weeks now he’d spent his days in and around the village. Some days he walked for hours all through the village and out into the surrounding landscape. He’d discovered things out there that at any other time he’d have to immediately share but not then. Other days he sat at one of the tables outside The Three Broomstick drinking butterbeer after butterbeer while petting the dog that seemed to have taken quite a liking to him.

By the time the end of July had rolled around Mickey was on first name terms with Keenan and Storm, even some of the regulars too. Mostly they left him alone. Maybe they knew a troubled child when they saw one. For Mickey certainly was troubled then, troubled by doubt. You see he’d worked it out. Oh it had taken him over a month to do it but finally his brain had given him and answer. An answer to a question he didn’t even realise he was asking.

Mickey was drawn to Hogsmeade that much was evident. The minute he appeared in the village he felt a calmness, a sense of being where he should be. He’d just worked out why that should be. On that day his father took him out of school the man and boy had had the first of many long chats. Chats were Mickey demanded every single piece of information Jon had and Jon had given it up willingly.

His mother was back he’d found out. Returned from where ever she went when she abandoned him as a baby. She wanted to meet him too but it was up to him if that would ever happen. Of course Mickey wanted nothing more than he wanted to meet the woman who’d brought him into this world. He’d always longed for that, even more so after the revelation of what he and she were. But he wanted to meet her on his own terms. Courage had to be worked up.

It would seem that finally, at long last, the old Gryffindor bravery trait had kicked in for Mickey was ready. Ready to meet his mother and he knew exactly where she was. His days in the village had been far from wasted. He’d taken everything his father had told him, coupled it with the knowledge he’d gathered of the village and it’s residents and voila - he’d found her! Or, at least, he hoped he had.

On the day he decided should be the day mother and son were reunited Mickey apparated into Hogsmeade after lunch, appearing just to the side of the shop he suspected his mother now owned. As soon as he looked at the building his throat dropped to the pit of his stomach which in turn dropped about an inch itself. Mickey swallowed. He couldn’t think over all that could go wrong, he couldn’t think that he might be wrong. It was a case of do or die… now or never… shit or get off the pot…

With purposeful strides Mickey strode to the door and opened it. No more time for thought, thought would only put him off. He heard the bell tinkle as he stepped inside and closed the door behind him. He knew he should call out, alert the woman to his presence but there seemed to be a lump of something blocking his ability to speak. He moved further into the shop. The bell would alert her anyway.

Artemisia Evergreen
Apr 13 2016, 04:39 PM
Mickey hated every single step he'd taken since leaving Gryffindor Tower. He hated ever single move his body had made to bring him to this horrible place in the hope of bumping into such a horrible person. Why was he putting himself through it? Did the idiot he was here to see really deserve to be in the loop? Grudgingly he had to admit that yes, the idiot did deserve to be in the loop. He'd want to be kept in the know so it was only fair he treated others the same.

He made it to the dungeons, through the door the Slytherin's usually exited on their way to meals. Merlin it was cold. Maybe they actually did have snake blood and needed the temperatures kept low... maybe that's what pureblood actually was. Some sort of reptile breeding programme that had once been hoped to create a super race. The boy snorted a laugh to himself. He really did read far too many comic books.

Just a bit further down the dungeons he stopped and leaned against the wall. He'd gone far enough, just past the level the classes were on. The poor boy was beginning to worry that if he went any further his testicles would freeze off, and while he didn't know if he wanted children in the future he sure did know he wanted the option.

As he waited he had to wonder. Did the Slytherin's actually like living below ground? The tower wasn't the best place to live with the many stairs up to it but it was warm. Once again the Gryffindor was glad the Sorting Hat hadn't put him in the house of snakes. As he continued to silently list the cons of Slytherin and the pros of Gryffindor he glanced at his watch. He hoped he wouldn't be here too long, he had things he had to do, people he had to confront.

Pavon B Sannesley
Mar 18 2016, 06:41 PM
At the crack of dawn Mickey had awoken. He hadn't planned to but, being exhausted the night before he had forgotten to pull the drapes on his bed. The sun had been bright and piercing waking him from his lovely dream all too easily. It had been too early for breakfast, too early to wake friends and well, too early for anything really. So Mickey had decided to go to the pitch and get some flying in.

It had been a good few hours, the brisk air fully waking him within seconds of stepping outside. As it usually did the hour or two flying invigorated him setting him up for what he hoped was going to be a busy day ahead.

At the same time as most were entering the Great Hall for breakfast Mickey was putting his broomstick back in his trunk. His dorm room was empty and so he'd decided to take a moment to himself, it was a rare occurence for the boy to get even a second to himself lately. Lying back on his bed staring at the canopy he found himself thinking about his last date with Amber. A grin spread across his face. That had been a fun day and there was still unfinished business from it. Something about a very public snog...

He made his way to The Great Hall moving with the tide now instead of against. All signs of his early morning flight were gone except for the windswept look to his hair. Breakfast itself was, as usual, a boring affair. More so when Mickey was avoiding anything that might make his breath even a little stinky.

Keeping an eye on the door the Gryffindor spotted the Slytherin girl as soon as she entered. "Amber!" he called to her and was happy when she stopped. Hurrying towards her he couldn't wipe the mischievous grin from his face. This was going to be great, not just the reactions they'd be sure to get from those present but kissing Amber, that was always great.

The distance between them was crossed quickly and Mickey ignored those with the Slytherin girl. He didn't even try to figure if they were with her or just entering at the same time as her. There was no greeting, no warning, just his smile and twinkling eyes before his lips were on Amber's. Quickly he lifted her as he had once before coaxing her legs around his waist. It was a move that saved him from stooping, it was cute her shortness but it was also a pain in the back. The wall was behind her so he pressed her against it and got properly into their making out. He was greatly enjoying it and would continue to do so until a professor stopped them. Which Mickey knew they must.

Amber Elison
Sep 23 2015, 09:18 AM
Mickey hadn't been seen much in school outside of classes. Ever since he'd declared his love to another boy he'd been hidden away in his dorm feeling sorry for himself. Worrying that no girl would want anything to do with him now and they were all laughing at him. Sure, he'd have laughed to had it been someone else but this was him and this was serious.

What a weird day that had been though he thought for probably the millionth time since as he left the common room. He still didn't know what had happened to everyone. He had suspicions that he hadn't voiced because really, no one would do what he suspected. Not even Sannesley.

His way through the castle was quiet as he used every shortcut and some secret ways he knew. Mickey did not want to bump into anyone that day except the girl he'd arranged to meet. She had been one of very few who hadn't kept making a big deal of what went on. She didn't seem concerned about him kissing a boy at all and Mickey thought she was the greatest person alive for that. It also helped that she was cute, smelled nice and really, was one of the best kisses he'd had.

He scuttled across the lawn as quickly as he could to get to the gates and the, hopefully, deserted path beyond. Mickey had deliberatly left his walk into Hogsmeade until an hour after most of the school had left. He figured that way he wouldn't be bothered by anyone going and it was too early to bump into anyone on their way back.

Upon reaching the village he made straight for their meeting point outside of The Three Broomsticks but instead of standing out in the open he slipped into the alley beside. He'd watch for her coming from there. He crossed his fingers hoping that she'd be alone then silently scolded himself for doubting her. Why would she bring anyone? She seemed to still be as into him as he was into her, even after the terrible dinner.

Mickey checked himself over. He looked fine. His blue jeans and black shirt had been ironed thanks to the elfs and his trainers were bright white. Well, what else would he spend the hours doing? There were only so many times he could polish his broom. Hours had been spent cleaning his trainers, boots and even his trunk had been tidied and scrubbed for the first time since he'd gotten it.

This had to stop. He had to prove to the school that what happened wasn't him. But first he had to prove it to himself. He would, he'd have to. "Amber!" he called to her the second she appeared. "Over here." He poked his head out so she could see him.
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