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It is June 2076. The sun is sticking around and with it the early rises and late sunsets. This month has highs of 15°C and lows of 7°C. Rain becomes rarer while one or two thunderstorms will occur. High pollen count and high humidity start to become issues.

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With the muggleborns in charge, nothing has really changed since the Battle of Hogwarts. The sides have been switched with those bearing old family names being discriminated against. Once again the revolution is upon us. What side will go to the darkest places to get what they want? Will it be yours?

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Levi Mitchell

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Dec 1 2016, 07:21 PM
Having made arrangements with the school to interview one of the students Levi didn't bother going to work that day. Instead he was able to spend a peaceful morning in his flat catching up on all the little things he'd been far too busy to do lately. It was nice, relaxing in a busy kind of way and all too soon it was time for him to leave.

The winter chill bit into his exposed cheeks making him glad of the wooly hat his grandmother had knitted for his shaven head. A crunch on the frost the weak sun had failed to melt by lunchtime accompanied his every step but left no prints. The street was crossed quickly and soon enough Levi was in the pub, sweating in seconds thanks to the fire blazing in the hearth.

Making his way to greet Keenan the Auror pulled off his hats and gloves. His friend (for that's what he had become) greeted him with a welcoming smile. "Just a butterbeer today, Marsden." Levi ordered and the barman nodded. "One for the boy too." The fizz of the pump was music to Levi's ears as it had been since his first ever visit to the pub, it followed him through the back and into the office where Keenan had said he'd deliver the drinks.

It was a small room, just big enough for it's purpose of an office. It held one desk, two chairs and a full wall shelf that was fit to bursting with books and ledgers. Accounts Levi guessed, perhaps some secret recipes too. Not that he'd look to see, he wouldn't pry without cause but it was fun to guess. The doorknob pressed into his back and he smiled when he glanced down and spied the black nose pressing through. "Come on then." He told the big huskie as he opened the door. "He'll feel better with you here I'm sure."

Not that the boy had anything to worry about but he'd struck Levi as a nervous type. Which was why he'd gone to the trouble of setting up somewhere he knew the boy felt comfortable and why he was letting the dog stay. The big man sat himself behind the spotlessly clean desk watching the door. Storm soon joined him putting her head on his lap. Of course he had to pet her, it would have been unkind not to.

Pavon B Sannesley
Apr 3 2016, 07:33 AM
How many times now had Levi tried and simply not been able to take his annual leave now? Well no more! He deserved his time off. He was even being a good sport by not demanding the extra days that being Head Auror entitled him to. No, a couple of weeks was more than enough for the big Auror and he was damned sure he'd be getting them.

As soon as he'd awoken that morning he'd set off for The Ministry to have a word with his own superior. Some cross words had been uttered, voices raised but in the end, as Levi had been forced to point out, not giving him his vacation time was illegal. Everyone needed rest and he wouldn't perform his job to his usual high standard if he was needing some.

The bright, wide smile hadn't left his face since the office door had closed behind him. Two weeks! Two whole weeks! What was he to do with himself? What could he get up to? Of course he popped in to see his grandparents first and his grandmother made some lunch. It was nice to catch up with them, he'd seen so very little of their faces since the party.

Happy in the knowledge that they were both fine Levi had set off for home after eating his fill and being forced to take leftovers by the little old lady. Home, his home, the little flat he's purchased in Hogsmeade took him so much closer to Portia. The minute he appeared from nothing in the village it seemed the air changed. He imagined he could feel how close she was now, just a few feet away. But it was too early still, he'd wait until tonight to surprise her with his news. Two weeks off! It had seemed such an impossible thing.

His afternoon he spent cleaning the flat and sprucing himself up before it was time to get ready. Not that getting ready took very much effort, it didn't normally but took even less that day. All Levi had had to do was throw on his clean dress trousers, his kicked boots (because they were life) and tie the black bow he'd bought around his bare chest. What he had planned was really quite cheesy but hey, he was that kind of guy and he'd long accepted it.

The staring and giggling he saw and heard on his way across to the pub didn't bother him in the slightest. What he was doing wasn't for them so what other people thought didn't matter. The only person's whose opinion mattered to him was Portia and he didn't think she'd laugh at him.

Upon entering the pub the large man stopped to allow the customers there their time. He smiled good-naturedly the whole time and laughed at the few jokes shouted his way. Yes, he could see the funny side and had any other man had entered the pub dressed as Levi had then the Auror would be one of the one's laughing too.

He made it to the bar and smiled at the man behind. "Could you ask my lady to come downstairs, Marsden?" Soon after the question was asked the young woman who worked behind the bar was sent up to the guest rooms and Levi positioned himself in the middle of the room. He'd wait there, arms wide open, that bright smile still plastered across his face and he'd be the first thing Portia would see.

Portia Douglas
Aug 22 2015, 03:22 PM
It had been a long and eventful day and one that Levi would be more than happy to leave behind and never think of again. Sure the promotion was great he supposed but what a first day on the job! Not only had he had to deal with Dronul's complaint but he'd also had his first proper encounter with quill pushers. How tiresome they could be Levi hadn't fully known before but he did now.

All in all, as he tidied up his new office at the end of the day Head Auror Mitchell was looking forward to going home, kicking off his boots, diving onto his couch and falling straight into what he hoped would be a dreamless sleep. Though, with the luck he'd been having that day he suspected his dreams would be full of quills, parchment and the colour beige.

Just as he was about to leave a memo floated through the door and landed on the desk. The big man thought about leaving it for the morning but it looked messy there on the just cleared desk. He stomped back over, snatched the memo up then smiled when he opened it and read the words there.

An invitation to meet in the pub for a small drink, an invitation from Jacinth. Levi supposed that he could nip in for one but just because it was her and he enjoyed Jacinth's company. No one else he worked with would have gotten him to change his plans with so little effort.

His ride down in the lift to The Atrium only went to prove how bad his luck had turned that day. Failing to look before he stepped in Levi knew his mistake as soon as the doors closed. "Hello, Morty." he spoke with a groan. Morty was an expert in chatter and Levi had never seen the man when he was flapping his mouth. That evening proved to be no different. It was just a short ride down but Morty managed to cover the subjects of Levi's (now known) promotion, buying school supplies for his daughter, the bad fish he'd eaten the week before, his upcoming holiday to Blackpool and finally his wife's latest pregnancy woes. Levi had never left an elevator faster in his life than he did then when the doors opened and as soon as he was clear he spun apparating away.

Reappearing in Diagon Alley Levi quickly tapped bricks with his wand to enter the pub through the arch. The pub that, when he stepped through, seemed very quiet for this time of the day. Instantly he was suspicious, the auror in him coming to the forefront as it so often did. Had something happened? Was something happening? "Everything all right?" He asked the barman, full of concern and on alert before...


It was shouted from all corners as dulled candles flared into bright life and faces he knew showed themselves. After being taken aback for just a second Levi grinned. There was Jacinth by the bar, other Aurors dotted here and there and then, making their way towards him from the corner his small grandmother and taller granfather. Each of them smiling brighter than even Levi was. When they reached him the elderly woman threw her arms around her grandson (or did as best she could anyway) and his grandfather clapped him on the back. "Well done, son. We're so proud of you." The pride he spoke of was evident in the old man's voice. Then his grandmother's turn came and she didn't bother to keep her voice low. "Just look at my little Levi." She'd have pinched his cheeks if only she could reach. "I always said you'd go far. Told everyone I know."
Jul 31 2015, 09:15 PM
Levi floo’d to work that morning fully geared for a day of deskwork… or as geared as a person ever could get for that. He was just three days into his supposed punishment and really, it wasn’t that bad just rather dull. Of course Levi would prefer to be out in the field but well, the reports had been piling up. It would be good to get them done.

The elevator ride up to the floor that held the Aurors Office was as it usually as. Some people exchanged small talk, others exchanged looks and Levi stood at the back as he always did smiling back at those who greeted him but not uttering a word. It wasn’t that he was not a morning person, far from it. The reason for his silence was that, after just over one year at work he’d gotten tired of the same words day in and day out so he had stopped. Others had soon caught on and stopped trying to engage him.

As he sauntered along the corridor he thought of the first report he’d decided to do that day. It promised to be long with much searching through scrolls. This particular case hadn’t been his own from the start. The Auror who’d had it before him and then been injured was not the most organised person Levi had met.

Outside the room full of cubicles he was stopped by the boss. Not Huxley who though he was the boss but Digory Greenfoot, the real boss. Levi frowned at the man seeing he looked quite flustered. Then the man spoke and Levi had no words. “

“Congratulations. You're Head Auror. It’s all yours and you’re welcome to it.” The man told him and moved as if to walk away.

Levi caught his arm. He wasn’t dumb enough to ask what, he knew what. What he didn’t know was the… “Why now? Why me?” The now ex-Head Auror had a good few years left in him by Levi’s own estimates. Yes he was old but the man seemed sturdy and still as able as he’d ever been.

Greenfoot answered with a sigh. “My wife is ill, Mitchell, I’m grasping whatever time I have left with her.” Then he smiled, a bit thinly. “I want you on the job. I know you’re fair.” He put emphasis on the word as if fairness was all important. Then, after a gentle shake to break the younger man’s grasp he walked away.

After watching the man’s back until he rounded a corner and then standing a minute more Levi entered the Auror Office. He went straight to his own cubicle and sat in the seat, then he spun. Really, he liked his job as it was, loved it. Why would he want to change a thing about it? But, it didn’t look like he had much of a say in the matter at the moment. Still, he was staying put. He had paperwork that still needed done and, he didn’t actually believe this was right. Nobody got promoted the way he just had. This was all some kind of practical joke.

Grinning he poked his head above the partition and looked around. He’d find them, that one smiling face and he’d know. How many of them were in on it? What had they expected his reaction to be? It hadn’t been anything to laugh about so far. A memo landed on his desk and the Auror sat back down still grinning ear from ear. The grin fell from his face the minute he’d finished reading the note. It hadn’t been a gotcha, it wasn’t a practical joke and Huxley had just made it worse. Levi crumpled the note from the man in his fist as he scowled. Trust Huxley to be the one to make a bad situation worse.

His first task was to deal with a complaint from one Auror against another. They would be in his new office, waiting for him. Or maybe waiting for the man he’d just replaced. How was he supposed to do this? He worked with the two guys, they had been his team mates on occasion. With a heavy sigh he stood, crunched the note in his big fist and left the room to make the short trip to the Head Auror's Office, his office.
Jun 21 2015, 04:51 PM
For weeks Levi had been looking forward to this day, the day he was volunteering at camp. He'd loved camp when he'd been younger with all the many different activities he could try. It had been in camp that he'd first tried his hand at archery. He wondered, as he walked along the street in Hogsmeade, if the old archer would be there this year.

It was a lovely day for it too, the sun shone and there wasn't a cloud to be seen in the sky. The Auror was happy for a day he could spend in his long brown shorts and tight white vest. Over his back he carried a backpack filled with medical supplies, bottled water and healthy snacks. Levi took this volunteering thing seriously.

He hadn't done it before having always felt awkward around the kids. But, his grandmother had told him he had to face it and so he would. As he walked at his leisurley pace he spotted a familiar figure ahead of him.

'Potia!' He called as his face broke out in a massive grin and he jogged to meet her. Before she could fully turn to him he'd scooped her up in a hug and planted a kiss on her lips. 'Hey you.' His lips met hers once more as once again he didn't care who was around to witness their affection.

For a second he actually regretted volunteeing, something he never imagined he would do. But now that he had Portia in his arms he could think of a lot more things he'd enjoy doing a lot more. But he couldn't bail out not matter how much he wanted to.
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