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It is July 2077.
This month brings highs of 19°C and lows of 12°C. Sunrises at 4.30am and sets at 10pm. The sun has still got it’s hat on, storms are likely and humidity is something all have to deal with.
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May 31 2016, 05:25 PM

Struggling Student goes Public

by Isla Greengrass

Surely, it is now common knowledge that Muggle Studies has been made a mandatory class thanks to Headmaster Norwood’s “initiative” to integrate wizarding children into muggle culture. However most of our lovely readers have decided upon a wait-and-see attitude to determine their stance. This reporter has been firmly against the enforcement of the course from the start; firmly believing that the children should decide the electives they wish to take. Recently the Daily Prophet has asked our readers to send ups their response:

” The Daily Prophet urges the students of Hogwarts to write in and tell us what they think of the rule changes. How is an extra class affecting you? Why aren't you taking it?”

We’ve received a number of mixed reviews from our readers, however one of them was a rather profound letter by a single student, who happened to be the first to write us. Not only did they write us, they urged us to print their letter! This fifth year, Ravenclaw, student had worked for years to maintain their immaculate grades—stating ”… I was well on my way to passing all O.W.Ls with flying colours but now…”. It is a shame that the student now feels woefully unequipped at passing their O.W.Ls. Some of you might be thinking that there is no way just making Muggle Studies compulsory would cause a student so much strife; that the student must be doing something wrong or not studying hard enough. The student seemed to think that at first as well. In fact at the beginning of the semester, the student even felt confidant to take on the class once Headmaster Norwood said that they could use Timeturners so that no classes would have to be dropped.

First and foremost, with how taxing we know timeturners to be for adults, one can only imagine the tremendous amount of strain that it would foster in a child. What Headmaster Morrigan was even thinking about allowing timeturners in the hands of children is just unfathomable. Surely the man has it out for them—why else would he intentionally risk their wellbeing for a single elective course? Now before you take this reporter’s word for it, read what the student wrote in the letter:

“ I cannot keep up. Everyday I have to take pepper-up potion AND muggle pills to keep me alert as well as the gallons of coffee I must consume. I fear now that I have become addicted to all three and I worry that one day I will not be able to kick these addictions”

So not only is Headmaster Norwood forcing students to take a class they might not even want to take; he is enabling students to get hooked on muggle drugs and potions just to get through the class. If taking this class was supposed to be beneficial to the students, then why is it feeding addiction? What use is there in forcing students to take this elective if it does nothing but make them ill physically and mentally? How in Merlin’s name does it even foster productive members of society? The answer readers is that it does not. If students want to take the class then great, let them take Muggle Studies. But forcing children to take a course they do not want to take only leads to disaster – as seen by this young Ravenclaw student.

Now to you, “Ready to Give up”, I’ll say this: Don’t drop out of school, but make your position known. If you hate the class, explain to a professor you trust why you feel so about it. If, at the end of the day, Headmaster Norwood or the professors refuse to let you skip and take a breather, then just don’t go—instead go to the mediwitch during the that time. If they ask where you’ve been, state your health is more important than an elective and leave it at that. And, always feel free to contact the Prophet to update your progress on it.

For the full letter sent in by the student see page 3.
Dec 10 2015, 04:05 PM

A Party Yule not miss!

by Isla Greengrass

This year has been a tumultuous one, filled with various changes that have uprooted our traditions and all but vanished them. A lot of this is due to the iniquitous Headmaster Norwood who felt that by implementing Muggle culture and tidbits would broaden our young wizards’ minds. Doing so however has essentially ignored the wizarding traditions that we all know and love. Hogwarts even had a Samhain party that went Muggle—our wizarding children spent more time dressing up than paying homage to their ancestors and learning about the meanings behind the costumes and superstitions. Now, everyone grew up with some partying and fun times while attending Hogwarts, it is understandable and practically an unwritten law that parties should be fun. Entrenching their brains with cultural customs for a society most of them will never even live in however is rather preposterous.

Of course there are some of the muggle traditions that have some meaning behind them—namely the Yuletide holidays. This muggle holiday has deeply rooted itself in our wizarding traditions; for the most part it is a nice holiday—get some gifts and spend quality time with loved ones. Granted in the muggle world the holiday is a bit more on the greedy side than the social side. Our society has tried to make it a more sociable time of the year instead of putting too much emphasis on gifts received.

With that being said, it comes as no surprise to find a prestigious Wizengamot member, Richard Morrigan, has taken part in this holiday season and opened up the Rosier Manor—a Ministry annexed building—for annual Christmas Ball that the Ministry hosts. Of course Mr. Morrigan seems to have gone above and beyond this year by including Hogwarts students on the invited list. That is not to say that if you were not on the list, then you cannot not enter—Mr. Morrigan has made it abundantly clear that the celebration is open to anyone who wishes to attend. (Please notice how he did not mandate the attendance like some people). So feel free to stop by and say hello.

With that being said, this reporter is eagerly looking forward to the event and will be sure to write a follow up report on it.
Sep 12 2015, 10:11 PM

WWN Turned Daytime Trash!

by Isla Greengrass

Our illustrious media broadcasting network has been overrun by inept workers and is now non-wizarding music; awful music that not even rabid werewolves would howl at. Our poor children will have their ears defiled by the whimsical and outlandish music that Muggles have popularized. With singers such as the infamous Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus, and even a Lady Gaga—a lady of what I do not know, but I am assuming one of ill-bred and nightly activities—were a very popular music back fifty some years ago. The music itself was dastardly and the singers were nothing more than dressed up charlatans from the few bits I’ve managed to see and hear.

Their music, so horrendous back then, can be nothing more than banshee screams in a cavern today. I doubt even a millennia would help with improving the sound or quality of the music, let alone their hideous wardrobes. However this is not even the worst of it! No, not only do we and our children have to listen to boorish music styles, but we also are forced to listen to their radio dramas. So far I found them to be what I believe to be screeching banshees, ample affairs, and inferni coming back to haunt family members. How in Merlin’s name did that ever be deemed entertainment is beyond me.

Along with all the new changes, Muggle news is yet another new addition to the WWN. It will be featured once a day. Seeing as how this has come along around the same time Muggle Studies has been implemented into a Hogwarts core curriculum class, I believe it is safe to say Headmaster Norwood also had a role to play in this. Though he is certainly not the only the only one poisoning the radio.

“Times are changing, more and more of our younger society members are branching out into the muggle world – it is time we start helping them at home.” – WWN Station Manager, Eliza McDonald.

Muggleborn, Eliza McDonald has been working at the WWN for over fifteen years now, it is not hard to see why she believes this corruption of our wireless network will “broaden” the children’s knowledge of the world. However the belief of starting at home is outrageous since the students already have enough Muggle Culture being force fed to them during their Hogwarts years.

One can only hope that this reprehensible deed against our once illustrious WWN will be corrected back to its original, more tasteful music and news.
Jul 22 2015, 07:01 PM

Hogwarts Headmaster imposes Muggle Culture on Wizarding Children

by Isla Greengrass

Headmaster David Norwood has been notorious for his subjugation of muggle culture on the Wizarding society. This year’s show of oppression seems to be a bit more focused than the rest. Norwood blatantly stated that his newest form of harassment will be implemented on young, easily malleable minds, when he said:

“ One of the most important things that we, as a school, can do is to make sure that our students know…it is no longer acceptable for our students who were born to magical families to not have any real knowledge of what goes on in the wider world that they are a part of; whether the more reticent members of our society would have it so or not. That is why I am glad to say that Muggle Studies will, for the first time, be a required curriculum for our students starting with their first year.”

Not only has Norwood completely revoked the years of tradition embedded in the Hogwarts course load, but he also seemed to have refused even considering the possibility of having a Wizarding Culture class added to the curriculum—an idea that has the backing of some of our own Wizengamot members. Despite the Headmaster’s claim that wizarding children do not “have any real knowledge of what goes on in the wider world that they are a part of” and their apparent need to, only 1 out of 1000 magical children around the world ever leave the magical community. In fact there are more muggleborns entering our prestigious communities and it is they who should have a mandatory class on proper etiquette and wizard conventions. Of course by his complete dismissal of the idea, it can only be assumed that Norwood disagrees with it.

However, for the most part the Wizarding world has been very patient and understanding of Norwood’s highly unorthodox customs and past transgressions against the years of tradition that has been embedded into our very culture; but how far is too far for our patient magical citizens? Some say that they’ve finally had enough, and honestly who could blame them when they’ve spent the last several years seeing their cultures and beliefs shredded and buried below piles of flimsy and whimsical notions that have barely lasted past a century?

Richard Morrigan, a notorious Wizengamot member, had expressed his concern when he sat down for this article. “No – I do not believe that the Wizarding World and the Muggle World are at points that a reintegration is possible. There are too many among the muggles with too much power that would never accept us – and many of those that would accept us would only do so based on what they believed we could do for them.” He furthered his explanation by explaining that although the Muggles have advanced—particularly in the technology arena—they are still too driven to murder each other on simple matters such as skin color or even sexual orientation. Things that the Wizarding community has discarded as inconsequential matters for centuries. With this in mind, it is hardly logical to try and remove the separation between the two worlds. When questioned about safety precautions in place, Mr. Morrigan could not answer the question (most likely due to the fact that Wizengamot members were not given the option to vote on the matter). This is concerning, since if anything happened to either Muggles or Wizards, there would be no protection in place should we allow the two worlds to merge.

The Wizengamot member continued to make a concise and logical argument about why he did not really agree with the Headmaster’s implementation of Muggle Studies. But for clarification, this reported asked him to give his personal opinion on the matter. Mr. Morrigan then stated: “Well I clearly disagree with the Headmaster on this point…not to say that I can’t see where he is coming from…If our students want to go out and become part of the Muggle World after they learn to control their powers that is up to them…but it is their choice and not something that should be forced on them.”

I had never considered that until Mr. Morrigan stated it, and I am sure no one else did either. But he posed a good point, since as I mentioned earlier very little of our students actually ventured out to live in the Muggle World. But those who did where usually Muggleborns, already familiar with the society and their customs. But with this new imposition of Muggle Studies on students could very well be against their will—we already know that students have a heavy course load, mostly tailored to help them find suitable and enjoyable careers for them after graduation. It is extremely likely that the children themselves would feel repressed and even forced to learn about yet another subject.

”Muggle Studies can be an extremely useful elective for people who want to have something to do in that world—future obliviators for example.”. Mr. Morrigan made sure to clarify that he had felt no ill-will towards the class itself, but he did dislike that the class became a mandate for the Hogwarts students. He further expressed that it would be far better to have a class for Muggleborns on magical culture instead—the idea did contain merit, especially since according to past studies done by Witch Weekly, Muggleborns felt out of place in the Wizarding World. Surely the best way to handle the situation is to allow Muggleborns to take a class so that they can feel more comfortable within the world they will spend at the very least the next seven years in. They are after all coming into the magical community in far more abundance than our children are leaving.

However, regardless of any future classes one thing is clear: the implementation of Muggle Studies as a mandatory class is not a good thing. For one, the Muggles are unequipped to handle the magical world, regardless of technological advancements. Two, it further strains a student’s already heavy course load while also taking away classes that they will need for their future careers. And last but not least, it is tearing down the proverbial wall that has been in place for centuries which can severely backlash on both worlds. A backlash with no precautions set in place to protect either society.

Muggle Studies really should have remained an elective; it certainly would have been far more beneficial that way.

Jun 13 2015, 10:28 PM

A Manor Murder

by Isla Greengrass

Lorcan Elison was found dead in his home when Aurors arrived at the scene. Aurors did a routine sweep of the Manor, finding no other magical signature present, and when using Priori Incantatem found that his wife had killed him in what Aurors believed to be a heated spousal fight—with this information it has been determined that there will be no further investigation into the homicide. When question about her late husband’s death, Jaycee Keegan readily confessed to Aurors that she had strangled her husband. Though there seems to be extenuating circumstances, none of which that she was willing to reveal without an attorney, to the crime—Jaycee Keegan will be charged with the murder of Lorcan Elison in front of the Wizengamot come next Thursday at 8 AM sharp.
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