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It is December 2076.
A cold month with the highest temperature being 6°C and the lowest hitting the minuses. December is cold, wet and windy. Snow will fall this month and when it starts it rarely stops.
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Keenan Marsden


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Apr 13 2016, 04:15 PM
The longer nights were coming in and both Keenan and his till were glad of the fact. Lighter nights meant more people abroad in the later hours. More people in the late hours meant more seats in his pub were filled. Sure, he hated the mess customers brought but he'd come to realise there was nothing worse than an empty pub. Not that the pub was ever completely empty before closing but it did get quiet, too quiet.

So he decided, time to pull in the crowds. The very best and most popular magical band of the moment had been hired and were all set up in the corner where Keenan had magically raised the floor. The pumps were all full, fridges stoked and his new chef ready to go. All he needed now were the people. People who wouldn't come while he was still standing around in his DIY clothes and the door was locked. He knew he' forget something but he didn't know that something would be a clean shirt. With a sigh to and at himself he left for his basement quarters.

A short time later he was back, looking, as he thought himself, quite dapper in his purple shirt and freshly pressed indigo jeans. It just wouldn't do for the owner of the establishment to look grubby. Set a bad tone.

As the posters had gone out and the ad run in The Daily Prophet Keenan waited until eight on the dot, the time stated, before he pulled the doors open. Happily he took in the small crowd waiting there and was very pleased to see some younger faces. Not that he didn't appreciate the old, it was just nice to get some fresh blood about the place.

Half an hour later and the pub was bouncing. The music was great, people were laughing, dancing, singing and having fun. The spirits flowed fast and the food was marvelous. He and his staff were run off their feet but it was a good kind of busy. The best kind of busy, a busy that put gold in Gringott's. Finally it seemed, Keenan had done right.
Apr 12 2015, 01:40 PM
Mid-week was usually a lovely calm time for Keenan. The pub was almost always near empty and he got to close early. Hump Day one of the muggleborn customers had called it earlier. Hump Day. Keenan thought it over, he didn't like the little giggle the woman gave at the double meaning but he sure was getting the hump part of it. He had taken the hump as they said in these parts meaning he was in a bad mood.

And why shouldn't he be? Yes the pub was nearly empty, yes he'd be closing early but if that man dripped brown sauce on his floor one more time...

His hands grasped the bar, his short nails would have dug right through had it been flesh instead of wood. He watched the man his jaw set. The mop was at the ready sitting just by the hatch where he'd left it after cleaning a glob of the sticky brown mess from the floor just two minutes before.

There it went again. He watched as the drop seemed to fall to the floor in slow motion before splattering there. In an instant Keenan was out from behind the bar, spray and mop in hand. When the latest spill was cleaned he went back to watching and doing his best to keep his temper in check.

Storm was, as usual, sprawled before the fire but even the thought of sitting with her couldn't bring the usual smile to Keenans face. This messy eater of a man was his nemisis. His arch-enemy and no, Keenan would not be beaten.
Dec 9 2014, 11:12 PM

Keenan Marsden
25 | Pub Landlord | Straight | Single

Blurb: Keenan's a plesant enough person to be around. He's good natured and friendly. Often helpful, he will go out of his way for some others and is known to have helped a few of the older residents around their homes. He can be quiet at times but quickly snaps out of it when his attention is drawn. Like any good bartender he has an ever listening ear and sound advice for those propping the bar.

Looking for:
Friends: Keenan has some close friends and a lot of the more distant variety. He likes them all and would stand up for them if needed. A friend of Keenan's would always find a person to talk to in him and an adventurous spirit when needed. He's willing to try most things and often up for having a laugh.
Enemies: He doesn't tolerate any intolerance of anyone. Everyone is welcome in his pub and as his guest he demands they be respected while within his walls. A few crossed words and even crossed fists will go without much word or action (except a tossing out) but anyone showing discriminatory nature will be barred from his establishment and instantly become a person he dislikes. He can be civil to any person except this kind.
Other: His dog Storm is always with him. She is overly friendly to the point where she demands to be petted. But, if someone crosses her master she changes instantly and becomes very watchful of the person. If things go far enough she will let her distaste be known with a snarl as she moves beside her master.

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Dec 9 2014, 10:44 PM
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Dec 9 2014, 10:22 PM
Keenan Marsden

Full Name: Keenan Marsden
Blood Status: Half-blood
Nationality: Scottish
Place of Birth: Hogsmeade
Date of Birth: May 19th 2048
Age: 28
Spoken Languages: English
Relationship Status: Single


Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Height: 5’11”

Look Description:

Though he is skinny Keenan has quite a muscular build. His dark hair is short and always in a deliberate spiked mess at the back is a small thin braid that stops just below his neck. A thin line of beard runs along his jawbone and widens slightly at the chin.

Dressing Style:

Keenan is the type of person who just throws on whatever comes to hand. He only owns silk shirts and sharply pressed black dress trousers. Shoes are something he owns a lot of and he has everything from normal leather to dragonskin and in between. He loves what others would consider to be ‘loud’ shoes and the colours of his shirts are often bright or very deep shades. He wears a little jewellery; a gold thick chained bracelet, a mood ring on the middle finger of his left hand, a battered looking rolex that was his great grandfathers and a thick gold chain around his neck with a gold phoenix pendant.


Character Description:

Keenan’s a decent and kind bloke. He means no ill will to anyone but won’t take crap from anyone. He doesn’t notice when he’s being flirted with and as a result he’s horrible at it. Still, that doesn’t seem to affect his chances with women. During quiet periods in the pub he’ll usually be found cleaning or reading a book at the bar. At night when he can’t sleep he goes walking with Storm or work out, he enjoys working out since he’s an energetic man. He hates sports though and feels that broomsticks are someones curse on the magical world. Emotionally he tends to keep his distance and while he has many friends, friends he would fight for, there are only two beings on the world he truly cares about - his sister and his dog.


He's a bit of a neat freak. Not so bad that he'll drive himself up the wall while customers are in the pub but as soon as they're gone he's like some kind of cleaning tornado. He has been known to throw messy guests out of rooms and smelly people out of the bar.


Honest and can easily spot a liar




A freshly made bed
Everything to be in its place (in the pub is an exception though he will not go to bed until everything is cleaned up and put away)
Walking - He will often be seen around the village and in the trees that surround it with his dog, Storm.


Moody people
Dirt and mess
Bad smells


Wand: Cedar. Unicorn hair. Medium length, springy.

Strength: Transfiguration
Weakness: Offensive magic


School: Hogwarts 2059-2066
House: Hufflepuff


Position: Landlord of The Three Broomsticks

Family and History

Father: - Daryl Marsden (deceased)
Mother: - Jasmine Hope-Marsden (deceased)
Siblings: Kynthia (kin-thee-uh) Marsden (28)


A white and black Alaskan Malamute with ice-blue eyes named Storm. She’s a four year old extremely well-trained and laid back dog. In the pub she’s often to be found laying before the fire or trying to get a clap off of the customers. If children are around she will chase and play with them for as long as they want. It takes a lot to tire her which is why Keenan walks her for at least two hours every night. She loves to chase animals but never seems bothered about catching them.


Being a child in an abusive relationship didn’t lead to a happy childhood for Keenan even with his sisters attempts to shield him from the worst of it. His mother and father were the picture of happiness in public but at night, when the doors of the pub had closed for the night they were monsters. Arguing about everything, throwing things at each other and often coming to blows. Knowing the entire village knew what the children had to live with and did nothing started him hating the place. Seeing how the villagers acted around his parents - as if they were the best things since sliced bread - made it a burning hatred.

Still, he had some good times there with his sister and their friends. He and Kynthia were always close and still are. With only three years between them they often played together and living in a place with very few children meant there wasn’t enough kids to have separate friends. They fought of course as all siblings do but it has always been that she is the most important person in his life and he is in hers.

The year Kynthia started Hogwarts Keenan pined for her. She was so close yet he couldn’t just go and see her, or, do as he often did and sneak into her room at night to tell each other ghost stories. There was no one in the house to play with when it rained outside and his parents mostly acted as though he didn’t exist. He started counting down the days until he would go to the castle and join her. They dragged.

Finally he got there and was sorted into Hufflepuff with Kynthia being in Slytherin. For a while he was sad about them still being separated but, as he easily made his own friends he got over it quickly. In the overlapping time of their education it wasn’t unusual to find Keenan and Kynthia sitting together somewhere or helping each other with the work they struggled with. Both hated the others boy/girl friends with a passion. No one was good enough for Keenan’s sister and no one could ever be good enough for her brother. They both feel the same today but have learned to be civil to the other’s partner when they have one.

He left school with some passes and some failings but none of that mattered. He was free. School had helped him break his need to be near his sister and he was going to travel the world. There were mountains to climb, hills to walk, seas to swim and everything to see. The village no longer held him in it’s grasp and his parents were more than welcome to each other.

In his twentieth year his father died. He’d been drunk while hanging Christmas decorations, fallen off the ladder and died. Keenan felt very little and most of that was a regret that he’d never confronted the man. He travelled home immediately as did Kynthia. They arranged to meet up in London before travelling the rest of the way together. When they got home they found their mother in the bar with ‘friends’ who were drinking it dry as their mother slept. The pub was soon emptied and the siblings settled in for what was to be a gloomy trip home and Christmas as they sobered up their mum and ran the business.

While travelling the brother and sister would meet up from time to time and spend a day or two together. No matter the distance between them or the length of time their bond never lessened. Keenan travelled mostly alone until while in Alaska travelling by sled he became friendly with the owner of the dogs pulling it and his travel companion of the moment. He was invited to stay at the man’s house where the found a newly born litter of pups had arrived. Keenan instantly fell in love with the little bitch pup he’d later buy and name Storm.

The month after he turned twenty-five he was forced to return home again for another funeral in the knowledge that he wouldn’t be leaving anytime soon if at all. His mother had passed away now, her life ended thanks to alcoholism. For some unknown reason (Keenan actually suspects at his sisters wishes) he was left the pub and his sister was left gold. Of course they both already had respectable enough trust funds from their paternal grandparents but the gold means an easier life for her.

Too bad the pub doesn’t for him. Kynthia left soon after their mother was laid to rest and he couldn’t blame her. There was no joy in the village for them or in the pub. He stayed behind and get on with the family business. It had crossed his mind to sell up but he could never do that, the pub had been in the family for too long. The Three Broomstick’s had grown considerably over the years. It now stands three stories high with a basement level much larger than the building above and a large extension to the back. The top floor is the families living area, the one below holds the guest rooms, the bar room is on the ground floor and the basement holds storerooms and the area Keenan and Storm call home.

Great-grandson of Madam Rosemerta, Keenan likes to think bartending is in his blood. And it is, he loves it. Working doesn’t feel like work most of the time and he never feels alone. He wishes he could travel still and may, if he ever works up the courage to ask his sister for help. Though for now he’s content enough to run things and live quietly just him and his dog.
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