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With the muggleborns in charge, nothing has really changed since the Battle of Hogwarts. The sides have been switched with those bearing old family names being discriminated against. Once again the revolution is upon us. What side will go to the darkest places to get what they want? Will it be yours?

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Poppy Burke


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Sep 13 2017, 01:39 PM
When the feast was over Poppy had gone straight back to her dormitory where her luggage had already been taken. She wasn't ready to sleep but there was something she had to get. As she was rooting around in her trunk some of her dorm mates came in and they chatted about their summers. The girls were all nice enough to Poppy and they would always speak to her but she never did think of them as friends. Before she'd always found herself holding back, becoming a completely different girl to the one she was at home. The words flowed from her mouth a bit more easily and she smiled happily as they talked.

Soon, having found what she was looking for Poppy left the girls and returned to the common room. She loved the large, dimly lit room while at home she preferred light and airy spaces. The dungeon was a home of sorts though and she enjoyed the differences. Her favourite thing about the dungeon was the portraits. She looked around them now and smiled finding a face that so often was in the room. Elizabeth Burke was once again taking up space in another's portrait. Poppy knew who the woman was and the woman knew who she was. They smiled at one another - Poppy's wide while her ancestor's was thin - as they did on the first night of every year.

A slight skip in her step Poppy made her way over to the fire. She wasn’t surprised to see Timothy Morrigan there but she was surprised to find him alone. Poppy didn’t know about in other areas of the school but in the common room at least where Tim was his girlfriend Amber was too. She sat on the couch, the end nearest to him sitting the circular biscuit tin on her lap and the scroll on top.

“Excuse me, Tim?” She waited for him to look at her then held out the scroll. “Granny Selwyn asked me to give you this. While he read the letter she drummed her fingers on the biscuit tin.

The letter was written in the most elegant writing Poppy had ever seen, writing she was well used to reading. It read;

Dearest Tim,
First I extend to you my deepest sympathies to you. Though I fear they come much too late in your life. No child should be without a mother and yours was lost to you long before anyone even thought of starting a riot. One day you may look back and wonder at what was missing from your life and for that I am eternally sorry.

Secondly I wish to invite you to visit at my house at anytime, you will always find you are most welcome. Your friend Miss Amber Elison is welcome too of course. My face is one you should have seen more often in your life and again I find I must apologise. Your grandfather’s hands are very capable hands indeed and I know that during your life you have wanted for nothing but a person can never have too much of a family.

Our families are connected and I would be most honoured if you would come to see us as such. Poppy who is giving you this letter is also family, through one of my own sisters. We’re close knit and we take pride in the fact that we look out for each other at all times. There are others at school with you now who are connected to me and my wish is to see you all come together. More about that when I speak to you.

Which I hope I will have the pleasure of doing one day soon. I sincerely hope you accept my invitation to pop in. I will look forward to it.

Drucilla Selwyn

P.S. Do not let Poppy keep the tin. She has more than enough baked treats of her own.

Poppy, having a feeling that Granny Selwyn would know just how much she didn’t want to hand over the tin was holding it out to Tim as soon as he looked up from the parchment. It was a tough thing to do handing over Granny Selwyn’s cakes without a fight but the last thing she needed was to get on the woman’s bad side.

Timothy Morrigan
Aug 3 2017, 08:02 PM
Character’s Name: Poppy Burke
What would you like? Set and a pic for profile pretty please
Name on Set? Where?: Wherever it works on the sig
Quote and/or Other Text (Optional): None
Face Claim: Maia Mitchell
Image Links: I suck at finding pictures but if you need me to I can do my best
Colors: Whatever works
Round corners: Yah
Extra: Well, it's a big ask but her hair she has changed to a bright, vibrant red and her eyes to bright, light green. If that's too time-consuming though I do love black and white pics
Other Information: She's a proud Slytherin pureblood, the purist thank you very much
Aug 2 2017, 07:13 PM
"It most certainly is not fair, Nero. If you hadn't gone and grown up you'd be just as annoyed as I." Poppy whined at her older brother as they walked the path to the university. "I don't see why Cecily and I couldn't have spent our day in my room. We wouldn't get in the way."

At her brother's disbelieving scoff Poppy glared at him. "Oh shut up you." She sped up trying to get away from the annoyance that he often was but he was faster. No matter how hard she worked her legs he kept pace. Annoying.

When they reached the university gates both stopped and looked around. Poppy had told her cousin they should meet at the gates. It saved wasted time with them both wandering the grounds looking for the other. Looking through the gates Poppy's feelings of irritation only grew. Normally she quite liked camp but normally she was not forced to come. Being forced apparently made all the difference.

She turned back to Nero ready to take some frustrations out on him when she saw Cecily walking up the path behind. "Cecily!" She called out to her cousin cheerfully. It wasn't her younger cousins fault that the adults in the family had choosen to be mean. They were in this together.

As soon as she was close enough Poppy threw her arms round the younger girl. A normal greeting from her to Cecily. "Nero's a traitor today. Bye Nero." She stuck her tongue out at her brother who shook his head with a laugh. He said his goodbyes to both before turning and walking away.

Poppy didn't waste a moment watching him but instead led the way into the grounds. "Have you ever been to camp before?" She had deliberately not mentioned her quite drastic change in appearance. A change that thanks to the changing of the Burke nose made the cousins appear more similar than before.

Cecily Carrow
Aug 2 2017, 11:26 AM
Poppy Burke

Full Name: Poppaea Belvina Elizabeth Burke
Blood Status: Pure-blood
Nationality: English
Place of Birth: England
Date of Birth: 14th September
Age: 15
House and Year: Slytherin 5th
Spoken Languages: English and French
Relationship Status: Single


Eyes: Naturally brown but Poppy prefers a bright, vibrant green.
Hair: Naturally a dark reddish brown but she chooses to colour it bright flame red.
Height: A little on the short side

Look Description:

Until recently Poppy was quite a plain looking girl with long reddish-brown hair and a slightly bulbous, crooked nose. The looks birth had given her were not befitting of her pure-blood heritage she felt, especially since there were muggleborns getting more attention than she. In the summer of her fourth year Poppy took matters into her own hands. Using the abilities she was born with - that of a metamorphmagus - Poppy changed her looks. A painstaking, time-consuming evening it was but finally with her hair the brightest of flaming reds, her nose straightened and thinned, her cheekbones that bit more prominent and her ears just a tad smaller Poppy was happy. Her long hair is always styled, even when left down it will have taken her time to fix.

Dressing Style:

Poppy prefers robes but has a love of dresses and skirts. Sometimes robes are just too long, warm and are really quite boring. Skirts and dresses offer options - a world of options. Her favourite colour is green with black coming a close second. Shoes are another love, the higher the better though of course during school not too high. When in uniform Poppy walks the halls with not even a single strand of hair out of place. Perfection is what she aims for and is what she achieves.


Character Description:

Poppy is a purist who feels she’s superior even to most purebloods. How many others can claim to be from the Sacred Twenty-Eight? Not many at all and Poppy takes great pride in being from such a family, more pride in coming from two of the twenty-eight. Family is very important to Poppy and she is close to most on both the Burke and the Carrow side. Too those she likes Poppy is sweet and kind. To those she doesn’t know she is considered reserved. Then to those she dislikes she is a bitch. Professors know her as a quiet girl who puts in a medium level of effort - an average student all round.


As a metamorphmagus Poppy’s appearance will sometimes randomly change when she is emotional.






Her family (which includes her pet)


All muggle technology (she has a phobia of aeroplanes)
Old photographs of herself


Her father disgraced as past family members have been.



Patronus Memory

The day her brother took her to Diagon Alley and bought her a raven


Wand: Fir, Occamy wing core, mid-length, flexible

Strength: Dark Arts, Duelling and Potion-making
Weakness: Healing spells, divination and household charms

Family and History

Father: Orpheus Burke
Mother: Dorothea Carrow
Siblings: Nero Alectus Burke (Older brother, 2nd April 2053 )

Pet: A raven named Merletta


The Burkes were hit by the same troubles as most other purebloods after the war but they were sneaky and lucky enough to escape with one ancestral home and their remaining half of the shop on Knockturn Alley. When Poppy came along into the world the family didn’t hold the wealth they once hoarded any longer but thanks to hard work, dedication and the selling of some heirlooms they weren’t to be considered poor either.

The girl grew up in a large, mostly empty home that she, her brother and her cousins seemed intent on filling with noise and games. Poppy loves having a large close-knit family on both sides. Her father, the head of the Burke household runs the shop meaning people are always popping in to see him. While her mother kept up her close ties to the Carrow’s and always tells them they are welcome, one and all, anytime. It was thanks to her family that Poppy was never lonely, even when her brother was being prepared for his future in the shop. It is thanks to her many cousins that Poppy started school already knowing a trick or two.

Her parents love her and take no hesitation in showing it. Though, much to her own disgust, they do not overly spoil her feeling that life lessons need to be learned. Poppy doesn’t go without but nor does she have that unicorn she’s been asking for since the age of four. As well as showing love for Poppy and her brother, the Burke’s are not shy about showing their love for one another. They are devoted to one another being lucky to find that the person chosen for them is their perfect match. It’s a happy enough home when the worries of the outside world aren’t taking their toll.

At Hogwarts Poppy was sorted into Slytherin house as was only right. She would have been shamed to have been sorted anywhere else, especially Gryffindor. On her first night she was ecstatic to discover a portrait of her ancestor, Elizabeth Burke urging nastiness to muggleborns. For the first four years at school Poppy went largely unnoticed. She’s not the smartest, loudest or most beautiful. There was no reason for anyone to notice she was there.

In her fifth year she expects, no she demands that things change.
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