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Posted by: Merlin Sep 5 2014, 07:00 PM
With the death of the Dark Lord Voldemort, it left the world open to a new Golden Age. The memory of the corruption, evil, and violence of the old world was fresh in everybody’s mind and the desire for change was almost unstoppable; almost. Even with the bright eager minds of the new generation, attempts to avoid the pitfalls and mistakes of the past were difficult, if not impossible, to follow through on.

The new visionaries began their work with the intention of recreating the Ministry from the ground up to make sure that there was nowhere for the corruption of their parents to take root. Unfortunately, it was quickly discovered that following the destruction of the War, the general population did not have the patience to deal with the havoc a complete reboot would have caused.

After a brief discussion of what to do next, it was decided that the best they could do was replacing the problems that could be found from the top down. The entrenched Purebloods were quickly removed from their positions of power to be replaced with muggleborn and half-blood wizards – appointed by the new Minister. There was discussion about abolishing the Wizengamot in its entirety but it was a sad fact that the majority of the money in the Wizarding World was concentrated among the oldest families and the government needed access to that money so the Wizengamot was allowed to remain with greatly reduced powers.

As the years passed, the muggleborn and less pure wizards fought to bring the comforts and values of the world they’d grown up with into their new world. The Purebloods did what they could to fight back against the incursion into what they still viewed as their world. They began combining their money and what remained of their influence to elect their candidates into office to trying and slow or curb the rampant, uncontrolled change.

For several election cycles, the position of Minister was handed back and forth from faction to faction until a Minister named Nathaniel Trent came up with a plan and began increasing the taxes on the Pureblood families to pay for the new projects the Ministry was undertaking. When the Purebloods began to complain they were blasted by the press and their family names were utterly destroyed.

Family after family were investigated by the Aurors and if anything questionable was found the Media pounced on them. In the ensuing investigation, things were invariably found to be worse than anyone had thought and several ancient families found their fortunes being confiscated for “past crimes.” In response, the Purebloods ceased their active rebellion and returned to using their money to attempt to sway individual politicians. The Muggleborns that began to overrun the Ministry proved to be just as amenable to bribery as their predecessors had been as the Purebloods fell back into a stance where they were forced to use their money to defend their families rather than spread their ideology.

The laws that the Ministry were passing at the expense of the Purebloods slowed but did not stop. As the years have passed, the common citizen has begun to chafe under a Ministry that seemed to ignore their desires in favor of a wealthy elite that seemed content to hoard their wealth and buy the representatives in government to get what they wanted so that they would not be required to pay their fair share of their vast wealth toward the common good.

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