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With the muggleborns in charge, nothing has really changed since the Battle of Hogwarts. The sides have been switched with those bearing old family names being discriminated against. Once again the revolution is upon us. What side will go to the darkest places to get what they want? Will it be yours?

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 Charming Fragnance
Pavon B Sannesley
 Posted: Jun 18 2017, 12:21 PM

5th year

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"Unlike me? I care... cared about her!" Pavon answered stiffly. He really had. He was always happy to come here to work for the lady, always glad and grateful for any attention she gave him, he was willing to work longer than needed and to come earlier than needed. He wanted to help her wherever she needed help and with whatever she wanted it. Unlike Mickey, he wanted to see her happy without any selfish reasons such as - oh she was not there before -. But he could not say any of that. If she did not know and it appeared, she did not care, all words were for nothing. He could save himself the hurt and the humiliation and leave. It was clear it was over.

He may have still cared about her now, but the way she only had a care for Mickey made him feel betrayed. He could almost feel the pain of it and rather than succumb to it, he did what he always did. Suck it up, straighten, pretend he did not care, make the world think he was a snotty little bastard and leave, save his face.

"You male me ill." He spoke at the words dripping honey all for adoration of Mickey, who he was sure did not deserve it. "You need not concern yourself with me, madam. I will take my leave now and you will be rid of me for good." It wasn't that he said that he quit, well, yes actually he did. Before she would fire him herself, which he expected to happen anyway.

He walked to the table where his robe had been and pulled it over his shoulders. He did not care if he got paid for the time he worked that month. He was not coming back to get the money either. His hands shook, his temper flared but he reigned it in. If he felt any actual pain, he did not show. Collecting everything that belonged to him he walked to the door. He did not expect her to even notice him gone , or care. He pushed at the door to open it and leave. The customer list remained on the desk, the orders did so too, all that would help her with her business even after he was gone, was there. He could have done something out of spite and yet, even now, he did not. His heart though grew cold.

Mickey Crawford Artemisia Evergreen

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Mickey Crawford
 Posted: Jun 20 2017, 12:31 PM

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Even with all the drama her words got through to him. She was here for him and him alone. He was all that mattered in her life. The missing years seemed to matter less and less with the present and the future becoming all important. The past didn't count, it was now and in time to come their bond would grow. It may be late coming in his life but it made as happy as if he'd had it the whole time. Probably more so since he didn't get annoyed with her shows of love as he often did his fathers.

"Liar!" Mickey spat the word at the Slytherin boy. "If you did care you'd be happy to see her reunited with her son because that's what she wants. You only care about people when it suits you to, when you can get something out of caring."

At being told they made him ill Mickey laughed, "At least I'm not making you fall in love." He'd already spilled the beans on that so saw no harm in using it as a dig. Pavon was lower than pond scum in Mickey's opinion. There Mickey was with his inner dilemma all because he didn't want to force feelings on another while Pavon skipped around doing just that with potions.

It hurt Mickey to hear her say she didn't deserve his love. His trust would have to be worked on but his love? She'd never lost it. Deep down it had always been present just biding it's time for the day it could be properly felt. The proof of that was in the fact he'd never stop dreaming of her, never stopped yearning for his mother in his life.

Without even waiting for the door to shut and with his back still to it Mickey hissed. "I hate him. I actually hate him." The small flame on his hand flickered before, at his mothers words he closed his fist upon it. It was a surprise to find it did not burn the skin, didn't even singe it. All he felt was a small tingle as the flame was drawn back into his flesh.

"You do deserve my love." He added still watching his hand for any stray fire around his fist. "You need to know that."

Artemisia Evergreen
Pavon B Sannesley

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