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 Potions, By Year
 Posted: May 13 2015, 06:59 PM

First Year

Antidote to Common Poisons
Antidote. Teal in colour when brewed properly.
Fire Protetion Potion (Ice Potion)
Protects drinker from fire. A clear liquid.
Burn-Healing Paste
A thick orange paste for te treatment of burns.
Cure for Boils
Cures boils.
Dragon Tonic
For the treatment of sickly dragons
Fatiguing Fusion
Causes fatigue.
Grand Pepper-Up Potion
Relieves/Cures the common cold. Replaced the weaker Pepper-Up Potion.
Herbicide Potion
Weedkiller. Not for human consumption.
Laugh-Inducing Potion
Causes uncontrollable giggling and belly-wobbling laughter.
Manegro Potion
Causes the hair on the drinker's head to grow out rapidly.
Mouth Itching Antidote
Relieves itchy mouth.
Pompion Potion
Changes the drinker's head into a pumpkin.
Restoration Potion
Reverses the effects of miner spells and potions.
Snuffling Potion
Gives the drinker the sniffles.
Volubilis Potion
Alters the drinkers voice making it louder.

Second Years

Babbling Beverage
Causes the drinker to speak nonsense.
Tolipan Blemish Blitzer
Acne Cream.
Bundimun Pomade
Hair gel (correctly diluted bundimun secretion must be used or burning will occur
Deflating Draught
Deflates something/one that has been magically inflated. Antidote to Swelling Solution.
Developing Solution
For developing moving pictures.
Fergus Fungal Budge
For the treatment of Athlete's Foot.
Girding Potion
Gives the drinker extra strength.
Hair-Raising Potion
Causes the drinker's hair to stand on end.
Laxative Potion
A liquid laxtive.
Mandrake Restorative Draught
Restores those who have been transfigured or cursed to their original state.
Muffling Draught
Silences people/objects.
Quodpot Solution
Prevents the Quodpot from exploding.
Revivie Potion
Awakens an unconcious person.
Shrinking Solution
Causes a person/object to shrink.
Swelling Solution
Causes enlargement on contact.

Third Years

Beautification Potion
Makes the drinker appear more physically attractive to others. When brewed properly the potion is multi-coloured and produces multi-coloured bubbles.
Bruise Removal Paste Cream for the treatment of skin bruising.
Confusing Concoction Causes confusion.
Dizziness Draught Causes dizziness and light-headed ness. If strong enough this potion can bring on fainting episodes.
Drowsiness Draught Induces drowsiness.
Forgetfulness Potion Memory loss potion.
Garroting Gas When the solution is smashed on the floor it produces a cloud of noxious gas, which, if strong enough can suffocate those who walk through it.
Jawbind Potion Induces lockjaw.
Lung Clearing Potion Clears the drinkers lungs of anything harmful.
Madame Glossy's Silver Polish Cleaning solution that gives an extra shine.
Mrs Skower’s All-Purpose Magical Mess Remover Removes stains.
Rano Potion Helps with waking, magical equivalent to coffee.
Scintillation Solution Used in magical fireworks.
Strengthening Solution Gives the drinker strength.
Weakness Potion Weakens the drinker.
Wound-cleaning Potion Cleans wounds.

Fourth Years

Antidote to Uncommon Potions
Bulgeye Potion
Makes th target's eyes bulge and swell. Can be dangerous.
Burning Bitterroot Balm
A soothing blue-coloured balm, best for burns.
Dogbreath Potion
Gives the drinker fiery breath.
Potion for Dreamless Sleep
When drank it induce a dreamless, sound sleep. The more potion ingested the longer the sleep will last if not magically ended.
Flesh-Eating Slug Repellent
Deters slugs (must not touch human skin).
Fungiface Potion
Causes the drinkers skin to become covered in fungus.
Heartbreak Teardrops
Helps get over a broken heart (Muggles eat a tub of ice-cream or three instead).
Love Potion Antidote
A student will continue to learn to brew this mild-strength potion and stronger versions through the rest of their school years. Only the most adept will brew a passable batch before seventh year. True masters will be the only ones to brew it to absolute perfection.
Maximum Turbo Farts Potion
Causes the drinker to rapidly develop flatulance.
Noxious Potion
Produces a noxious gas.
Rat Tonic
Cure for the treatment of sick rats.
Screaming Snakes Hair Potion
Transforms the hair into screaming snakes.
Sleekeazy's Hair Potion
Makes hair more manageable.
Sleeping Draught
Induces instant sleep.
Wit-Sharpening Potion
Improves clarity of thought.

Fifth Years

Alihosty Draught
Drinking or inhaling the fumes causes hysteria.
Befuddlement Draught
Causes the drinker to become belligerent and reckless.
Blood-Replenishing Potion
Replenishes blood lost through injury.
Cough Potion
Soothes and reduces coughing.
Cupid Crystals
Low strength love potion.
Draught of Peace
Relieves anxiety and agitation.
Everklena Cleaning solution (doesn't actually work).
Hate Potion
Reveals the worst traits and habits of the drinker.
Invigoration Draught
Gives an energy boost.
Memory Potion Enhances the drinkers memory.
Murtlap Essence Soothes and heals cuts and abrasions.
Regerminating Potion Forces plants to germinate.
Skele-Gro Regrows bones.
Twilight Moonbeams Low strength love potion.
Wiggenwald Potion
Cures miner spell damage.

Sixth Year

Anti-Paralysis Potion
Antidote to paralysis caused by magical means or creatures. Purple in colour.
Beguiling Bubbles
Mid-strength love potion.
Calming Draught
A potion that calms.
Chelidonium Miniscula
A mild sedative.
Dr. Ubbly's Oblivious Unction
Heals wounds of the mind or one's left by thoughts.
Dragon Dung Fertiliser
Promotes growth of plants, favoured for use on venomous tentacula.
Elixir to Induce Euphoria
Induces a sense of irrational happiness upon the drinker, cures depression.
Hiccoughing Solution
Cures hiccups.
Invisibility Potion
Renders the drinker invisible for a short period of time.
Kissing Concoction
Mid-strength love potion.
Oculus Potion
Restores the drinkers sight. Counter to the Conjunctivitis Curse.
Replenishing Potion
Replenishes substances depending what the main ingredient is.
Star Grass Salve
Healing paste.
Vitamix Potion
Gives an energy boost.
Wildeye Potion
Antidote to Draught of the Living Death. Causes ultra alertness.

Seventh Years

Amortentia Strongest love potion.
Antidote to Veritaserum
Counters the effects of Veritaserum.
Baruffio's Brain Elixir
Increases brain activity.
Caxambu Style Borborygmus Potion
Provokes stomach growling.
Doxycide Stuns Doxies.
Draught of Living Death
Brings on a sleep so deep the drinker might be mistaken for dead.
Erumpent Potion
Essence of Dittany
Healing Potion
Felix Felicis
Liquid luck (always taught towards the end of the year to ensure there isn't enough time to brew for exams).
Malevolent Mixture
Ruins the drinkers day. Opposite of Felix Felicis.
Mopsus Potion
An aid to Divination, often drank before one tries to peer into the future.
Polyjuice Potion
Temporarily changes the drinkers appearance to that of another.
Ten-Second Pimple Vanisher
Acne treatment.
Venomous Tentacula Juice
Non-fatal poison.
Wolfsbane Potion
Eases the symptoms of lycanthropy;prevents werewolves from losing their minds post-transformation.

University +

Aging Potion
Causes the drinker to age temporarily.
Angel's Trumpet Draught
Armadillo Bile Mixture
A corrosive draught.
Baneberry Potion
Poison. Dark red.
Bloodroot Potion
Death-Cap Potion
Dogsbane Potion
Dog Poison
Drink of Despair
Induces fear, delirium, intense stomach pain and extreme thirst in the drinker.
Elixir of Life
Extends life.
Essence of Insanity
Causes madness.
Gregory's Unctuous Unction
Causes the drinker to believe the giver is their best friend.
Magi-Me-More Boost magical power and concentration temporarily.
Regeneration Potion
Restores a non-corporeal magical person to their body.
Veritaserum Makes the drinker tell the truth.
Weedosoros Poison
 Posted: Sep 2 2015, 06:25 PM

All members are welcome to share any potions they have created. The only restriction for THIS list is that these potions MUST be open for use by any character, as long as the character is age appropriate. An admin will decide what level the spell will be.

To have a spell added, please use this form.


[b]Potion Name:[/b]
[b]Potion Appearance:[/b]
[b]Potion Effect:[/b]
[b]Credit Preferred?[/b] Yes/No
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