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It is June 2077.
The sun is sticking around and with it the early rises and late sunsets. This month has highs of 15°C and lows of 7°C. Rain becomes rarer while one or two thunderstorms will occur. High pollen count and high humidity start to become issues.
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With the muggleborns in charge, nothing has really changed since the Battle of Hogwarts. The sides have been switched with those bearing old family names being discriminated against. Once again the revolution is upon us. What side will go to the darkest places to get what they want? Will it be yours?

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Jonathan Hale


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Oct 13 2015, 07:16 PM
Contact: Tim Morrigan
Character Requesting: Jonathan Hale
Relationship Wanted: Lieutenant – Pureblood Operations
Name: Alastor Creedy
Age: 52
House or Occupation: Slytherin – Criminal, Dark Artifacts Smuggler, Con Man
Year: Adult
Background Information: Alastor Creedy was a Dark Arts Smuggler that was operating out of Knockturn Alley. He is a Pureblood from a failing line, and was being tracked down by the Aurors. Hale arranged for someone else to take the fall for him and absorbed Creedy’s operation into his own appointing Creedy as his Lieutenant to all things Pureblood.
Other Information: Creedy does not care about blood purity, only about making money, however he is very good at seeming the part of a Blood Purist and does have the manners to walk among high society. I’ve always seen him as Mark Shephard, Mark Gattis, or Andrew Scott; however, it would be your character so clearly you get to choose the face.
**Everything else is Taker’s Choice!
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Contact: Tim Morrigan
Character Requesting: Jonathan Hale
Relationship Wanted: Lieutenant – Muggle Operations
Name: John Greene
Age: 21
House or Occupation: Ravenclaw – Criminal, Potions, Drugs, Murderer
Year: Adult
Background Information: John Greene is a muggleborn; he absolutely excelled in Potions during school and attempted his Mastery after graduation. Unfortunately, he’d developed an addiction to one of his concoctions and instead of being declared a Potions Master he was arrested by Aurors while attempting to rob a home to afford ingredients so that he could keep his habit. Hale pulled some strings and had whispers given to the right people and Greene was let off with a steep fine – which Hale enabled the man to pay before sweeping him up into the organization.
Other Information: Like Hale and Creedy, Greene has no interest in the conflict between Muggleborn and Purebloods except in the ways that it allows him to make money and accumulate power. He is Hale’s go to person for all things in the muggle world, he is particularly involved in the drug trade – both muggle drugs into the magical world and potions into the muggle world. I have always seen Greene as Seth Gabel but he’ll be your character so your face can be up to you.
**Everything else is Taker’s Choice!
Link to Topic: [url=LINK TO TOPIC]Original Topic[/url] (if not N/A)
Jun 6 2015, 10:43 PM
Jonathan Hale

Full Name: Jonathan Michael Hale
Blood Status: Muggle-born
Nationality: English
Place of Birth: London, England
Date of Birth: 23 November 2043
Age: 33
Spoken Languages: English, French, Russian, Italian
Relationship Status: Single


Eyes: Grey
Hair: Black
Height: 5’10”

Look Description: Jon is of average height and build he keeps his hair reasonably neat and short and is often wearing a charming, friendly smile. All told, unless you were actually looking for him he’d disappear nicely into a crow; something he takes great pride in.

Dressing Style: Clothes don’t matter to Jon; he’ll wear whatever any given situation demands and be completely fine with it. More often than not, he wears muggle clothing but that’s more because he has dealings with the muggle world quite frequently and it’s easier to have on hand than to worry about needing to change all the time.


Character Description: To all outward appearances, Jonathan Hale is a friendly and outgoing person. He is easy to get along with, fun to talk to, and inherently trustworthy. However, once you get past the presented appearances, Jon is cold and vicious; quick to smash and annoyance and amazingly tenacious at holding grudges.

Quirks: He’s spent years of work ridding himself of noticeable and memorable quirks.

Strengths: Layered atop of the sociopathy that makes up his core, Jon presents a front that is almost the ideal of what people want in someone else. He is charming, clever, brave and hard working. His ambition is self-evident though it comes across as a desire to help people and to do good.

Weaknesses: Beneath the front that is shown to the wider world, he is a cold-hearted, sadistic, arrogant liar and killer. He feels no remorse for the things he does or the lies he tells to move forward. Like many of his ilk, he craves power and money – though, he doesn’t feel the need to be the ruler or face that people look to with their problems; being more than content to be the power behind the throne.

Likes: There are very few things that Jon truly likes; chief among them are money, power, and causing fear in others.

Dislikes: He cannot abide stupidity, or people who don’t do what wants.

Boggart: The failure of his plans and goals, exemplified in his own ignoble death.

Patronus: None

Patronus Memory: None


Wand: His wand is made of yew and has a core of dragon heartstring. It is 9 and 1/4 inches long and is quite rigid. It is very lightly colored and has an elegantly carved handle.

Strength: Jon does very well with offensive magic and dueling techniques; he also took to the Dark Arts like a duck to water.
Weakness: The rigidness of Potions always bothered him. He performed reasonable well with the class, but he always did better with the subjects that could be decided by instinct.


School: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (2054-2061)
House: Hufflepuff


Position: Jonathan doesn’t have a specific job per se. He is independently wealthy due to the death of a distant relative and invests that money in causes that he believes in and gives generously to try to make the world a better place. Behind the scenes he runs a ruthless criminal organization that spans the muggle and magical worlds and has tendrils in several countries.

Family and History

Parents: Edgar and Abigail Hale (Deceased, Muggles)

Pet: Arthur and Mordred, English Mastiffs

Background: Jonathan Hale is the name that was given to the boy by the hospital that turned him over to the orphanage where he grew up. There was no information or clues as to who his parents were or where he might have come from. As he grew older, he was shuffled away from the orphanage and into a long string of foster homes. The process was almost always the same; they welcomed him into their homes and tried to treat him like family – but then the strange occurrences began. Odd phenomenon that could equally as often be attributed to Jon’s growing magic as well as to his growing antagonism to the world around him. While it never seemed that he sought out the fights, he was constantly coming to blows with neighbors, siblings, and other school kids; the neighborhood pets were less than safe around him; and even some of the adults found themselves in bad situations due to his meddling and actions.

As such, he never really settled down until he was approached by an employee of the Ministry of Magic and was informed of magic and Hogwarts, and was given his invitation. They also set up housing for him during the vacations from school so that he’d have some sort of stability and not be in and out of a muggle family’s life for such short bursts of time. From there, things improved for him and he calmed slightly – desperate not to find himself thrown out of the magical world and cut off from the very thing that was going to allow him to do anything he wanted.

With his arrival at the school, he was seated on the stool in front of the sea of eager faces and found himself deeply frustrated that it took an uncomfortably long time for the Sorting Hat to send him to a home. He’d heard about the Houses and was aware enough of their reputations that he knew exactly where he wanted to be; the problem was that the Hat disagreed. In the end, it bent to his preference, however, and Jonathan Hale was sorted into Hufflepuff.

He happily drifted into the background, studying all he could not only about magic but about the magical world and what his place could be in it. Jon worked with anyone he could, finding tutors among the other muggleborn, the purebloods, and anyone who could help him find out more about this new place. It baffled him that there was this supremely powerful coven of people who seemed content to live out their meaningless lives – surrounded by lesser beings that they could rule over – and just exist… From what he could discover, there was minimal contact between the magical and mundane governments and next to no safeguards to prevent magical people from flitting back and forth between the worlds so long as they weren’t openly casting spells on the street corners.

Finally, graduation day came and Jon disappeared into the world. He knew that he had no intention of working in one of the monotonous ministry positions or dealing with the regulations of any of the other jobs; he had magic now and a huge muggle world open to him that would enable him to make a living where he could focus his attention on the things that he enjoyed without answering to anyone else. Within months of his release from school, he was not nearly as surprised as some others when he was determined to be the long lost grandson of some elderly dowager. To the rage and dismay of the rest of her family, Jonathan was recognized and made sole heir of her fortune mere days before her unfortunate death; leaving him the title of Baronet and an impressive fortune and some holdings to go with it.

Reaching back to the contacts he’d made in his years before Hogwarts, Jon liberally spread money around to make friends and contacts as he bought his way into a small corner of the drug trade in London. With the fortune he’d inherited and the magic to smooth the way, Jon’s influence quickly spread among the street gangs as more and more of their leaders submitted to him. With the income from their activities to grow his fortune even further and the legitimacy of his title to keep the law looking the other direction, he left his enterprise in the muggle world to the hands of a trusted lieutenant and turned his attention back to the magical world.

It surprised him to find that the criminal underworld of the magical world was even easier to get involved with than in the muggle world. The people who’d been running it clearly had been doing so for far too long as they’d become lazy. Slowly introducing some of the products from his muggle operation into the magical world threw enough of them into a panic that they were easy to pick out. It was easy enough to have them set them up to be taken down by the Aurors – all but one, who he coopted into his service. It was easier to stay out of the sight of the muggle authorities – with magic in the mix he needed a legitimate go between to keep his presence away from the DMLE and that meant he needed someone who knew the trade already.

From there it actually started to become a bit boring; his lieutenants knew their business and they continued to grow the operation with minimal input from him. Things continued in this vein for a couple of years before word got back to him that he’d apparently been away long enough that Edgar Wilmot – his friend who was running things on the muggle side for him – was thinking that it would be better to break away and operate on his own. It grated against him that he couldn’t handle it personally but he had too many things going on with the magical world as he worked to ingratiate himself with the current minister to walk away. He put out a few feelers and was put in contact with an assassin named Eris.

She was remarkably proficient and he was impressed with the bloody swathe she cut through Wilmot’s people and the ruined mess she left of Wilmot himself. It required him to spend some time finding someone new to take the man’s place, but the point was made and it was the last he heard of any uprisings against him. Despite himself, he found that he was impressed with Eris’ abilities and it began a long working relationship for the pair.

They worked together several more times as Jon began to turn his eye toward the continent. He had long since bought his way into the good graces of the Minister and was becoming friends with some of the delegation to the ICW – their friendship would grant him cover to visit some of the other countries and continue to expand. Starting in the muggle world and moving to the magical one continued to be a winning strategy for him as the magical governments around the world seemingly ignored their non-magical counterparts.

All continued well until the unexpected upheaval back home saw the Minister that he was friendly with unceremoniously dumped out of office and new – more righteous – people took their places. He began pressing harder on Eris to come work for him exclusively as something told him this was the beginning of something that could either turn out very well or very badly for him and he strangely felt better having her by his side. Finally, she acceded to his request and, while his people continued to try to spread his organization further out into the world, he returned his focus to the new situation at home.
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