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It is October 2076.
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With the muggleborns in charge, nothing has really changed since the Battle of Hogwarts. The sides have been switched with those bearing old family names being discriminated against. Once again the revolution is upon us. What side will go to the darkest places to get what they want? Will it be yours?

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Gwendolyn MacLeod

Hogwarts Staff

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Oct 6 2017, 06:01 PM
Having left Flynn in the safe hands of the school nurse, Professor MacLeod felt confident to return to her office where she expected the two sixth years to be waiting for her her along with Winstone. The cat was a cranky little guy but he was very loyal, and probably her most trusted companion.
Pleased to find all three where she’d asked them to be she unlocked her door and ushered them inside. With all the broken phials still on the floor of her office, she led them through to a door in the back instead and into her private rooms.

“Sit.” She dictated to Pavon and pointed to a chesterfield settee by the fireplace, “What do you have to say for yourself, Mr Sannesley. Miss Montague-Farnese said you were attacked, is that what happened?”

Before Pavon got a chance to open his mouth however, Penelope interjected by pointing out that Pavon needed something for his throat.
Clearly unamused by the girl’s impudence, the professor obliged nonetheless and pointed her wand at his throat to ease some of his pain. The rest of his injuries would be tended to later.
She also prepared a cup of tea in which she added some extra honey to sooth hoarseness as well as a spoonful of healing potion, but she needed to be careful about giving him potions in his condition. The mixing of substances in his body could be dangerous, even lethal.
She then handed the cup to the boy.

Seating herself against the armrest of sofa opposite Pavon, Professor MacLeod eyed him as she waited for him to explain himself. She did not want to have to ask twice.

Pavon B Sannesley
Oct 3 2017, 09:58 AM
Professor MacLeod stood behind her desk on top of which her pocket watch lay face up, as she waited for the students to arrive. She was a very punctual woman and she expected this of her students as well. Tardiness was as unacceptable as an untidy workplace, and whoever couldn’t respect scheduled class hours would simply have to entertain themselves for the next hour and take better care to be on time in the future.

When the clock struck one, Professor MacLeod swiftly cast a spell to close the door with a loud bang before placing her wand neatly back onto her desk. She cast a glance across the room, surveying every face for a brief second each, pursing her lips in a displeased manner as she moved from one student to another.

“Good afternoon class.” She spoke, addressing the students in a collected tone as she held up a clear glass phial in which a swirly white Mother-of-pearly substance was floating.

“Amortentia is the most powerful love potion in existence. It's considered to be a powerful and highly dangerous potion. It doesn't create actual love however, and the person under the effect of the potion will only hold an obsession for the person who administered it. The potion must be administered continuously in order to maintain the false love in the drinker. Otherwise the effects will wear off and the victim would regain their own free will.”

“The effects of the potion on a person are described to be near instantaneous; with the person drinking the potion appearing pale and sickly and becoming obsessed with the object of their affections, and becoming excited or dangerously unstable towards others.”

She removed to stopper from the phial and allowed a moment for the aroma of the potion to swirl through the classroom before she spoke again.

“The potion has a different aroma for everyone who smells it, reminding each person of the things that they find most attractive, even if the person doesn't acknowledge or is unaware of their fondness for the object of their affection themselves.”

“Does anyone care to share what aromas they experience before we begin?”
Sep 6 2017, 05:15 PM
Professor MacLeod stood behind her desk on top of which her pocket watch lay face up, as she waited for the students to arrive. She was a very punctual woman and she expected this of her students as well. Tardiness was as unacceptable as an untidy work place, and whoever couldn’t respect scheduled class hours would simply have to entertain themselves for the next hour and take better care to be on time in the future.

When the clock struck two, Professor MacLeod swiftly cast a spell to close the door with a loud bang before placing her wand neatly back onto her desk. She cast a glance across the room, surveying every face for a brief second each, pursing her lips in a displeased manner as she moved from one student to another.

“Good afternoon class.” She spoke, addressing the students in a collected tone. “Elixir to Induce Euphoria, as the name would suggest, induces sudden euphoria in the drinker. Euphoria manifests itself in many different ways in different people, but excessive singing and nose-tweaking are common side-effects. A sprig of peppermint added to the potion during preparation helps to counterbalance these."

"Please follow the directions on the board. If there are no questions... You may begin.”

Elixir to Induce Euphoria

The Elixir to Induce Euphoria is a sunshine-yellow potion that induces a sense of inexplicable, irrational happiness upon the drinker.

Brewing instructions
1. Add Shrivelfig
2. Add Porcupine quills
3. Stir four times anti-clockwise
4. Add a sprig of Peppermint to counteract side-effects
5. Add Sopophorous beans
6. Add Wormwood
7. Stir six times anti-clockwise
Apr 6 2016, 10:19 AM
Pavon Sannesley was one of Professor MacLeod’s better students, potentially even one of her best should he continue to improve his work in a steady manner. He showed great potential as a potion maker and she had no doubt that with some further guidance and hard work, and possibly under tutelage of someone like herself he could very well go on to become a notable potioneer one day. It frustrated her greatly therefore to have received news from Professor Morrigan explaining how he’d caught the boy in possession of a most interesting potion; a potion on which she now had done extensive examinations.

The outcome of her examinations laid on the desk before her. Initially she had intended to send the report immediately back to Professor Morrigan but after further contemplation on the matter she had decided to hold onto it for a little while longer, or rather until she could have a private conversation with the young Slytherin.
And so she sat in her office waiting whilst sipping a cup of tea which, unfortunately, was far too bitter for her liking. The unpleasant result of unintentionally leaving the leaves to steep for too long. A shameful mistake certainly, especially for an avid tea brewer such as herself. But her mind had been elsewhere when she had prepared the beverage and thus she was now made to suffer the consequences. There was no time to brew a second pot either, for Sannesley was due to appear in her office in precisely 1 minute and 43 seconds, which she noted after a quick glance at her pocket watch. Tardiness was something she did not accept and she would not be pleased at all if he were to disregard punctuality, especially considering the reason why he had been summoned to her office on this day.

Pavon B Sannesley
Oct 1 2015, 09:15 AM
Gwendolyn MacLeod

Real Name: Gwendolyn Catriona MacLeod
Blood Status: Pureblood
Nationality: Scottish
Place of Birth: North-western Isle of Skye, Scotland
Date of Birth: 11th of March, 1987
Age: 89
Spoken Languages: English, Gaelic, Latin, Greek
Relationship Status: Single and not bothered.


Eyes: Icy blue
Hair: Red with greying bits
Height: 5'7

Look Description: Gwendolyn is a stern lady which a face to match it. She doesn't smile. Ever. And it’s next to impossible to guess what she may be thinking. As a woman of older age, Gwendolyn has some lines and wrinkles gracing her face. Her eyelids are heavy and her mouth is very straight, and can at times seem like it might be smiling, but it's not. Whilst rather old, Gwendolyn certainly isn't the wobbly, fragile little lady who'd get knocked over any time a student run passed her in the corridor. She's actually quite vigorous and her posture is really one to admire. She's poised and very imperious in her stance. There's also something very magisterial in her air, her demeanour of superiority and unwavering conviction which makes her quite an intimidating lady.

Dressing Style: Gwendolyn is an elegant woman. And very effortlessly so. She doesn't have a style nor understand the purpose of having one. She wears what she likes and what she likes she wears. Mostly, she's seen in long, black academic robes or MacLeod tartan. She usually spiff up her rather strict black ensemble though, by adding a fur boa or colourful scarf wrapped around her neck.


Character Description: Gwendolyn’s stern and no-nonsense air doesn't exactly radiate a sense of her being a nice, sweet old woman. And in truth, she’s not. Or rather, most people don’t get to see it. But she’s not as bitter and unpleasant as her stiff face would suggest. She may not be the best of guests at a social tea party to be fair, at which she would sit quietly and look visibly bored as the others plough through what she would refer to as the unpleasant chore of small talk. Gwendolyn doesn’t do meaningless small talk and this is mostly because she doesn’t know how, or rather, she’s never bothered to learn because she doesn’t quite see the point of it. She much rather people spoke of important things and not so much whether it looks like it’s going to rain on Sunday or if carmine really is an appropriate colour to wear to a wedding. She does try however, on occasions, if the situation absolutely demands it and when there are no books around to save her from this doom, and she can actually enjoy conversing and engage in lengthy discussions on matters she deem important. But generally, she feels that small talk is best left to the professional chit-chatters.
Indeed, Gwendolyn has always been one to favour scholastics to the art of socialising which is why she never acquired the skills of being a people person. She seems to lack a certain sense of tact in many situations where she easily comes off as brutally honest or even harsh. Not with the intention of being cruel, but she never quite understood the notion of sugar-coating anything. She simply says what she means. And she expects this of others too. She cannot stand people who insist on speaking in codes or innuendos. It’s a waste of time if you ask her. She doesn’t fuss around with false politeness or cordialities. She’s very straight forward and to the point. She can also be pretty selfish, but it’s more a sort of self-preservation in a sense of her always doing what is best for herself. She doesn’t lack compassion per se, although it may often look that way, but she just doesn’t give out fellow feeling for no reason.
Same goes for her teaching. She won’t teach anyone who doesn’t want to be taught, or shown that they deserve to be taught by her. Arrogant maybe, but she won’t pretend to be modest. That’s exactly the sort of things she cannot stand. Admitting to one's own talent isn’t boastful. She knows she’s one of the best potioneers in Britain, if not the world, and it would be silly to pretend otherwise.
Another thing Gwendolyn cannot stand is disorderly and unruly people. She believes in structure and order, and that everything has its place right down to the quill on her desk. This is something she’s very adamant about in her classroom, and no messing around will be accepted whether it’s an untidy workspace or poor behaviour. Troublemakers will be thrown out of class immediately. She didn’t become a teacher to baby-sit a group of brats. She became a teacher to give those ready and eager to learn the best education they can possibly receive, which is to say by her.
Contrary to people's belief though, Gwendolyn isn’t all work and no play. She does have a fun side to her, although she keeps it very secret. She’s oddly enough a bit of a practical joker and finds much amusement in pranks.

Quirks: Hums along to songs in her head. Tea-addict. She has a thing for boiled sweets and sucking on one will have her hum in delight and, if anything could crack a smile on her stone face, it would be strawberry humbugs.

Strengths: Sharp. Composed. Ambitious. No-nonsense. Resolute. Clever. Punctual. Loyal.

Weaknesses: Unsociable. Brutally honest. Selfish. Biased. Harsh. Unsympathetic. Imperious. Arrogant.

Likes: Potioneering. Frankness. Crossword puzzles. Roses. Tea. Boiled sweets. Reading.

Dislikes: Innuendos. Pretences. Poor behaviour. Untidiness. Tardiness. Untraditional, non-british food.


Wand: Ebony. Dragon heart string. 14 inches. Bendy.

Strengths: Jinxes

Weaknesses: Transfiguration

Boggart: Litter all over the floor.

Patronus: Elk


Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
House: Slytherin

O.W.L. Results
O - Astronomy - Dropped at N.E.W.T. Level
O - Charms
O - Herbology
O - History of Magic
O - Potions
EE - Transfiguration
O - Ancient Runes - Dropped at N.E.W.T. Level
O - Arithmancy - Dropped at N.E.W.T. Level

N.E.W.T. Results
O - Charms
O - Herbology
O - History of Magic
O - Potions
O - Transfiguration

Hogwarts University
Course: Potions, Herbology, History

Potions Apprenticeship
Mentor: Fabrice Honeychurch

Profession and Published Work

Deputy Headmistress

Head of Slytherin House

Potions Professor

Poisons; From Plant to Phial
Published in 2073

Guest Lecturer
Hogwarts University

Practical Potioneering III
Published in 2068

Practical Potioneering II
Published in 2067

Practical Potioneering I
Published in 2065

Potions Professor
Hogwarts University

Head of Slytherin House

Potions Professor

A History of British Potioneering and its Influence in Europe
Published in 2028

Family and History

Father: Jamie MacLeod, Deceased
Mother: Morag MacLeod, Deceased

Brother: Angus MacLeod, 93
Brother: Duncan MacLeod, 91
Brother: Donald MacLeod, 91

Pet: A very grumpy, silver-coated Scottish fold named Winstone

Background: Gwendolyn grew up in the family manor house located on the Isle of Skye where Clan MacLeod has lived for centuries.
Being the youngest of four children and the only daughter, Gwendolyn often found herself left to play by herself whilst her older brothers played outside on the large estate. She never really enjoy playing as much as her brothers did at any rate, and she actually preferred the solitude which allowed her time for reading books and experimenting with her potion kit which had been a gift from her father on her 5th birthday.

Potion-making became a bit of a passion and she showed great potential even before receiving her letter of acceptance into Hogwarts. And soon enough, the owl came and Gwendolyn was over the moon to be starting school and learn everything there was to learn about the art. She was sorted into Slytherin just like her brothers and whilst she didn’t really make any friends throughout her time in school, she was well-liked by her teachers and excelled in all her classes, eventually graduating with top marks in all subjects.

Upon graduating Hogwarts, Gwendolyn went to study at university to further her education in Potioneering as well as Herbology and History. She earned an apprenticeship under Potion Master Fabrice Honeychurch who remained her mentor for six year, and later her good friend and colleague until his death in 2029.

She published her first book in 2028 – A History of British Potioneering and its Influence in Europe – which earned her recognition amongst her peers both in Britain as well as in Europe.

Despite not being particularly fond of children, Gwendolyn accepted a teaching position at Hogwarts School in 2029 and remained there for twenty nine years, thirteen of which she also served as Slytherin Head of House. She then moved on to Hogwarts University where she taught for another twelve years, during which she wrote and published a collection of educational textbooks called Practical Potioneering volume I, II and III.

She quit teaching to focus further on her research but remained a guest lecturer at Hogwarts University for another year, as well as taking on an apprentice who later became her research assistant during her travels through central Asia where she studied poisons for almost two years.
Travelling was never something Gwendolyn found particularly enjoyable however, particularly because of the food, having always favoured the more traditional British cuisine, and she was happy to return to her home in Scotland where she finished and published her next book, Poisons; From Plant to Phial.

Whilst Gwendolyn had no intentions of ever teaching again, she was persuaded to take it up once more upon discovering the utter decline in the potion teachings at Hogwarts School, and she accepted the position in the hopes of bringing some well-needed structure back into the Potion curriculum.
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