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It is July 2077.
This month brings highs of 19°C and lows of 12°C. Sunrises at 4.30am and sets at 10pm. The sun has still got it’s hat on, storms are likely and humidity is something all have to deal with.
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Kynthia Marsden


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Dec 12 2014, 11:39 AM

Kynthia Marsden
29 | Metal Charmer | Straight but Open to Ideas | Single

[x] Jethro Lancaster - dear friend and old Fellow housemate
[x] Keenan Marsden - Brother that she trusts completely
[x]Lachlan Huxley - a friend from school (despite being a few years older) who she enjoys teasing

[x] None that she cares to Acknowledge as her enemy

[x]Alik Volkov - he's fit, but she still is mad at him for calling her a waitress
[x] Beline Savine - she amusing at times; Kyn isn't sure if she likes her though
[x] Gilderoy Lockhart III - too flirty for her taste, but goodperson to talk to and stave off boredom.
[x] Levi Mitchell - He's rather chatty, Kyn isn't sure if that's a good thing

Friendly to:
[x]Pavon B. Sannesley - Enjoys discussing her trade; She likes when people ask smart questions.

Blurb: At Kynthia is a distant person, she likes to social just enough to establish connections or to work on a projects when it comes to dealing with strangers. However, to a select few people, especially her brother, she is a warm and loving person. It takes awhile for people to earn her trust, and aside from her younger sibling, only two other people had ever earned her absolute trust. But once that trust is earned, she would do anything for them.

She is always willing to mingle to meet new people, especially if those people can help further her Metal Charming. So although she is a distant person, she will usually be very cordial to anyone she meets--regardless of her dislike of them or not. Though with her new pet Vipira, Kynthia has learned to trust strangers based on her snake's initial reaction to them.

Looking for:
Friends: Kynthia has no tolerance for people who refuse to branch out and away from the social norm; so generally the people she considers friend are honest, adventurous, and always willing to try new things. Once someone has earned her friendship, she is very loyal and always willing to help out. However, it anyone who associates with Kynthia must have patience and a firm handling, or at least very capable of holding their own against a caustic tongue--otherwise she will walk all over them.

Enemies: She has made quite a bit of enemies over the years due to her blunt nature and her just plain bitchy attitude. Though she is distantly polite to most people, she is not afraid to tell people off. She is sure to continue angering even more people as the years progress. She has a caustic tongue and is not afraid to chew someone out, especially when she deems them incompetant or wrong in anyway.

Relationships:She is not opposed to anything, but they have to like her pet Vipira and enjoy travelling for her to consider them-- getting Keenan's approval also ends up in their favor too.
Dec 12 2014, 12:09 AM
Kynthia Marsden

Full Name: Kynthia Rosemerta Marsden
Blood Status: Half-blood
Nationality: Scottish
Place of Birth: Hogsmeade
Date of Birth: March 10, 2048
Age: 29
Spoken Languages: English
Relationship Status: Single but looking


Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dark Brown Hair
Height: 5’7”

Look Description: She has a slender, but athletic build. Her hair is generally brown, though every now and then she has been known to change the color when she gets bored; usually she only dyes her hair for a few months before returning it to its natural shade. She prefers to have her hair long enough to reach mid-back, as she despises her hair short and refuses to wear it as such.

Dressing Style: Her sense of style is always changing as she continues her travels. However despite her styles changing to match each culture she stays with, her taste for the clothing does not. Unlike her brother, Kynthia refuses to just wear anything on hand—she prefers her clothes made of silk or lace, as they are the most comfortable. Though depending on the cotton brand, she will not be opposed to wearing it either. However she does have her “lazy clothes” that she wears in the comfort of her home in Hogsmeade; rarely will anyone aside from her brother ever see wearing things such as sweats and a tank top. Kynthia is also a vegan and left-handed.


Character Description: Although a talkative person, Kynthia is not what one would call sociable. Unlike her brother, she does not always come off as friendly due to her blunt nature and her general disinclination to communicate with strangers. She prefers to silently observe people, judging whether or not she could actually tolerate them before having any sort of interaction with them—if she deems them bearable, and then she will get to know them. This worked well for her during her school years, since most of her housemates tended to do the same. Kynthia managed to become a bit more social once she left Hogsmeade; meeting new people as she traveled and developing a wide network of friends across the globe.

However neither friend nor lover could ever make her stay in one place for too long as Kynthia cannot stand being stationary. She hates for things to go stagnant, and therefore she lives off variety and change. There were a few people, whom Kynthia rudely told to sod off, when they claimed her need of change came from her dislike of her childhood; whether true or not, Kynthia refuses to acknowledge such a claim.

-Blunt, to the point where she is usually considered a bitch
-When nervous she will play with a piece of jewelry she has on (either a necklace or bracelet)
-Always carries around gum
-Rambles when she is in a tight situation

-Extremely observant
-Good at twisting phrases around to suit her needs
-Very Adaptable to change
-Hard Working

-Comes off as a Bitch
-Can hold a grudge for a very long time.
-Politely distant
-Refuses to remain stationary
-Manipulative (She considers it a good trait, but it does alienate her from quite a few people)

-Spending time with her Brother
-Jewelry making via her Metal Working Charms

-Meat/ Animal Products
-People that were clingy; she broke up with a lot of guys for that very reason.
-Overly Friendly
-Discussing her childhood


Boggart: Turning into her Mother (abusive and all)

Wand: 10 3/4", Oak and Kelpie hair, reasonably springy

Strength: Charms, Transfiguration, and Potions
Weakness: Herbology, Divination, and Astronomy


School: Hogwarts, 2056-2063
House: Slytherin

University: Hogwarts University, 2063 - 2067
Major: Artfice - Metal Charming


Position: Free Lance Metal Charmer. Work shop named Alloy Allure.
Shop Location: Diagon Alley
Shop Availability: Currently the shop is only open one week out of the month; the reason for this is because she is finishing up some foreign jobs and is unable to be around the actual shop much. She still does Owl Orders for jewelry and other small trinkets through her shop. She is also looking to hire someone who can help with the sales while she is away tending to other projects.

Family and History

Father: Daryl Marsden (deceased)
Mother: Jasmine Hope-Marsden (deceased)
Siblings: Keenan Marsden

Pet: A blue Boomslang snake named Vipira.
Kynthia did not have an ideal childhood, in fact she spent most of it shielding her younger brother from their parents' volatile anger. Her parents where all smiles and laughs in public, but in the safety of the family home, they were downright terrors—always arguing about everything, throwing things at each other and usually escalating to physical assault by the supper time. Due to the community's inattentiveness to not only her needs, but also her brother’s, Kynthia grew to hate Hogsmeade and its residents. As the years progressed, her dislike of people only grew. She could not understand how people knew what went on once the Pub’s doors closed, and yet they acted like her parents were the greatest thing since Merlin. Growing up in Hogsmeade and with her abusive parents ultimately led to her distance towards and dislike of strangers entirely—which caused her problems down the road when it came time to start Hogwarts.

The only person she really enjoyed being around was her younger brother and the few shared friends they had. With very little children in the magical town, her brother and she became each other’s closest confidants. Once it came time for her entry into Hogwarts, Kynthia only wished it could have been further away. She did regret having to leave her brother, especially since he would be alone with her parents until the holidays, but ultimately Kynthia was happy to be away from her parents. Kynthia was sorted into Slytherin, not a shock once she examined her new housemates. It took her a few months but she developed close bonds to quite a few of her housemates, who later turned to be invaluable help to her when it came to studying for OWLS and NEWTS (since they helped her learn how to successfully manipulate and spin phrases).

Yet despite her network of friends, Kynthia still missed her brother. So when the time came for him enroll in Hogwarts, she was ecstatic. She wished he had been sorted into her house, but knowing her brother as well as she did—Keenan would have never survived in Slytherin. Kynthia and Keenan still managed to find time to spend together, whether it was just hanging out or doing homework with each other. When her younger brother got his first girlfriend, Kynthia immediately disliked the girl. She doubted anyone would ever reach the standards she wanted her brother’s girl to have, but that was to be expected—no one would ever be good enough for Keenan. Though after a few nasty fights between the two, both learning they hated the other’s boyfriend/girlfriend, they managed to come to an agreement. Neither would act anything but civil to the other’s partner, no matter how much they really disliked them. Though in her own, silent, way Kynthia made it extremely clear to each girl that she did not and most likely would never approve of them.

Overall Kynthia managed to pass all of her classes, though she had more E’s than O’s. However, with school over for her, the brunette did not know what to do with her life. She refused to go back to the Hogsmeade and work in her family’s pub, which ultimately resulted in her attending University. She poked around with a few classes to get the feel of what she would want to specialize in and discovered Metal Charming. With her affinity for charms and her love of jewelry, she found it easy to commit to the specialty—often practicing on creating or improving spells that would work well on various types of metal.

When Kynthia was twenty three her father died, forcing her to come back to Hogsmeade before her apprenticeship with a Metal Charmer in Ireland was over; thankfully the old man was kind enough to put her apprenticeship on hold for a few weeks. She had met up with Keenan in London before arriving to Hogsmeade—Kythina knew it was a smart decision to arrive with her brother. Because had she arrived to their childhood home alone, she would have hexed all of her mother’s so called “friends” with some very nasty hexes she learned from her old housemates. It took them a bit, but the two siblings managed to get the pub emptied. She had already begun to dread this holiday, wishing nothing more than to be as far away as possible. Kynthia bolted immediately afterward the funeral, knowing that if she stayed for another moment, she would lash out at the Hogsmeade villagers who mourned her father’s death and spouted about how great of a man he was.

Once her internship was over, Kynthia slowly built a name for herself around Europe as a free-lancing Metal worker. Her internship had opened a number of connections that allowed her to travel around the world, escaping the small nightmarish country she had grown to dislike.

While traveling, she managed to meet up with Keenan and spend a day or two together. Despite the time apart or the distance, the two siblings still remained really close. Kynthia often travelled alone, since many of her partners preferred more localized jobs. Yet traveling alone had become rather lonely, especially when she was in the Sahara trying to get some rare minerals for her latest project. So when she came upon an injured snake, Kythina took it and nursed it back to health. The snake, which she named Vipira, seemed content with remaining with Kynthia and is often found wrapped up around her arm or curled up on her shoulder.

A few months after she turned twenty-eight, Kynthia found out her mother had passed away. Unlike the last time, she did not bother returning home. She had specifically told her mother that she did not want to be bothered by her, let alone be forced to manage the disgusting place they called home as children. Thus, with a few harsh words and careful manipulation of a drunken woman, Kynthia managed to by-pass ever having to set foot in the family pub. Not that she told her brother this, she was sure Keenan would be furious had he ever learned of it. Though she still travels quite a bit, Kynthia felt it was time to finally get a more permanent work location since a lot of her latest projects had been located in the British Isles. So with the excess gold she received from her mother’s death, Kynthia bought a small workshop outside of London. Currently she only spends a one to two weeks there, and the rest of the time finishing her current foregin projects. When she is in the British Isles she lives with her brother, with the whole top floor of their childhood home hers.
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