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Maz Cowan


My Content
Jun 21 2018, 03:25 PM
The fight had been raging for close to an hour as Maz crouched behind the couch and tried her best to calm her aunt down. It wasn’t working out as well as she hoped and she only seemed to make the blonde woman angrier. Objects flew over her head and while Jen seemed to have an infinite supply of projectiles her niece did not have an infinite supply of patience. All this because Maz had made the mistake of informing Jen of her plans to move out. Usually so good at predicting her aunt’s moods Maz had been blindsided by Jen’s reaction. Taken aback as she was she hadn’t seen the first vase flying towards her which was why a thin cut ran from her hairline to just above her right eyebrow. What had started out as simple insults of being ungrateful, a whore, a tramp, spoiled and anything else that popped to Jen’s mind escalated quickly to a more physical one-sided fight.

Maz didn’t want to fight back sensing that Jen was genuinely upset. She felt guilty that she seemed to actually hurt her aunt’s feelings. For as much as the two fought and appeared to hate each other Maz never set out to hurt the woman who had brought her up, at least not on an emotional level. She was getting sick of this shit though. Standing quickly she walked around the couch avoiding one ornament and then another on the way to stand before her aunt.

“Will you get a fuckin’ GRIP!” She roared at her aunt only for the woman to bring an arm up and down towards Maz’s head shattering a bottle there. Maz staggered and blinked through the liquid that ran down her face. She gripped the back of the nearest chair, holding herself steady as she glared at her aunt.

“Did you seriously just fuckin’ bottle me?” The girl launched herself at the woman, her hands circling the long neck. Jen’s eyes widened as she realised she’d pushed too far and they tumbled to the floor. Maz’s patience was wearing dangerously thin and it took everything she had to not squeeze as tightly as she could but instead let go her grip.

“Get out.” Jen spoke in a voice that lacked emotion, a complete change from just moments before when she was screaming out threats and insults. “Get out NOW!”

Maz did just that. Without speaking another word to the woman or even glancing in her direction she left the mostly destroyed living room and slammed the door behind her. She ran up the stairs to her room tripping on the way, packed a bag as quickly as she could then apparated away from the house she’d lived in for most of her life.

Appearing in the village she stumbled, not yet over the knocks to the head then looked around herself quickly as she slung the backpack onto her shoulder. It was late with no shoppers remaining on the street and the only noise to be heard were the voices through the pub’s open window. That was where Maz would go - the only place she could go really.

“A bottle eh that green stuff, a room fur the night, a damp cloth an’ a mirror please.” She spoke to the barman while holding herself up with help from the bar. She ignored the eyes of the other patrons that were fixed on her. A smile flitted across her lips when Mr Marsden looked up showing shock at the sight of her. “Ah know am a state afore ye say - that’s why ah need the mirror an’ the cloth.”

She sat in the corner of the room and Keenan brought over all she’d asked for including a room key. He seemed about to speak as he hovered until Maz spoke a dissmissive, “Thanks.”

Maz quickly set up the mirror on its stand and got to work on the cut above her eye while noticing the blood coating her now tacky hair from the wound the bottle had left. Her face was streaked with the sticky mixture that had spilled over her. The purple halter dress she wore was probably ruined since she had no clue how to get the mix of fluids out of the fabric. She really did look a mess and as she breathed in she realised she absolutely reeked of the vodka - cheap vodka. Well she thought, she was homeless, might as well play the part well.

“Fuck it!” she huffed to herself then winced as she brought the cloth to the wound atop her head. “Fuck it! Fuck it! Fuck! It!” She drank down a quarter of the bottle she’d been given in the hopes that she would be drunk before the adrenaline faded.

Caspian Lanchester
Jun 13 2018, 07:53 PM
It was a firm belief that were her last ever night at school to come if she wasn’t drunk something would be so wrong with the world. She had to get drunk, she just had to. She’d told Jen that exact thing the day before though, of course, she was a lot more dramatic about it. Maz didn’t know if in the end Jen had agreed to help her because she wanted to, the intimidating looks had worked or because of how amusing she’d found her niece.

Maz had sent a note to Tim earlier that day telling him to meet her on the pitch after the feast. If she was going to get drunk she needed the company and Tim was the best the castle had to offer. After his first night in the hospital wing Maz had been caught by the nurse and while she’d been allowed in during visiting times the nurse was too watchful for any chance of sneaking in at night. Then the exams had hit in and since she actually wanted to do well Maz had knuckled down, hit the books and barely noticed another person existed around her. After that she’d had far too many plans to see out to have much spare time; sliding down the stairs, playing chicken of the stands and generally just following through on every idea she’d had while at Hogwarts.

The Head Girl duties were another thing and taking up far too much of her time. It had occurred to her that she could quit but she really didn't see the point. They were the reason that instead of getting changed as she'd have liked Maz still wore her school uniform. Since the feast she hadn't had a minute and never before had she realised that so much needed done just so they'd be ready to leave in the morning. No one warned her about that when she'd first been given the badge. The badge still came in useful as well, it being her free pass to be anywhere for a few hours after curfew.

She’d arrived at the pitch herself just before the time she'd given. It was empty inside as she’d hoped it would be. While she wasn’t against chasing anyone away so she didn’t have to share her booze with anymore people Maz didn’t want to hold up the night. From start to finish it should be fun, a laugh. For once in her life she really didn’t want to fight. It was strange for her.

Since she’d thought ahead Maz had a picnic blanket that she spread on the grass, a mix of alcohol, shot glasses and a book to sit them on. Though she had all that the only other thing she took from her bag was a bottle of a bright blue liquid. A bottle that she regarded suspiciously wondering not for the first time if was actually alcohol or antifreeze. She took the lid off, sniffed the contents then took a drink after shrugging. Well, at least if she was going to die it was after drinking something that tasted nice.

Maz sat on the blanket legs stretched out before her and drank some more as she waited for Tim to arrive. She hoped he’d show up. Hoped that he wouldn’t have holed himself up somewhere to mope. Ah well she shrugged It’ll be his loss if he doesnae come.

A smirk pulled her lips as she drank from the bottle again.

Timothy Morrigan
Jun 12 2018, 10:08 AM
The loud bang sounded from the stairs to the girls dormitories quickly followed by another quieter bang, then another and another. Each thud was accompanied by its own yelled swear word blasted from the mouth of the current Head Girl. What she was doing in the stairwell was anyone’s guess as after the bangs and shouts fell silent shuffling and dragging sounds could be heard.

Things became somewhat clearer when minutes after the ruckus had started Maz appeared in the common room trying to pull a mattress through the door. “Durty fuckin’ stupit ugh!” She shouted at the mattress as she pulled on the end. “Move! Move! Move! Moooooove!

Then it did finally move becoming unstuck and sending Maz backwards to the floor to land on her arse. She shoved the mattress off her legs then jumped to her feet. The first kick the mattress received was half-hearted but it didn’t take Maz long to get into the burst of rage and soon, had the mattress been a person it would have been looking at a rather long hospital stay as Maz kicked, punched and jumped on it.

The frustration cleared and with it went the anger leaving Maz awkwardly standing on the mattress in the common room she realised now had people in it. She took in the eyes watching her before she smiled and hopped off her new enemy.

“That is a bad fuckin’ mattress an’ it deserved every bit eh that!” she told the room at large. With a dismissive shrug to her housemates she got back to her task. The end of the mattress was grabbed in her hands and she began dragging it across the room. “A notice nae bastards offered tae help!” She addressed them all again without looking up.

Emmaline Edwards
May 18 2018, 02:47 PM
Sitting at the table with the other seventh years Maz was getting more agitated by the second. She had the librarian checking over her shoulder every minute or so and it didn’t help that Dusty sitting beside her was trying to calm her down. The more he whispered at her side the more she wanted to punch him in the face. Her hands became fists and she really had no clue just how much longer she could hold the outburst in. It was destined to happen now, she’d past the point of no return just a couple of minutes before.

She’d made herself a bet though. A bet that this year would be the one year she did not go off on one at the librarian. Every single year around exam time she’d done it and earned herself a ban from the library. She’d wanted to prove something to herself but maybe that something was just too damn difficult.

As her eyes bored into the page of the charms book opened on the table before her Maz started muttering under her breath. She’d be very surprised if anyone else at the table could understand her since she was laying the accent on as thickly as she could and throwing in every word of slang she knew. It wasn’t helping, not in the slightest.

“Will ye wrap it way yer hissin’ in mah fuckin’ ear!” She turned to face Dusty and all but screamed in his face. “It’s not fuckin’ helpin’! Twat!”

The librarian moved to speak but Maz was on her feet already. “An’ you!” She growled and left very little space between them. “You better hope ah dinnae see you when ah’ve left this school!” Even though there was very little room Maz moved closer. “Ah will make you pay fur every vulture look, every sigh, every tsk and every single fuckin’ snidey look! Ah fuckin’ promise you that!”

While the librarian took to loudly banning Maz from the room for life Maz was already on her way out, flipping the double bird over her shoulders as she went. She stopped at the doors holding them open as she looked back into the room.

“Shove yer library up yer fuckin’ arse!” She roared, turned on her heel and let the doors slam behind her.

Well that was that. She was probably going to be in a lot of trouble for that later but really, what could anyone expect? There was enough stress for the students without the librarian adding to it. It wasn’t totally her fault, she’d been pushed into her outburst. Forced even. At least it wasn’t for nothing - it had worked. Already she felt much better than she had, there was even a spring in her step as she walked away from the doors, singing quietly as she went.

After only a few steps she almost bumped into another seventh year, only avoiding a collision at the last minute by skipping to the side. “Hey Aliana!” She greeted the Gryffindor happily. “Yer no gaun eh the library ur ye?” It was obvious she was. Where else would she be going in this corridor? “Ah’d advise ye no eh. Ah’ve just goat done kickin’ aff in there.”

The Hufflepuff looked around. She needed something to do and since Aliana was right there she may as well be roped in too. Aliana was always good for a laugh and she tended to go along with Maz’s crazier schemes more than anyone else in the castle.

“How handy is yer broomstick? How quick kin ye git it if ye wanted?” Maz asked as she looked back to the other girl. “Am ‘hinkin’ aboot gittin’ mine an’ huvin’ a game eh Chicken aff the Quidditch stands… Fancy it?”

Chicken off the stands was a plan Maz had in mind for years now but one she’d never quite worked up the courage to carry out. Since she didn’t have very much time left before the option would be gone she decided it was now or never. She couldn’t possibly let the chance slip away. It was too good an idea for that.

Aliana Alcove
Apr 19 2018, 12:26 PM
It was a strange version of Maz that listened to the Headmaster’s announcement without passing comment and then walked all the way to the egg hunt without uttering a single word. Dressed all in black with the hood of her jumper pulled over her head it was obvious to her fellow Hufflepuffs that the Head Girl was not available for company that day. Maz was in a mood, mostly at herself and just a little at others for having the cheek to exist.

Even as she argued with Dusty during the Minister’s speech she didn’t seem her usual self. For one thing she never raised her voice once and nor did she threaten the boy as she tried to convince him to cover for her. She also spent far too much of her time looking around with narrowed eyes as if she expected something to happen.

“Ah’ve covered fur every wan eh you.” She told the boy quietly as the speech came to an end and she turned away from the Prefect. “Dae it or don’t. Ah fail eh give a fuck.”

With her hands shoved into her jeans pocket Maz kicked her booted feet as she walked back the way they’d just come. She didn’t care if she got caught, she didn’t care if she got into trouble. She was leaving the field and that was that. The pub beckoned.

Luck was on her side as she made it out of the field and back to the village without being stopped. She glanced around herself, looking once at The Three Broomsticks before setting her course for The Hog’s Head. A much less pleasant establishment but one that suited the mood she found she couldn’t shift.

It didn’t take long for her to reach her destination walking with her hands still hidden and her head bowed. She didn’t bother taking her hood down when she reached the bar, it wasn’t needed in such a place. After ordering a beer, bottle not tap Maz sat at the table in the corner of the room furthest away from the bar and the other customers. Staring into a bottle of beer wasn’t as good as staring into a pint but she supposed it would just have to do.

Timothy Morrigan
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