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Kynthia Marsden


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Dec 11 2015, 01:04 PM
Kynthia hummed as she entered the Leaky. She hadn't been here for quite some time, but it was still one of her favorite places; no matter how odd it was to her. It was not nearly far enough from home for her liking nor was the food all that great either, but the people were rather lovely. Or at the very least they were entertaining.

Jethro was one of those entertaining people--mostly. Sometimes he was just a prat, a loveable one, but a prat nonetheless. She had recommended Diagon Alley mostly because she was working and figured he needed to leave the Castle for at least a few hours.

Kyn sat down at a booth, on the left side near a window. Once she ordered a couple of drinks--one for her and one for Jethro--she began to people watch; a habit she picked up from traveling. Occasionally there would be an odd looking person, one who just popped out to her, and she would make up a story for them in her head. Her brain would concoct random items that they would wear, usually some form of metal that she could imagine and work on later.

When she heard the familiar sound of feet walking up to the table, she greeted them person not really bothering to look at who it was. "'Bout time," she said, her voice teasing.

(Jethro Lancaster)
Jun 20 2015, 09:11 PM
Kynthia fiddled with some of her metals, determining the best use for them. Not all of the metals she had in her possession were the best quality, which of course caused her to be a bit angry and lash out at the company she bought them from. At least she get's a discount next time, that is if she actually uses the prats again.

This was one of the first times she had actually stayed in her workshop all day without a major project to keep her occupied. She normally went out to gather supplies or research material for an upcoming project. However she already had most of the theoretical work she has done already and all she has to do is wait for the international portkey to come within in the next few weeks.

So the brunette sat at her desk, placed strategically with her back against the wall and a visual of all entryways into the room. As much as she enjoyed having her friends come visit, some of them liked to try and scare her, so she felt the need to take extra precautions with the layout of the room--some of her customers thought she was a bit paranoid for that, but since she normally produced good work they never really questioned her on it. "I could make this into a necklace that the Greengrass girl wanted," Daniela thought aloud. It would work, the metal was a soft grey color and would work really well with emeralds.

As she made a note of her next design, she heard the door chime; signaling someone's entry. "Hello, how may I help you today?" Kynthia asked, not looking up from her notes just yet. A few more seconds ticked by and before she finished her notes and put the quill down.
Jun 3 2015, 01:26 PM
Kynthia sat down at one of the tables that Florean Fortescue's had, happily eating her double scooped ice cream. The brunette had decided to meet Jethro in Diagon Alley, mostly because she needed to get some shopping done and figured it was better to drag him along with her. After all he was a gentlemen and could carry her bags. Well it wasn't like she was taking him clothes shopping, he'd probably enjoy that. She just needed to get some materials to take back to her work shop.

But right now she was currently waiting for him to actually get here. Vaguely she wondered why she asked him to meet her at the ice cream place, aside from the fact that it was just good ice cream. Glancing at the waitress, Kynthia grinned. Oh yeah! That tart went to school with her and Jethro and if the brunette remembered correctly the shop keep actually had a crush on her friend.

Kynthia let out a soft hum as she ate her ice cream. Well it's not her fault she was feeling a bit bitchy today. Work had been a bit hectic the past few weeks with all the incoming jewelry orders. And her prepping to attend meeting with a Chinese Ambassador to discuss some work for their government; not her fault that Kynthia just wanted to aggravate someone a tiny bit. And she got to spend time with a friend while doing so; it was a win-win.
May 10 2015, 07:43 PM
Kynthia had just come from an appoint to discuss a new government project she would be working on for the Ministry; a tedious job, but the pay was well enough for her to put up with all the annoying people. As she made her way down a corridor, a familiar name caught her attention. "Huh, I didn't know he worked here now...." She murmured to herself.

A woman's voice caught her attention as she made her way into the room. Naturally she just ignored the creature, she looked like an aggravating swot anyway. The brunette looked around the room before she found the door she was looking for. Kynthia walked up to the door, but as she was about to open it the annoying voice spoke up once again. "You cannot just barge in there!"

Pursing her lips, the Metal Charmer turned her attention to the woman. "Is he presently in a meeting?" She asked, raising an eyebrow. When the woman just spluttered the turned back towards the door and began to twist the handle; only for the woman to let out a sharp squeak of "Now see here! You ca--!"

The door was open before the woman could finish her sentence. "Well I just did. Now go back to organizing the files or whatever rot it is you do." Kynthia replied, in her usual 'I'm better than you' tone. She never liked being told she could not do something, especially by someone who appeared to be a lowly intern. Kynthia had always been a bitch, except to very few people, and she saw no reason as to change that now.

The brunette stepped into the room and closed the door behind her. "Well hello! Glad to see I didn't really interrupt a meeting with some big shots after all!!" By the way that woman was reacting, Kynthia had to wonder if she actually might have been. Not that it would have mattered, she would have just politely excused herself from the room again. "So how have you been?"
Feb 23 2015, 12:30 PM
Kynthia hummed in frustration as she worked on her current project, she had offered the Sannesley kid a deal in exchange for his help as a test subject. So far the kid has done pretty well, most of her volunteers would usually end up quitting since the brunette always had a high standard and essentially demanded perfection. There were times that Kynthia wanted to scream at him, but she always reeled in her temper; he was just a kid after all, and she never wanted to act like her parents. She kept her cool by reminding herself that he was just a Hogwarts Student, she should not demand perfection from him, not at the level she demanded anyway.

So in return for his hardwork, she tried her hardest to get his items made quickly and efficiently. However, the last product seemed to be at a halt. She had a friend who was willing to help her with the transfiguration part, he was unable to come until the following week--even then his time would be split between her and another product. The coat on the other hand went off without a hitch, once she found the right thickness for the copper, she even coaxed Vampira to shed her skin; allowing Kynthia to soak the copper wire in a special potion to help make it more insulated. She hoped the Sannesly kid would not be too opposed to receiving the coat first. She had done her part for the bracelet, it was made--durable yet flexible--but she still needed the help of a transfiguration master.

She heard the familiar bark of Storm, signaling the arrival of a customer...or perhaps the Sannesley kid? She made her way down stairs, petting her boomslang on the way down. "Hello," she greeted.
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