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It is March 2077.
This month brings highs of 8°C with lows of 3°C. Sun sets at 5pm while it rises at 7am. Snowfall is no more than light sprinklings as the gales continue.
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With the muggleborns in charge, nothing has really changed since the Battle of Hogwarts. The sides have been switched with those bearing old family names being discriminated against. Once again the revolution is upon us. What side will go to the darkest places to get what they want? Will it be yours?

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Richard Morrigan

Ministry of Magic

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Dec 4 2017, 04:02 PM

Through the Great Hall, the rooms branched off. To the right was the Gallery that looked down onto the Courtyard. To the left, the doors opened into Ballroom. The ballroom was lit by charmed chandeliers and an octet was set up off to the side of the room to provide music for the evening's entertainment. At the end of the long room were two doors that opened out onto the balcony for those who wanted a bit of cool, fresh air from the warmth of the Ballroom.

*Open to all Attendees*
Dec 4 2017, 03:56 PM

At the top of the stairs leading down into the Courtyard, everyone was greeted enthusiastically and welcomed to the gathering. Just off to the side, they were ushered into the Great Hall. A large fire roared in the fireplace and a long table was set up for the meal. Until it was time, however, small tables lined the wall bearing hors d'oeuvres.

*Open to all Attendees*
Dec 4 2017, 03:47 PM

Even as the snow fell outside the Caer and settled into a heavy blanket on the trees, the interior courtyard was protected by several layers of charms and wards. The temperature was pleasantly warm for anyone who felt like taking advantage of the beautiful night to catch up with friends or to make new acquaintances.

*Open to all Attendees*
Sep 5 2017, 03:57 PM
The invitation from Drucilla Selwyn, to come for a visit, had come as something of a surprise. Richard was well familiar with the woman, they’d briefly served together on the Wizengamot and they’d gotten along rather well. Honestly though, that was to be expected. They were of the same breeding and on the same page as to where they wanted their world to go. It had been fun to work alongside of her. She’d been far more entertaining than her son had been proven to be; which wasn’t to say her son wasn’t a fantastic ally, he was just far less entertaining and forceful a personality.

There had been precious little time for him to keep in contact with her in the years since she’d left the halls of the Wizengamot and that free time had been getting less and less prevalent as the muggleborn took over the levers of government. It had become all he could do to try and slow things down and then – with the latest coup – he’d even lost the power to do that much. With the loss of his position as Chief Warlock, he was relegated to sitting on the sidelines and watching things advance while desperately looking around for something to throw in the way as even a speedbump.

He could only hope that was what Drucilla had contacted him about. She hadn’t seemed to be taking too great an interest in what was going on in the halls of the Ministry since she left – though, with a family of her size he couldn’t say he blamed her. But he could desperately use her help for what it seemed was going to have to be the next step.

As such, he’d kept his eye on the clock and at the appointed time of their meeting he stepped gracefully out from the floo into the entry hall of her home with a bright smile.

Drucilla Selwyn
Aug 27 2017, 07:43 PM

Location of Family Home:  Caer Morrigan, somewhere to the north of Cardiff, Wales

Blood Status: Mixed Heritage

Known Family Members: The surviving members of the Morrigan Family are Richard Morrigan, his son Alex Morrigan, and his grandchildren Timothy, Blythe, and Trystan Morrigan; as well as his ward Amber Elison.

Family History:  The Morrigan family is an Ancient Line dating far, far back into the mists of the past.  Since the beginning, they have been close to power and sought the prestige and authority that their positions brought with them.  According to their family records, they were a matrilineal line called Ó Morrigu.  They took their name from the Morrighan, the Goddess whom they served as High Priestesses.  They advised the warlords and rulers of the island for an unrecorded length of time – though they claimed centuries; their wisdom was sought by the most powerful, which is what brought them to the attention of Morgana Le Fey.
Morgana appeared among them and they believed her to be the physical incarnation of their goddess and joined with her in her war against Merlin and the non-magical folk he loved and protected.  They were powerful wizards and witches and were a threat, not to be ignored, among her army.  As they battled and were again and again repulsed by Merlin, Arthur, and his knights, they began to doubt.  In the final days of the war, during the battle between Arthur and Mordred; their doubts crossed the threshold and they turned on Morgana.  Their powers being enough to tip the battle in Merlin’s favor.
This betrayal was not something that Morgana could abide and as she fled she laid a curse on the Ó Morrigu clan that has continued to this day; though it wasn’t found out until sometime after the battle.  They became loyal members of Merlin’s forces and were granted a position in the ruling council that he formed that would someday become the Wizengamot.  It took only a generation for them to notice, but the Morrigans, as they came to be called, stopped birthing female children.  It was a horror that they had not expected and, while it did little to diminish their power, a deal of their knowledge of magic and ritual was lost as the High Priestess withdrew from the family; unable to watch their descendants fall from the grace of their goddess.

Over the intervening centuries, the Morrigans continued to do their best to guide the magical world and took pride in the new authority that they gathered to themselves, remaining a prominent family through the rise of Voldemort.  They managed to avoid the fall that many of those of similar pedigree found themselves in.  While several of their members worked with the Dark Lord on his first rise, by the time of his return and second attempt they were horrified at what he’d become and threw their lot in with the Ministry.  Dumbledore approached them about working with the Order, but they could no more bring themselves to side with mudbloods and blood traitors, then they could side with the undead creature the Dark Lord had become.
When Voldemort took power, they retreated to Caer Morrigan and waited out the end of the war in hiding.
While they did not lose as much as many of the others, their fortune, holdngs, and seat on the Wizengamot remaining intact, they did get caught up in the anti-Pureblood bias that swept the country and their reputation took a huge hit.  They have spent the last years fighting desperately to regain that prestige, and to reclaim the power that is slowly being stripped from the Purebloods even as it becomes more and more obvious to Richard – the current scion – that it is a useless, losing battle.
Important Information:  The Morrigans have been a Pureblood family until the current generation.  The addition of muggle blood into the line seems to have broken the curse laid upon them as two females have been born into the family.

Is this Family open for use:  No
Family Owner:  Timothy Morrigan
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