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With the muggleborns in charge, nothing has really changed since the Battle of Hogwarts. The sides have been switched with those bearing old family names being discriminated against. Once again the revolution is upon us. What side will go to the darkest places to get what they want? Will it be yours?

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Jon Crawford

Ministry of Magic

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Jan 6 2018, 06:49 PM
Underground, deep within the bowels of The Ministry Jon was getting ready to be hard at work. An old dark spell book had been discovered and it was up to him and his colleagues to translate it. It was written in a language very few had even a grasp of now, luckily for the Department Jon had come across it before. For months he'd pored over the pages until he'd worked out the key to it. Now they were ready for the next stage.

Having already sent out a call to Jason for assistance Jon went about readying their work area. On a table at one side of the room was the book in question sat surrounded by anything Jon thought might come in handy, the most important of these being the magic repelling gloves - there was no way of telling what curses may have been written in to the book itself.

A jinxing dummy unique to the department stood in the middle of the room. The unique aspect to it was that whatever spell was cast at it the dummy would show the effects to a human. Using his wand Jon drew a protection circle around it, a circle that would keep the magic cast in rather than repel it.

He walked back over to the table Jon pulled the code from his pocket and smoothed it on the top. He'd had enough time looking through the book to figure out it was a simplistic spell book. No one spell seemed to correlate with another, no narrative other than dark ran through it. They could tackle the spells one-by-one; translate, perform, record. He'd done it more times than most would believe before now.

After sliding a pair of glasses onto his nose Jon bent over the book. The glasses had nothing to do with his eyesight but were another tool of the department - they could detect magic and different types. He slipped on his gloves without glancing away from the page. No chances would be taken. When worked on the key he had worked mostly with copies of the book, anytime he'd been in it's presence the books itself had been in a trasnparent case. It had been cleared of the worst curses but the less serious were easier concealed. The pages were thicker than was usual, especially for the time this book was written. There was a sensation in the air. Was it a curse or just the presence of something so obviously old? Or did it have to do with the evil intent behind it's creation? Jon couldn't wait to find out.

Jason Taylor
Feb 9 2017, 04:28 PM
"Just don't go near that woman! She's nothing but trouble! Have you so easily forgotten how much she broke you?" Jon's tiny mother yelled at him like she hadn't yelled at him in years.

"Mum I-" But he didn't get to finish. He never got a word in when his mother had built up her steam.

"You need to think of that boy. You need to think of us - your father and I wouldn't survive it a second time round. Most of all, Jon, you have to think about you! You have to be smart, you have to think. You have to stay away from that bloody woman."

"She's -" Again his mother shouted over him.

"I don't care who she is! I don't care whose mother she is! I don't care what she is! All I care about is the fact she hurt my boys and now she might go and do it all over again. Stay away from her, Jon, I'm warning you." She fixed him with her steely gaze, a gaze that years ago would have his knees shaking.

It wasn't years ago though and Jon was a fully grown man. He'd hit his tipping point with his mother and he'd heardd it all before. So, rather than face his mother and try to talk her round he shot his father an apologetic look and turned on the spot disappearing from the cozy living room with a crack.

Having gone to the first place he thought of Jon soon appeared from air in Hogsmeade. The village was quiet he noticed immediately though it wasn't too late - just a little after dinner time. It was cold however and the man found himself wishing he'd taken just a moment to grab his jacket before running from his mother. For that's exactly what he had done. Jon Crawford, a fully grown man had ran away rather than face his elderly mother.

Lately, when it came to women, Jon believed he'd developed a cowardly streak. He refused to speak to his mother of any matters of import since the conversation always found it's way round to Layla. And, though he often found himself in the village with the intention of walking over and entering Layla's shop he'd never managed it yet. Mirroring his son's actions from months previously Jon watched the shop and that's all he did.

Glancing over at the shop window then he felt thoroughly disgusted with himself and with a sigh he turned from the lit window to walk the other way. Having walked the outskirts of the village many nights now Jon knew the area rather well. He'd even ventured into the forest connecting Hogsmeade and the school though once within the trees embrace he never ventured too far in.

To the forest he went then wanting just a little peace and some time in his own company. Of course he knew it was wrong to not face up to things. He also knew he was acting like a teenager both about his mother and Layla. It was ridiculous! It was shameful. But, it was what it was and he didn't see himself changing it anytime soon. No, he'd walk until he felt better i himself and then he'd keep walking until he was certain his parents would be asleep before going home.

Upon reaching the treeline he stepped through into the darkness. Going as far in as he dared Jon soon reached a small clearing. He'd found it previously on one of his walks and thought it perfect. Small as it was there was still a log that was perfect for sitting and a stone ring set up for a fire. Quickly he gathered some twigs and sticks before starting to set them up in the ring. He'd use magic to light it of course but he enjoyed the routine of the fire building.

Once or twice while he slowly worked Jon glanced over his shoulder. It had become a common occurrence on his walks near Hogsmeade to feel he was being watched. He often found himself listening for footsteps or looking to catch a moving shadow. There was never any evidence of a living thing anywhere near him but he never could shake the feeling once it started.

When the fire was lit Jon perched on the log and stared at the flames as they grew. He shivered as he waited for the heat to come and wondered just how his life had seemed to go so far off the rails.

Artemisia Evergreen
May 4 2016, 06:44 PM
Right so since I'm terrible at choosing pictures (look at the poor man's avy!) and anything creative that isn't writing I happily leave that up to whoever takes it. Though, if you don't have time I can send links of pics just no guarantees they'll be any use lol. Well here's the request, thanks in advance

Character’s Name: Jon Crawford
What would you like? Set
Name on Set? Where?: Anywhere on sig
Quote and/or Other Text (Optional): None
Face Claim: Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Image Links: Any picture from his time on SPN to now that works best for you.
Colors: Leave it up to you
Round corners: Yeah, why not.
Extra: Nothing I can think of.
Other Information: Here’s his profile if you want a look -
May 4 2016, 06:27 PM
The Department of Mysteries was a cold place but Jon Crawford no longer felt it. For years he’d spent his days and more than often his nights too in it’s rooms. He had become immune to it. He had always been immune to the eeriness of his workplace or rather, he had always felt differently about it. Rather than make him back away as the atmosphere in the lower levels did to others it pulled Jon in. He felt it still but it intrigued him, he had an urge to find out why. Jon was a man who wanted to find out the whys of everything.

His day below ground had fast become a most draining one and he was just going on his lunch break when a hushed voice called his name. He held the door thinking one of his workmates wanted into the room he was exiting. “A message came from the school for you.” the voice added.

Jon spun on his heels letting go the handle as he did. The door behind him slammed and the walls of the room spun. Both men within ignored it having become more than accustomed to it. Mickey his son’s name rang in his head. Never before had he had a message at his work or now he came to think of it his home either. What had happened to Mickey?

Perhaps seeing the worry on Jon’s face the other man hurried on. “It came a while ago and no more since… I’m sure Michael’s just fine.”

“Mickey.” Jon spoke absently as the walls began to slow. Then he asked. “Why didn’t you come for me immediately?” But of course he knew and he was nodding as soon as the other man started speaking.

“But Jon, I couldn’t. You know we never interrupt one conversing with the Veil.” The man sounded shocked at the very thought.

“Sorry, Dick. I didn’t think of what I was saying. I’ve become instantly worried.” Dick nodded, they all knew the dangers of interrupting the one studying the arch for they all had their turn being the one delving. It was a most taxing task and when the time come had to be broken off in a very exact way. The danger of not following procedure, being just slightly off… well it didn’t bear thinking about. Without another word Jon left through the door to the corridor outside the department. He no longer had to think of what door was right, he instinctively knew which one he needed. The Department had its ways of letting you know. A quick ride in the elevator late, his own note sent to Alex Morrigan and then Jon had disapparated from the Atrium to appear again on the path to Hogwarts.

It had been years since he’d walked this trail and he wished he could have taken a moment to enjoy it. He could not however and hurried on his way to the gates. Mickey was all that was on his mind. Worry for his boy and what might have happened to him. Of course he knew that it was also likely for Mickey to be fine and actually be in some trouble, but he wasn’t a man who jumped to accusations first. He always saw the good in people before anything else. Though that’s not to say he was naive for he also quickly saw the bad too.

The gates were open for him and Jon hurried through. As soon as his feet hit castle grounds it happened. He felt the pull. A tug in his mind that there was someone very much like him nearby. A Potential as he and his colleagues referred to them. Of course Jon felt the same pull every day being at his work but this was different. Much like when he’d been a student at the school and had felt the presence of the Unspeakable watching him. For a lack of a better word he’d refer to this pull as ‘fresh’ or ‘new’. His pace slowed ever so slightly as his loyalty to his son and his job waged a war within. It was short lived and soon he was hurrying again, to find out why he’d been sent a message regarding Mickey. He’d do his job later, there was always later.

Halfway across the lawn figures came into view coming towards him. Jon slowed again noticing a face he knew from the upper floors at the Ministry. As he passed the man and his small group Jon looked at the boy. A tall, gangly blonde boy who seemed to be trying to make himself as small as possible as he walked. There was the one. He made a note of the lad’s face and would remind himself to ask the Ministry worker his name. It was all he could do for the minute, his son came first, always.

The stairs were soon under his feet and he was up them quickly to meet the man waiting for him at the doors. Of course he knew who his son’s Head of House was, what decent parent wouldn’t at least know what the man looked like? “Is Mickey okay?” Was his first and only question. He looked the man over and, feeling no urgency about him calmed but just a little.

Alex Morrigan
Apr 13 2016, 06:36 PM
Jon Crawford

Full Name: Jonathan Crawford (goes by Jonathan / Jon / Jonny / Jo. Prefers Jon)
Blood Status: Half-blood
Nationality: Irish
Place of Birth: Republic of Ireland
Date of Birth: February 14 2028
Age: 49
Spoken Languages: English / Irish / some dead and secret languages / various languages of magical beings/creatures
Relationship Status: Single


Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Was so brown it appeared black but has lightened and greyed quite a bit over the years
Height: Average

Look Description:

Still a good looking man in his late forties Jon is the type of guy you might glance at twice. He holds himself well and still has all the confidence he did in his younger years. His hair is always messy. He has a short, tidy beard that covers the lower half of his face from time to time. He’s a clean man who never appears grubby.

Dressing Style:

Jon dresses plainly in jeans, t-shirt, a leather jacket (or in the winter a fawn hunting jacket) and boots. Whenever he’s at work, which is often, he will wear his Unspeakable robes atop the jeans and tee.


Character Description:

Jon is a pleasant man who is wrongly judged as aloof because of his job. He likes to have fun when he can. The most important person in his life is his son, Mickey. His first thought upon waking and his last at night are of his son, though sometimes the boys mother does creep into his minds eye. The love of his life she was and still is. He doesn’t go around moping and hoping she’ll come back to him but he’s never been able to turn off what he feels for her. Even though he angry at her he can see why she left because that’s the kind of man he is, a man who tries to understand people’s reasons.


Strengths & Weaknesses:

Much of Jon seems contradictory when written down. He can be described as a grounded dreamer. A man who can be both logical and illogical (if the moment demands it). He feels that it takes the mind of a truly smart man to work his way around a problem to its solution. Thanks to his years working underground with just a small group of colleagues to others he seems distant, quiet and glum but in actual fact he is friendly and a bit of a joker. As an Unspeakable he has taken an oath to remain silent about everything related to his job, because of this he can obviously be quite secretive as so much of his life is his job. As a past Ravenclaw he is as one would expect, intelligent and knowledgeable, but he would love to spread his knowledge if only he could and not keep it all to himself and those others deemed worthy.


Time spent at home


Red Tape
Close-minded people
Muggle TV (too much off it is nonsense)
Pixies (he has a phobia of them)

Boggart: His son taken from him either by death, his mother, or an unknown veela.

Patronus: Cat

Patronus Memory: The first time he held his son.


Wand: Applewood. Phoenix feather. Long

Strength: Charms / Transfiguration
Weakness: Legilimency/Occlumency


School: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry - 2039 - 2045
House: Ravenclaw


Position: Unspeakable
Former positions: None

Family and History

Father: Johnson Crawford
Mother: Amelia Crawford (nee Doherty)
Siblings: None

Pet: None but his son has a pet owl, a great-grey named Misty.


Jon grew up the only child of two very loving parents. His childhood home seemed to be the hub of the family and even though he had no siblings he was never lonely. For while his father’s family declined, his mother's bred like rabbits. There was always a cousin or two there to pass the time with and Jon passed it well. His younger day’s were spent looking for mysteries in the small village he lived in, exploring caves, going into haunted houses, building camps… in other words, everything a young boy should do.

By the time his Hogwarts letter came he was a smart, confident boy who was already growing into the good looks he’d retain through his teenage years and adult life. He was a bit of a charmer and could talk himself out of most trouble by that point. Hogwarts, when he got there, was everything he’d dreamed and so much more. He was quickly sorted into Ravenclaw where he made some fast friends on his very first night. School life passed, as it does, with Jon gaining good marks, a few or more girlfriends and plenty of friends.

There was one point in his school life that stands out though - the day he was approached. He’d known the robes of course, what magical child didn’t know the robes of an Unspeakable? The man wearing them he didn’t know however and he had been tempted to turn and run. It was obviously one of those situations his mother had warned him about. A strange man approaching him in the middle of Hogsmeade. But he’d stayed and waited. There had been some kind of pull in his mind, something told him here was a man much like himself (he's always felt he was different, thought differently). So he spoke and was spoken too. The pull was real, and the man had felt it too. He’d watched Jon for a while after first noticing him weeks before and finally a decision had been made. Jon had been invited to become an Unspeakable. The boy had wanted to laugh. An Unspeakable? Him! No, he was going to be a professional Quidditch player and reach for the stars… or rather, as a seeker, the snitch. After being told this the man had simply smiled and handed Jon a spelled leaflet before stating “We’ll see, boy, we’ll see.” and leaving.

Well, they did see. They saw Jon leave school after completing and passing his N.E.W.TS and walking right into The Minsitry where he handed the leaflet to the security guard and waited. Soon the same man from before had come to meet the young, nervous man. It put Jon at ease to see the bright smile on the other man’s face. He’d let out a breath he hadn’t known he was holding in. Slowly, over time, this had become his dream without him even knowing it. The more he thought of all the man had said and what was written on the leaflet the more he knew his life was destined to bring him here. He couldn’t wait to delve into the mysteries his new job would allow but first, he was told, there was one more test. It was a simple test and one that cannot be divulged, all that matters is Jon passed with flying colours. He was the perfect fit for the Unspeakables and his new life would start the very next day.

It was a good life, if a bit lonely at times. He wasn’t allowed to speak of his work to those he didn’t work with. He felt his old friends take steps away from him seeing in him some change that hadn’t happened anywhere but in their own heads. Even his cousins, his best friends his whole life, distanced themselves from him. It was sad and it hurt but, it was something he just had to bear. The work they did in The Department of Mysteries was much more important than his social life, or lack of one.

He never did give up on it though which was why, years later, with an older head on his shoulders Jon met the love of his life. A strikingly beautiful woman he wanted from first sight. Feeling brave and with his usual confidence he’d approached her and that was that. Soon he was infatuated with the woman, he’d do anything for her, go anywhere with her and love her until the end of his time and after if that was possible. They settled down in a house he’d picked just for her, a house he hoped suited her and all her needs.

Then the happiest day of his life came. The day his son was born. Jon would never have thought he could love another more than the woman who’d birthed the child but he would have been wrong. The minute he held the infant he was gone, his love so deep for the crying baby he was sure it should cause physical pain. Michael they called him but he had soon cut it down to Mickey. The boy just looked like a Mickey, a little cheeky chappie with his little cheeky face.

Of course he noticed when Mickey’s mothers mood started to change and knowing what she was (though he didn’t care) he was worried. Would she hurt their child? No, he could never think that. She loved the boy as much as he did if not more, that was plain to see. There was no chance she’d hurt the lad. But, would she harm the father. Jon suspected she just might but, he was a wizard, if it happened he’d restrain her until she calmed down and then they could talk. For no matter what their issues were Jon felt they could work through them. Not just for the sake of their child but for each other too. His love for the woman had not diminished, if anything it had grown after she’d given him the most perfect gift in the world - their boy.

It wasn’t to last though and he should have known it wouldn’t. He’d lied to himself, stupidly lied. She’d left and Jon thought the pain in his heart would literally tear him apart. What would he do without her? The only woman he’d ever loved in that way, the only woman he’d ever thought of spending his life with. How did he go on? Of course he’d known how and upon finding her departed after just one look at his perfect son he had his answer. For Mickey he could go on without her though he doubted he’d ever stop loving her.

The years passed as he should have known they would. As Mickey grew Jon began to worry. Things happened around the boy, things that couldn’t be explained by the usual bursts of magic. He set fire to things and once, Jon had gone into the boys room to find him playing with a proper, fully-formed fireball. The final straw came when the boys strikingly green eyes and beautiful black hair started to change. Something had to be done and Jon knew just the people to help him.

He had turned first to his parents, his supportive parents who’d told him to sell up and move back with them. They’d help with their grandson and be happy to do so. They had enough space at home so it was no problem. Jon did as they suggested then he turned to the only friends that remained to him - The Unspeakables. After telling them of his son and how he was half-veela (he’d made it sound like the result of a one night stand) they agreed to help the lad. That part of his magic could be bound, unusable until he came of age. Jon had been more than pleased and the whole team had gotten to work straight away.

A potion was brewed and some words put together. Four of them gathered around his son one evening and by the end they could only hope they’d accomplished what they’d set out to do. Only the years could tell and Jon would be watchful.

The years passed once more with Jon juggling being a father and work as most parents had to juggle. He thought he did an okay job but knew that some of the credit for Mickey had to go to his own parents. The boy seemed to be turning out just fine and Jon couldn’t be prouder of him or love him more. His son, his life, the one person he’d die for. Mickey was all that mattered.
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