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 Struggling Student Goes Public, Article by Isla Greengrass
Isla Greengrass
 Posted: May 31 2016, 05:25 PM
Isla Greengrass
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Daily Prophet Reporter
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4-June 15

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Struggling Student goes Public

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by Isla Greengrass

Surely, it is now common knowledge that Muggle Studies has been made a mandatory class thanks to Headmaster Norwood’s “initiative” to integrate wizarding children into muggle culture. However most of our lovely readers have decided upon a wait-and-see attitude to determine their stance. This reporter has been firmly against the enforcement of the course from the start; firmly believing that the children should decide the electives they wish to take. Recently the Daily Prophet has asked our readers to send ups their response:

” The Daily Prophet urges the students of Hogwarts to write in and tell us what they think of the rule changes. How is an extra class affecting you? Why aren't you taking it?”

We’ve received a number of mixed reviews from our readers, however one of them was a rather profound letter by a single student, who happened to be the first to write us. Not only did they write us, they urged us to print their letter! This fifth year, Ravenclaw, student had worked for years to maintain their immaculate grades—stating ”… I was well on my way to passing all O.W.Ls with flying colours but now…”. It is a shame that the student now feels woefully unequipped at passing their O.W.Ls. Some of you might be thinking that there is no way just making Muggle Studies compulsory would cause a student so much strife; that the student must be doing something wrong or not studying hard enough. The student seemed to think that at first as well. In fact at the beginning of the semester, the student even felt confidant to take on the class once Headmaster Norwood said that they could use Timeturners so that no classes would have to be dropped.

First and foremost, with how taxing we know timeturners to be for adults, one can only imagine the tremendous amount of strain that it would foster in a child. What Headmaster Morrigan was even thinking about allowing timeturners in the hands of children is just unfathomable. Surely the man has it out for them—why else would he intentionally risk their wellbeing for a single elective course? Now before you take this reporter’s word for it, read what the student wrote in the letter:

“ I cannot keep up. Everyday I have to take pepper-up potion AND muggle pills to keep me alert as well as the gallons of coffee I must consume. I fear now that I have become addicted to all three and I worry that one day I will not be able to kick these addictions”

So not only is Headmaster Norwood forcing students to take a class they might not even want to take; he is enabling students to get hooked on muggle drugs and potions just to get through the class. If taking this class was supposed to be beneficial to the students, then why is it feeding addiction? What use is there in forcing students to take this elective if it does nothing but make them ill physically and mentally? How in Merlin’s name does it even foster productive members of society? The answer readers is that it does not. If students want to take the class then great, let them take Muggle Studies. But forcing children to take a course they do not want to take only leads to disaster – as seen by this young Ravenclaw student.

Now to you, “Ready to Give up”, I’ll say this: Don’t drop out of school, but make your position known. If you hate the class, explain to a professor you trust why you feel so about it. If, at the end of the day, Headmaster Norwood or the professors refuse to let you skip and take a breather, then just don’t go—instead go to the mediwitch during the that time. If they ask where you’ve been, state your health is more important than an elective and leave it at that. And, always feel free to contact the Prophet to update your progress on it.

For the full letter sent in by the student see page 3.


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