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With the muggleborns in charge, nothing has really changed since the Battle of Hogwarts. The sides have been switched with those bearing old family names being discriminated against. Once again the revolution is upon us. What side will go to the darkest places to get what they want? Will it be yours?

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Levi Mitchell

Law Enforcement

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Jul 10 2017, 03:11 PM
It had been a long, boring day for Levi and it wasn't even halfway through. His morning had been filled with meetings and his early afternoon on paperwork. Just as he was thinking about popping down to the Atrium and apparating to his grandparents house for food the word came. A man previously found guilty of a crime was now, thanks to new evidence, innocent.

It hadn't been Levi's case. He hadn't arrested the man but still, as Head Auror it was his job to give the man, or since he was missing his family the good news. It also fell to him to take whatever bollocking may come with the delivering of said news. People did like to shoot the messenger after all.

To the Atrium he went then but a lunch of his grandmothers cooking would sadly have to wait. Disapparating beside the fountain the Auror soon appeared on a dirt road in what seemed to be the middle of nowhere. It was of course somewhere, exactly where Levi wanted to be. The Sannesley house wasn't too far of a walk.

He set off, his tan hiking boots disturbing the ground causing small dust clouds to hide his souls. Soon enough the bottom of his stonewash jeans were as dusty as a forgotten home and the heat forced him to take his jacket off. The white t-shirt he wore gleemed in the sunlight as his bare arms appreciated the warmth.

Soon the house came into view and Levi quickened his pace, springing up the steps he made the door in what he guessed would be record time. The house was huge and to Levi very off-putting. He could never see himself living in such a place - how on earth did they keep it clean?

His large hand he curled into a fist and knocked the door once... twice... three times. Taking a step back the Auror clasped his hands behind his back as he waited for and answer.

Pavon B Sannesley

(Thought we could be mean to poor Pavon - have him show Levi the way the try to listen at the door?)
Nov 16 2014, 11:36 PM

Levi Mitchell
30 | Auror | Straight | In a Relationship

Blurb: At work Levi is by the book but manages to retain a sense of humour about things. He will go through all the steps required and never gives up on a case. He's likes to help up and coming Aurors if he can. When it comes to wanted person, if a file is put upon his desk he will not rest until they are brought in for trial. Sometimes he wishes his job could go beyond that point - too many are getting away with their crimes.

He doesn't have much personal time but when he does its spread between hi grandparents who he loves dearly, Portia who he thinks he can love one day and any friends. He would love to combine all parts of his life but feels its best to keep his muggle grandparents semi-hidden for their safety and it's too soon with Portia. He doesn't drink much but enjoys the atmosphere of pubs. He works out a lot, it's a passion of his.

Looking for: Friends/Enemies/Co-wrokers
Friends: Levi is a brave and loyal man. He doesn't have a lot of time for friends but would be sure to make time for them when he could.
Enemies: As an Auror Levi should have more than his fair share of enemies. Anyone on the darker side of the magical community is on the road to being his enemy.
Other: Levi will sometimes be found in his Animagus form in the forest surrounding Hogsmeade.


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Sep 20 2014, 09:07 PM
Levi Mitchell

Full Name: Levi Mitchell
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Nationality: Canadian
Place of Birth: Canada
Date of Birth: June 3rd 2043
Age: 33
Spoken Languages: English
Relationship Status: Dating Portia Douglas


Eyes: Black
Hair: Black
Height: 6 foot 6"

Look Description:

Being a large man Levi stands out. His muscles that he has worked on since the age of thirteen can be seen clearly through any clothing he wears. He doesn’t care about how he looks, except that he likes to be clean. A bit of dirt on his person is fine but he will get scrubbed at the first opportunity. He’ll often have quite a bit of stubble on his face but never a full beard.

Dressing Style:

Always found in jeans, a t-shirt and boots. His clothes are weather worn and often ripped.


Character Description:

At heart Levi is a good guy. Everything he does comes from goodness. He hates to see the little people being trodden on and he hates to see the criminals go unpunished. He’s straight to the point and has no fear. Fear is not a word in Levi’s dictionary unless it’s someone else feeling it. Because of his heavy workload he doesn’t get the chance to get close to people but that doesn’t mean he’s closed off. Levi approaches most thing in life with almost military precission ; he will plan every single detail until he feels it is perfect.

Quirks: Levi often watches people. He’s a little bit of a clean freak and absolutely adores order


His strength
His speed
His ability to stop in the middle of complete chaos and think about things logically
His confidence
He’s a good judge of character


He has a bad temper that will make him explode at times
He’s a terrible flyer
He can be violent
Speaks his mind without caring if it will get him into trouble or not


A good comedy movie with a bag of popcorn


Dark Arts
People who escape justice


Wand: Chestnut with crup fur core. It is a long and brittle type of wand

Strength: Transfiguration
Weakness: Legilimency/ Occlumency


School: Hogwarts 2053-2060
House: Gryffindor


Position: Auror
Former positions: Trainee Auror

Family and History

Father: Jay Mitchell
Mother: Justine Mitchell
Siblings: Lotus Mitchell

Pet: None


Being muggle born Levi knew nothing of the world that was hidden from him in early childhood. He was a happy well-cared for child that spent his days climbing trees, riding his bike and playing with friends. His sister, Lotus, was his only sibling and twin and until the day she died they were the best of friends barely spending a minute apart.

There were times when odd things would happen around Levi, unexplainable things. The time he and his sister were playing on a homemade swing over a stream and she fell off then somehow glided across to the opposite bank instead of falling in. Another time the broccoli he and his sister really didn’t want to eat disappeared without a trace and they got their after dinner ice cream.

His life was spent in Canada until three months before his eleventh birthday. Tragedy struck his family when his parents and his Lotus were killed before his very eyes. He saw the killer, the look in the mans eyes as he killed in ways that seemed impossible to young Levi. He seemed to use a small wooden stick which emitted a green ray of light when he spoke nonsense words. From his hiding place in a cupboard Levi stared, dumbstruck as one by one his family fell to the ground after being hit by the eerie light. Hours later young Levi was found by the Muggle police still in the cupboard now mumbling about magic, lights and repeating over and over again the nonsense words he’d heard the man speak. As he was led from the scene he got one last look at his family, each one’s face was frozen in eternal terror.

Immediately after the funeral he was flown to England to live in a small village with his grandparents. He was loved as much as any child could ever be but would always feel something was missing; as a twin he found the death of his sister to be extremely hard to bear.

Close to his eleventh birthday he received a letter, a letter that would change his life forever. It was, of course, a letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. His grandparents immediately agreed that he could go, feeling that if he could understand the strange things happening to him he’d be a happier person. The thing they failed to realise was that his parents and sister had been murdered by a wizard and that when Levi discovered the magical world existed he swore to find the man and make him pay.

His life at school was happy one, but all through it he kept a secret. The fact that he was researching dark arts and trying to discover the identity of the man who tore his world apart would always be known only to him. At the age of thirteen he started working out with a passion, reading about muggle weapons and both magical and muggle ways of tracking people. He had long came to the conclusion that the murderer was most likely a pure-bloodest muggle hater and was going to show him some muggle as well as magical justice. He passed through school without really being noticed and achieved the marks needed in subjects that would take him to Auror training. During this time he also thought being an animagus would be a good idea and with help from the transfiguration professor and a lot of study, worked hard to achieve his goal. He dreamed of soaring through the air as an eagle, sneaking into people’s houses as a dog… something useful. What he didn’t expect (nor did the professor) was to successfully turn into a lion of all things shortly after his seventeenth birthday.

As soon as he had sat his last exam he left school and set out for America. After years of digging and research he had a lead and enough know how to do what he wanted and more importantly cover it up. He used muggle transport to get to where he needed to be and sought out the man he’d hated for seven years. He found the man fairly quickly in a dirty sort of bar and convinced him to go with him to see some dark artifacts he had at his home. Over the course of that long and painful (for the dark wizard) night Levi found out why his family had been killed. His father, muggle though he may have been, was a liaison worker between the two worlds and had apparently found out too much. Disgusted by the man and the lengths he would go to Levi ended his miserable life then burned the body. He hates the place and lengths the man drove him to but he does not regret it. If he hadn’t done anything he wouldn’t be where he was now; helping people.

One month later he was back in Britain going through the gruelling process of auror training. He was very skilled in all areas needed but one, his animagus was no good for undercover work. So he had to rely on potions and tranfiguration spells.

Years later and he's quite the distinguished Auror having excelled in his work which resulted in getting jobs higher up. He loves his work and puts in more overtime than he really should. At the point in his life when he decided that a man really shouldn't live with his grandparents Levi moved to Hogsmeade where he rents a small house. London would have been the obvious choice for him but he felt that there would be times he'd welcome the quiet of the village.
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