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It is June 2076. The sun is sticking around and with it the early rises and late sunsets. This month has highs of 15°C and lows of 7°C. Rain becomes rarer while one or two thunderstorms will occur. High pollen count and high humidity start to become issues.

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With the muggleborns in charge, nothing has really changed since the Battle of Hogwarts. The sides have been switched with those bearing old family names being discriminated against. Once again the revolution is upon us. What side will go to the darkest places to get what they want? Will it be yours?

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Richard Morrigan

Ministry of Magic

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Jul 24 2017, 06:35 PM
Tired didn’t even begin to cover just how tired Richard was. It was common for him to be worn out at the end of any given day, but this bone deep exhaustion was new. Things hadn’t been going well at all recently, which felt like the understatement of the year but he’d finally gotten enough things lined up that he was able to go home. The machinations of the new Minister and new Chief Warlock had rubbed enough of the moderates the wrong way that they were reaching out to him to see about making sure the new government didn’t run too far off the rails. They didn’t actually have enough to stop everything, but they’d closed the vote gap enough that if they could peel off one or two from any given vote they could defeat it.

It was getting on into the afternoon when he stepped out of the floo at Caer Morrigan, and directly into Amber. With a short huff of surprise he caught his balance and his hands shot out to catch her by the arm and make sure she was steadied as well.

“I’m so sorry,” he said, apologetically.

“Are you alright?”

When he was sure that everything was well he smiled wryly and added, “I’m sorry that I missed your slumber party. I hope that you and Timothy have been getting on well enough in my absence?”

Amber Elison
Dec 1 2015, 05:23 PM

A fresh blanket of snow covered the grounds of Rosier Manor, except where it had been trod upon by the people making their way up through the gates to the large home where the evening’s celebration would take place. Already a lot of people were making their way through the welcoming committee made up of the senior Ministry Officials and the senior members of the Wizengamot.

There had been a time that Richard had been frustrated by the Wizarding World’s insistence on celebrating Christmas. It was an incredibly muggle celebration, but he’d learned long ago that fighting against it wasn’t going to work. Too many families had made it a part of their traditions – including his own over time – and trying to arrange it so that they would celebrate something more appropriately magical would just cost him political capital and not work anyway.

That being the case, he found himself loitering among the other Wizengamot members in the entryway of the old Rosier Manor. At one point it had been the ancestral home of a Pureblood family, but then it had been annexed by the Ministry after the war against Voldemort and they had since used it for the occasional function like this – as well as for a place to stay for visiting dignitaries.

This year had even more potential to be annoying as the Minister and the Headmaster of Hogwarts had arranged to make the annual celebration open to anyone who wanted to attend. Transport would be arranged by the school for anyone staying behind and the parents for those who had left for break had been encouraged to allow their children to attend as well.

As he shook the hand of a first year muggleborn student and wished the boy well as he continued on – wide eyed – into the opulent house, he couldn’t wait to see how the evening would go.
Jun 11 2015, 07:48 PM
Richard set down the message that the owl had just delivered with a deep sigh. It brought news that he had absolutely no interest in, and from what he’d heard of the kids’ year they were going to be even less enthused about it than he had been. Best not to hold onto the news too long and have them be surprised by the unwelcome guests though, so Richard set off through the Caer to find Amber and Tim.

It probably should have been the first place he looked, but eventually he tracked them down to one of the rooms that had been set up with a dueling platform for them to practice in. They didn’t seem to be trying to beat each other up, but he appeared to have interrupted a conversation about something – from the laughter he’d missed something good, and that made him feel even worse that he was about to deliver the news that he had.

“Sorry to interrupt,” he said as he pushed the door open, “but Alex and his family are going to be stopping by for a short visit. Thought you might want know before they were actually on the doorstep.”

The sound of the door opening caught Tim’s attention moments before his grandfather started speaking, though the words didn’t actually register at first, “Wait, what?”

“Why are they coming here? Why are you letting them?”

Spending any time with the most hated Professor in the school during the summer just didn’t sound like a good idea at all. The bastard definitely had to have other things that he could be doing rather than bothering everyone else during their vacations.

“I know,” Richard replied with a shrug, “but I can’t send him running right now. With him at school with you the rift in the family is already in the news again, and we can’t just turn him away. There’s an election coming up and we have to be seen to be at least a little bit magnanimous.”
Jan 5 2015, 10:56 PM
It was distressingly cold outside but the stars and moon were shining brightly onto an untouched field of snow out over the grounds. Tim and Amber were running around the house somewhere getting ready for their visitor – which meant they had probably been ready for a half an hour and were either goofing off somewhere or sitting and talking. It could go either way with the pair and it was frustratingly hard to guess which it would be at any given moment.

The Wizengamot had broken for “Christmas Holiday.” It rankled somewhat that the magical government was now recognizing and celebrating a muggle holiday. Richard shook off the disappointment and turned to look at the clock. Daniela should be arriving at any moment and he pushed away from the window where he’d been enjoying the view and called out for the children to start making their way down to the main rooms.
Sep 28 2014, 07:29 PM
Richard sat behind his desk and let his mind wander as the people sitting on the other side form him ranted and railed about Garrott’s death as though there were anything that could be done about it – or, even worse as though it were somehow his fault. Trent and Hastings had been sitting across from him for more than an hour and it was really starting to grate on his nerves. Just as he was starting to consider the benefits of killing them both and disposing of the bodies a soft chime from the clock hanging on the wall caused him to smile and sit up.

“Gentlemen, I thank you very much for your time and I assure you that I will be doing everything in my power to make sure that the loss of our dear friend doesn’t hamper our efforts any.”

Then he motioned toward his door which opened silently, “That said, I am afraid that I must bid you good day as I have another meeting scheduled and I have a few things to do before it begins.”

Grumbling the entire way the two men stood and slunk out of the room leaving Richard to his thoughts. Once they were gone, he slumped back into his seat and massaged the bridge of his nose. Daniela Kirilenko was due at any minute and he hoped that his headache would recede before she arrived.
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