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It is May 2077.
High temps reach 14°C while the lows stay nice at 7°C. Day begins at 5.30am and ends with sunset at 9pm. Rain is an almost constant with dry days being mostly clouded over.
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Feb 4 2018, 02:44 PM
While it had been her suggestion to go flying, it had mostly be made in jest. She didn't believe that they would actually want to go flying around the grounds. It wasn't that she was against flying, she just hadn't been able to practice as much as she'd like and there was a minor fear niggling at her that she may have forgotten how to and would make a fool of herself by falling off. Still as she had suggested it, she wasn't going to back out of it now.

She followed the rest of the group out of the ballroom, happily chatting as they made their way towards the grounds. There had been a split in the group when Tim went off to retrieve the brooms that they would be flying while the rest of them headed towards the grounds. They didn't have to wait too long until the brooms arrived, a grin tugging up on Lottie's face as she took one of the brooms.

"Thank you." She waited until the rest of her friends had gotten their brooms, a thrill of excitement starting to swell up inside of her. She was getting excited to start this race, though she doubted that she'd win, at least two of the people here were on the Quidditch teams, but it would at least be fun.

"What are the rules of the race? In the sense of, where too and what obstacles are we incorporating." She didn't know the grounds that well so she was looking towards the others as a guide to where they would be flying. There was a nice breeze to the air that she was sure going to factor into the flying, as least for her.

Honestly as long as she didn't fall off her broom, she'd be happy.

Gideon Fawkes
Maz Cowan
Timothy Morrigan
Jan 14 2018, 05:54 PM
It was still so strange for Lottie to be back at the school, despite trying hard to get back into a sense of normalcy. Sure she still had a group of friends she could turn to but it still seemed a little off and whether it was because of her own paranoia or not, she didn't know. Still she really needed a time to just get away and be herself for a little bit, without the worry of prying eyes and all the probing questions.

It was why she was bypassing the library and heading down to one of the rooms that she knew would be unoccupied. As she reached for the handle she held her breath, hoping that she'd be right and the room would be empty, only exhaling when she pushed the door open and found it just how she wanted it.

Pushing the door behind her shut she walked over to one of the abandoned desks and flopped down onto it. With a flick of her wrist she quickly added a simple lock to the classroom door, it wouldn't be able to stop anyone from casting Alohomora but it would at least give her a moment to find a hiding place if she saw the handle moving first. Glad to be in a, somewhat, safe place she withdrew the bottle of Campbell's Finest Old Whisky that she had shrunk to fit into the inside pocket of her robes. Flicking her wrist, she restored the bottle to its original size, another flick and she had the bottle opened and ready.

"To... Salazar." She held the bottle high in a toast, lifting the top to her mouth and taking a long draught of it. The liquid burned as it trickled down her throat but helped push everything else to the side. She ensured the bottle was resting on the table before she leant back in her chair, eyes staring above as she lazily twirled her wand to make pretty shapes out of balls of light. It had been something Lukas had shown her, something he used to keep the baby dragons entertained or something like that, but Lottie thought they just looked.. pretty.

She continued in that way for a while, making pretty lights dance around the room and swigging from the bottle. It was what she needed and she was happy that she had been able to smuggle the bottle out of the common room without anyone noticing. Of course should a teacher find her in here, alone, with an alcoholic beverage she was sure she would be in trouble. Honestly? Worth it.

Pavon B Sannesley
Dec 15 2017, 03:44 PM

The journey up to her Grandma and Grandpa's estate was quite peaceful, her father had side-apparated her to just outside of the estate. The wards around the house didn't allow witches and wizards to apparate in or out, but made allowances for blood relations. As it was, with her mother still bedridden, her father was only able to apparate outside of the wards. If the walk up to the manor wasn't a beautiful sight, Lottie would have been overly annoyed.

"I'll come and pick you up in two days, Charlotte." The name made her wince, turning up to look at her dad with a puppy-dog look. She never went by Charlotte, preferring her shorter name of Lottie, and yet her parents were the only people who kept up the use of her given name. "Pa!" She whined softly, earning a smirk from her dad. "Fine. I'll see you soon." With a quick hug she turned and, without waiting for the crack of disapparating, she made her way up to her grandparents place.

The closer Lottie got the more excited she felt, it would be two whole days with her cousins and grandparents. She practically skipped the rest of the way up the path, watching the familiar estate coming into focus. It was something that was so familiar and welcoming that she couldn't hold back the fond smile on her face.

With a happy sigh she jogged up the steps to the main entrance, reaching up to use the knocker. After letting it fall three times, bangs resonating inside, she took a half-step back and waited to be emitted entrance into the house. It didn't take long for the house elf to open the door and welcome her inside, Lottie pushing her way through into the main hall.

While the ministry had taken a lot of their property and wealth, they still had plenty of gold to keep one house elf. "Welcome miss." Came the squeaky voice of Dimaethor, turning her head to give the elf a nod of acknowledgement. "Hi Dim. Where is everyone?" She asked, looking around at the deserted entrance hall.

"Waiting in the dining hall, miss. Shall Dimaethor announce Miss's arrival?" Lottie gave a slow grin, shaking her head. "No thank you, Dim. You can be off now." With a bow he disappeared to whatever it was the house elf did. With a grin she snuck towards the dining Hall where she could hear the distinct voice of at least one of her cousins. Pushing the door open she snuck inside before the twins spotted her and then slammed the door shut behind her.

"Enjoying food without me? For shame!" She sighed dramatically.

Apollymi Rowle
Aug 3 2017, 03:11 PM
School Year 2073-2074
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Jul 31 2017, 04:28 PM
It had been a while since Lottie had been let out of the house without an escort and she really was so grateful that her mother was getting well enough to argue that Lottie didn't have to stay in all the time. Sure she was heart broken over the 'accident' that happened to her mother, why someone had carried a potion that burned their victim all willy nilly in the street she hadn't a clue. Her mother was just unlucky enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. It affected Lottie worse when she was pulled out of Hogwarts, her dad being annoying silly about the attack being based on her mothers pure-blood status. Lottie didn't believe that for a second.

At least now her father was slowly seeing sense and had re-enrolled her back into Hogwarts for her sixth year. It was worse that she had to study at home and go to the Ministry to take her OWL exams instead of being at school where she could of had some study partners. A sigh left the petite blonde as she pushed her way through the throng of people in Diagon Alley. She pulled her red coat tighter around her slim frame as she maneuvered her at through the people, for it being summer it sure wasn't warm. She spotted the ice cream store and was tempted to go over and treat herself, it was her first time out alone in a while, but her first stop was the sweet shop for a box of chocolates for her mother.

Someone bumped into her and gave her a dirty look, she sucked in a breath and was about to rant at the person for walking into HER but was interrupted when the perpetrator ran off. "Of course. Ruin my fun." She mumbled to herself, with a slow shake of her head she made her way into the sweet shop that was a few blocks down the road. Slipping into the shop she was assaulted with the sticky sweet smell that she had missed, a rare genuine smile flittering across her face before dropping as she went to peruse the sweets on display to find the perfect chocolates for her mother dearest. And if she was here for long then she expected to be bringing back a few more sweets for herself, she always deserved a treat.
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