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It is July 2077.
This month brings highs of 19°C and lows of 12°C. Sunrises at 4.30am and sets at 10pm. The sun has still got it’s hat on, storms are likely and humidity is something all have to deal with.
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With the muggleborns in charge, nothing has really changed since the Battle of Hogwarts. The sides have been switched with those bearing old family names being discriminated against. Once again the revolution is upon us. What side will go to the darkest places to get what they want? Will it be yours?

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Caspian Lanchester


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Dec 12 2017, 09:05 AM
I'm currently taking graphic requests.

I'll do matching avatar/signature sets as well as photo edits such as changing hair and eye colour, add tattoos or scars, or other specific characteristics you'd like added to your character. To the best of my abilities, of course.

Just send me an owl. =)

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Mar 23 2017, 11:54 AM
As often as Caspian spent his free time flying his brooms, it happened every once in awhile that he took a stroll through Hogsmeade. It was such a dull village in his opinion though, full of old people living very dull lives and the only times something actually happened in that place were when it got overrun by the kids from Hogwarts making the most of their weekend visits. It was certainly more eventful than the dreary mundanity of any other weekday in the village, but it could get a bit mad with all the kids running amok.
Caspian was pretty glad therefore that it wasn’t a Hogsmeade weekend because he was actually out on a mission and he didn’t feel like having to jostle his way through mobs of kids on sugar rushes. The thing was, his cousin had apparently had her Hogsmeade privileges revoked because the teachers were, as she had so eloquently put it, “stupid” and she had asked him to pick up some sweets from Honeydukes for her. Being the top bloke that he is, Caspian loved running errands for damsels in distress, particularly when he couldn’t get a good fuck out of it.

Yeah, no.

But he was feeling pretty generous and besides, he kind of liked his little cousin so he didn’t mind doing her that favour even if there was nothing in it for him.

Strolling down one of the more crowded alleys he spotted Maz, or rather the back of her. But he recognised her all the same, more specifically by that first-class shaped arse of hers. For a very brief moment though, it struck him as odd to find here there but then again he certain wouldn’t put it past her to bend the rules a little.
Smirking to himself he moved her way and when he was close enough he snuck up behind her to deliver a proper slap on one of her buttocks. He then jumping back to remove himself from the scene of crime.

“Sir!” Caspian exclaimed, drawing a sharp intake of breath with exaggerated shock, “My golly, you should be ashamed of yourself.”

“Pardon?” A ministry-looking sort of fellow just passing by, dressed in black pinstriped robes and a bowler hat, a brolly in one hand and a copy of the daily prophet tucked under his other arm, looking just as drab as his life probably was, shot Caspian a puzzled look.

“Oh, it isn’t my pardon you ought to beg, sir. It’s this young lady’s right here.”

Still looking utterly confounded, the man simply glared between Maz and Caspian with an arched eyebrow, then snorted nonchalantly as he turned and left.

“Yes, you go think of what you’ve done!” Caspian called after the man as he left before turning to Maz with an incredulous look on his face, “What a perv.”

Maz Cowan
Sep 7 2015, 11:47 AM

Mighty and Pure

Location of Family Home: Heatherfield is an unplottable estate in north-eastern Yorkshire located somewhere between Scarborough and Middlesbrough, right in the heart of North York Moor.

Blood Status: Pure

Family Home

Heatherfield Hall is a large stone house situated right in the heart of the moors overlooking a richly colourful landscape dominated by bog asphodel, ling heather and bristly haircap moss. The house interior is done mainly in tudor style with dark oak panelling, strapwork ceilings and wide stone fireplaces which keep the otherwise draughty house warm. Like in so many old houses, plenty of secret doors and passages has been incorporated into the design and whilst some may have been so cleverly concealed that they have fallen into oblivion over the centuries, others are still frequently used by its occupants. The furniture is heavy and oversized, and almost solely made of dark oak with bulbous legs and enriched with detailed carvings. It is a grand house but many of the more lavish baroque and rococo furniture which brought a sense of light and extravaganza to the place has been sold or lost over the centuries and left is a darker, more rustic home predominated by hide rugs, hunting trophies, and cast iron chandeliers. Although a shadow of its former glory, Heatherfield does still have an impressive collection of books and antiques, and even a wide assortment of medieval torture devices which are hidden away in the dungeon. All of the family portraits and tapestries depicting historical events remain as well, and hang on the walls of Heatherfield Hall as a bitter reminder of the grand old days.

Notable Family Members

Folke Sigridsson later known as Folke of Lanchester
Born sometime during the 9th century.
Son of Sigrid Ullsdotter. Successfully defended the village of Lanchester against an attack by Anglo-Saxons which earned him the title Jarl of Lanchester. Became known as Folke of Lanchester and is presumed to be the progenitor in the Lanchester lineage.

Baird Lanchester
894 - 1020
Great grandson of Folke of Lanchester. First Lanchester to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Sorted into Slytherin and is said to have been taught by Salazar Slytherin himself. Lived to the great age of 126 when he died peacefully in his sleep.

Eldric Lanchester aka Eldric the Brave
1433 - 1531
Fought in the Battle of Bosworth Field and was awarded Heatherfield which would become Lanchester's ancestral home.

Edmund Lanchester
1459 - 1531
Son of Eldric Lanchester. Fought alongside his father in the Battle of Bosworth Field.

Edward Lanchester
1494 - 1609
Son of Edmund Lanchester and father of Robert and Anne Lanchester, and later Frederick Lanchester. Went a bit senile in his later years but lived to an impressive age of 115.

Anne and Robert Lanchester
1526 - 1552 | 1527 - 1551
Children of Edward Lanchester. Born only a year apart, Anne and Robert formed a special bond which grew beyond that of sibling love and which resulted in the birth of a son, Frederick Lanchester. Robert died young in a fever and Anne died shortly after from a broken heart, leaving behind Fredrick to be raised by his grandfather Edward and his wife. Robert and Anne’s relationship is one of many well-kept family secrets, but their love was nevertheless honoured after their passing and they were buried together in a beautiful tomb under a large 500-year-old oaktree in the Heatherfield graveyard.

Frederick Lanchester
1549 - 1658
Son of Robert and Anne Lanchester but raised and believed to be the son and heir of Edward Lanchester. Well-known poet and playwright who wrote 29 plays and 187 sonnets. The first and only Lanchester to not have been sorted into Slytherin.

Jane Lanchester aka Jane the Wicked
1573 - 1668
Daughter of Frederick Lanchester. Accused numerous muggles of witchcraft during the Great Witch Craze only for the pleasure of watching them burn or hang. Throughout her life she also managed to obtain a vast collection of medieval torture devices which still remain in the Lanchester family's possession. She never married and died of old age in her bed in 1668. The room has been locked since.

Augustus Lanchester
1603 - 1705
Grandson of Frederick Lanchester and nephew of Jane Lanchester. Well-respected and widely liked man. Served as Chief of the Wizards' Council for many years. Receiver of Order of Merlin First Class.

Aleister Lanchester
1670 - 1798
Grandson of Augustus Lanchester and brother of Mariella Lanchester. Strongly opposed the imposition of the International Statute of Secrecy as it would force the Lanchester's to withdraw their connections to the court and exploitations of muggles which had been one of the reason for the family's success in gaining wealth and power. Dethroned Baird Lanchester as the longest living Lancaster, acclaiming his long life to a strict diet of roasted boar, sautéed kale, Italian red wine and exceptionally smelly cheese. Ironically, he died in a boar hunting accident at the age of 128.

Mariella Lanchester aka Mariella the Mad
1672 - 1689
Granddaughter of Augustus Lanchester and sister of Aleister Lanchester. Threw herself out of a window in the south wing. The reason for her self-inflicted death remain unknown but an unofficial theory is that she may have been sickened with a hitherto dormant madness birthed as a result of the incestuous relation between Robert and Anne Lanchester a century prior. The topic is consequentially taboo and never spoken of. Her ghost since haunts the south long gallery and the place is avoided accordingly.

Phillip Lanchester
1755 - 1793
Great grandson of Aleister Lanchester and twin brother of Henry Lanchester. Close friend of Louis XVI of France and lived most of his life at the French court. He was arrested and later executed at the Place de la Révolution which caused quite a stir in the Lanchester household. How he came to be overpowered by a mob of French muggles remains a great mystery and quite a blow to the family pride. His body was never returned to Heatherfield for a proper burial and is the only Lanchester to not have a tombstone in the family graveyard.

Henry Lanchester
1755 - 1848
Great grandson of Aleister Lanchester and twin brother of Phillip Lanchester. Renowned alchemist and wrote several books on the subject.

Edmund Lanchester
1801 - 1866
Grandson of Henry Lanchester and brother of Victoria Lanchester. Notorious gambler and foolish businessman who dragged the family deep into debt which would affect the family for over a century. Died from an overdose of opium.

Cathrine Lanchester
1804 - 1825
Granddaughter of Henry Lanchester and sister of Edmund Lanchester. Born with a disfigured arm, she was kept locked away and never attended Hogwarts. Died at the age of 21 from falling into a bog where she eventually drowned. It is said that her wails can still be heard when the wind sweeps across the moors at twilight.

George Lanchester
1862 - 1894
Grandson of Edmund Lanchester. Known for his prestigious time at Hogwart where he was made Prefect in 1867 and Headboy in 1879. He was awarded the Duelling Trophy in 1878 after which he made Captain of the Duelling Club and won the Barnabus Finkley Prize for Exceptional Spell-Casting the same year, and upon graduation he was the proud recipient of Transfiguration Today Most Promising Newcomer award. Drank himself to an early grave.

Ralph Lanchester
1924 - 2016
Grandson of George Lanchester. Accused of involvement in Death Eater affairs which lead to his arrest in 1973. Was eventually cleared of all charges due to lack of evidence.

Rose Lanchester
1957 - 2000
Daughter of Ralph Lanchester. Sister to Victor Lanchester. Married to Bartholomew Montague. Convicted Death Eater and imprisoned in Azkaban until her death in 2000.

Victor Lanchester
1961 - 2057
Son of Ralph Lanchester. Brother to Rose Lanchester. Married to Lucrezia Flora. Death Eater who avoided imprisonment in Azkaban by claims of having been acting under the Imperius Curse. Fled to Sardinia upon the return of Lord Voldemort.

Stefan Lanchester
1989 - 2069
Son of Victor Lanchester and Lucrezia Flora. Worked all his life to clean the Lanchester's name from the dark arts, as well as making a prosperous marriage arrangement for his son, securing the family fortune for future generations.

Living Family Members

Henry Lanchester
2019 - present
Son of Stefan Lanchester and Odella Greengrass.
Married to Wilhelmina von Württemberg.
Henry is a bitter man born from bitter parents who used their son as a tool to improve and secure the family fortune for future generations. Like his parents, he's a cold and uncaring man, and very proud and vain. Blood purity, status, and a good name is everything and he’ll go to any lengths to maintain it. He finds little pleasure in anything other than whisky. Most days are spent in his study where he sits and broods over a bottle of whisky, but he frequently takes long walks on the moor as well. He dabbles a little in the business of his wife's family as part of the marital agreement but it's nothing he enjoys very much. He's a surprisingly social man though, and has a close nit group of likeminded pureblood friends. He doesn't care much for politics however, and keeps out of it as much as he can.

Wilhelmina von Württemberg
2037 - present
Daughter of Niklaus von Württemberg and Johanna von Rosen.
Married to Henry Lanchester.
Wilhelmina was born in Germany and sent to England to be married as part of a business agreement. She is a woman of very few words and not only because she hardly speaks a word of English, but because she has been taught not to speak too much or have opinions, especially if it's disagreeing with her husband. She's very compliant and obliging, as she believes a lady should be. She sits in her rooms all day reading books or gazing out the windows overlooking the moors which she enjoys very much, particularly when the ling heather bloom. She seldom partake when her husband entertain guests which he does very frequently. She keeps some German-speaking friends however, whom she visits when her husband is away or too busy to notice her leaving the house.

Caspian Lanchester
2056 - present
Son of Henry Lanchester and Wilhelmina von Württemberg.
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The stories tell of Sigrid Ullsdotter; Jarl of Skara and daughter of a powerful pureblood family ruling large areas of Geatland and a family said to descend from Gondul herself. The great shieldmaiden Sigrid Ullsdotter set sail to go west to conquer more land and wealth for her family, and she lead four successful raids on parts of the northern coast of England during the 9th century where she claimed rule over several villages. On one of Sigrid's voyages she captured a druid man by the named Eòghann with whom she would come to have seven children, one of which was Folke Sigridsson who was born in the village of Lanchester. Folke would at the age of fourteen earn his name as the son of the great Sigrid when he came to successfully defend Lanchester against an attack by Anglo-Saxons which also earned him the title Jarl of Lanchester. He became known as Folke of Lanchester and is presumed to be the progenitor in the Lanchester lineage.
Folke took a wife, a Scot pureblood witch with whom he had three sons. The Lanchester family remained in Lanchester for many years but it is said that they later went north to join the Scots where Folke lived out the rest of his days and his three sons all fought for the first King of Alba.

Little of the records of the Lanchester family since the days of Folke has survived the centuries, but the stories tell of Lanchesters continuously gaining land and power through conquests and alliances which lead to the family's growing wealth and influence. The Lanchester family's ultimate rise to power was in the late 15th century when they assisted in the defeat of the Yorkist king at the Battle of Bosworth Field. This earned the family a large piece of land in north-eastern Yorkshire where they would found the family estate Heatherfield Hall. The family remained faithful to the House of Tudor and provided various services throughout their reigns for over a century. The Lanchester family grew into one of the richest and most powerful pureblood families in Britain, peaking their reign in the 17th century with the appointment of Augustus Lanchester as Chief of the Wizards' Council.
His appointment as Chief brought up the family's involvement in the Battle of Bosworth Field and the Tudor courts as speculations arose of magical aid having been provided and this became something for which the family was investigated. No doubt a feeble attempt by Augustus’s opponents to have him removed from power. The family was eventually cleared however, due to lack of evidence, and the Lanchesters would remain a strong force in magical Britain for nearly two hundred more years.

By the 1850s however, the Lanchester family fell close upon ruin when gambling, foolish business speculations and numerous poorly judged investments dragged the family deep into debt. Much of their lavish collections of furniture was sold and all that was left was a dark house stripped of its former glory. The rich lifestyle to which they had been accustomed were no more and the family's financial situation would remain in a state of decline for many years.
Keeping to themselves and out of the political arena, the family's power quickly faded into the shadows of a bygone time and with that grew a bitterness which would come to infest the house of Lanchester for many generations. They still kept a firm grip on their place as one of the great, old pureblood families however. Perhaps not in wealth but at least in name and standing.

A new century dawned and the Lanchester's debt was slowly beginning to melt away. Any plans to rebuild the family wealth was put on hold however when the First Wizarding War broke out and Ralph Lanchester, a known purist, would come to be accused of involvement in Death Eater affairs which warranted a search of Heatherfield Hall. Ralph refused to have his home searched however, which lead to his arrest in 1973. Ralph was eventually cleared of all charges due to lack of evidence, but this wouldn’t be the end of Lanchester's involvement with the Death Eaters. Some years later, Ralph's children Rose and Victor Lanchester and some school friends who all admired Voldemort joined the Death Eaters to fight for the Dark Lord and his cause. Victor soon came to regret this decision and wanted out, but fear for his own and his family’s life lead Victor and he chose to remain faithful to the Dark Lord.
After Voldemort's defeat, Victor managed to avoid imprisonment in Azkaban like so many of his peers by claiming that he had been acting under the Imperius Curse. When the Dark Lord returned however, Victor in fear more than anything else pledged his allegiance to the Dark Lord once again and he was welcomed back into the circle of Death Eaters. Victor had no intentions to serve the Dark Lord again and he took his wife Lucrezia and their son Stefan and fled to Lucrezia's family on Sardinia where they remained hidden until the fall of the Dark Lord. The Lanchesters then safely returned to their home in Heatherfield.

With the scrutiny following their return, the Lanchester family led an attempt to reinstall their good name by steering clear of being connected with any families associated with the dark arts. They also made a well-thought out marriage arrangement for their son Stefan to improve their standing in post-war Britain. Like many arranged marriages, it was a loveless one and their sole mission as married was to further improve the family wealth. It was thus decided that their son and heir, Henry Lanchester, was to marry the daughter of the Württemberg, an old German pureblood family and owners of Germany's oldest and leading broomstick company looking to expand to Britain. The dowry and as well as her shares in the company would keep the Lanchester's fortune secure for many centuries to come.

Is this Family open for use: No
Family Owner: G
Jun 13 2015, 07:45 PM
Caspian Lanchester

Full Name: Caspian Bartholomeus Henry Wilhelm Lanchester
Blood Status: Pureblood
Nationality: English and German
Place of Birth: Heatherfield Hall, Yorkshire
Date of Birth: November 17th, 2056
Age: 20
Spoken Languages: English, German
Relationship Status: Single


Eyes: Grey
Hair: Dark blond
Height: 6'1"

Look Description: Caspian is on the taller side but certainly not the odd head towering in a crowd. He's in good shape, neither too bulky nor too lanky. His hair is blond, slightly longer, and curled at the bottom. The colour varies from lighter in the summer and gets a bit darker during the winter months. He has soft facial features yet rather defined cheekbones. He has a thin, rather pointy nose, and a small, plump mouth. His eyes are a bit cold which gives him an air of aloofness but it's often accompanied by a sly or daring smile hinting at the corner of his mouth which usually means he's up to no good. Many would probably agree that Caspian is quite a good-looking chap, and he knows it. He certainly enjoys the attention he gets from girls, and even from the occasional guy too. Whilst he's not really that way inclined, he's definitely not one to discriminate on whichever way his ego gets fed.

Dressing Style: His style is quite what to be expected of a spoiled brat; tailored and well-fitted. Generally he dresses well but since he is not a great fan of getting out of bed in the mornings, enough time is seldom reserved to getting properly dressed. At least not if he doesn't have to. He's more than happy to lounge around in a pair of trousers and a poorly buttoned shirt, but he will of course smarten up if the occasion calls for it. Colour-wise, Caspian was never one for colours and tends to prefers shades of greys, black and some darker, more desaturated blues.


Character Description: At first glance, Caspian is perceived as pretty aloof, arrogant and entitled, as spoiled children often are, and seemingly indifferent to the world around him. He is not one to seek out disagreements - generally he's a passive bloke, unbothered by most provocations. There are times when he gets angry, frustrated and annoyed just like any other person, of course, but he tends to nonchalantly dismiss whatever negativity is thrown his way.
On a closer look, Caspian has a certain sly charm about him. He's flirty, laid back and enjoys a good banter, and seldom would he be found engaging in any deep, serious conversations. He likes to steer clear of anything involving getting to personal and he’s a bad habit of avoiding committing to relationships whether they are friendly or romantic. Whilst he enjoys flirting, it will never be in pursuit of anything other than a no-strings attached relationship which will probably last no longer than a few weeks at most. To him the chase is always so much better than the catch.
Caspian is a bit of a heartbreaker and admittedly he kind of enjoys it, but he would never really set out to intentionally hurt anyone - although it has happened on occasions - he tends to be quite clear about it being a wham bam thank you ma'am sort of deal. This might stem from the fact that he is a bit of a prat but it’s mostly because he has a bit of a fear of getting attached or merlin forbid fall in love.
Caspian is a loyal and true friend though, to those who has managed to earn his trust and respect. It may take a while but his esteem once gained is then held almost unconditionally.

Quirks: Bad habit of smoking on occasions.

Strengths: Independent. Confident. Resourceful. Charming. Manipulative. Easy-going.

Weaknesses: Indifferent. Fear of commitment. Standoffish. Entitled. Prideful. Snide. Lazy.

Likes: Flying. Nighttime. Girls. Flirting. Jigsaw puzzles. Playing the piano.

Dislikes: People. Rules. Being told what to do. Mornings. Commitment.


Wand: Mahogany - Dragon heartstring - 13 ¼ - Inflexible

Strength: Quite an exceptional knack for Transfiguration as well as Charms.

Weakness: Terrible at Potioneering and Herbology. He also fails miserably at the patronus charm and seem to lack a certain strength in his defensive magic.

Boggart: Himself having ended up exactly like his father.

Patronus: Unknown. Has thus far been unsuccessful in his attempts to perform a full corporeal patronus.

Patronus Memory: N/A


School: Hogwarts 2068 - 2075
House: Slytherin

O.W.L. Results
EE - Astronomy - Dropped at N.E.W.T. Level
O - Charms
A - Herbology
A - History of Magic
A - Potions
O - Transfiguration
EE - Ancient Runes
A - Divination - Dropped at N.E.W.T. Level

N.E.W.T. Results
O - Charms
A - Herbology
A - History of Magic
D - Muggle Studies
A - Potions
O - Transfiguration
EE - Ancient Runes


Major: Broom-making
Career Aspiration: Broom designer

Family and History

Father: Henry Lanchester
Mother: Wilhelmina von Württemberg
Siblings: None

Cousin: Penelope Montague-Farnese
Cousin: Ophiuchus Lestrange

Pet: None

Background: Tidings of a newborn is most often met with joy and jubilation but in the house of Lanchester, the arrival of a baby boy only drove a deeper wedge between the two parents. Henry, despising that his wife never learnt English, raged whenever she would speak to the baby in her native tongue. Wilhelmina consequently withdrew further into the solitude of her private chambers, seldom spending time with her son.

Caspian grew up in Heatherfield Hall but despite the beautiful nature surrounding the family estate, the manor is a cold and dreary place which has lost its former splendour to the effect of generations of neglect and malignant resentment, seemingly having poisoned the very essence of the house.
It wasn't a particularly happy home and being raised by nannies and governesses, Caspian had very little contact with his parents. He would take every opportunity he could though, to spend time with his mother, something which irritated his father greatly. Whilst showing no desire to want to get to know his son himself, Henry was strangely jealous of his wife's bond with their son, and he would keep them apart out of spite. Torn between obeying her husband's commands and caring for her son, Wilhelmina eventually resigned to her husband's domination at the cost of her relationship with Caspian.

Upon reaching the age of 11 it was time for Caspian to begin school. Whilst he may never have been showered with love, he was certainly always showered with money and material possessions so naturally his first trip to Diagon Alley was nothing short of a splurge. He got everything he could possibly want and need; books, the finest parchments, exquisite quills from exotic birds, potion equipment, clothes, an Ollivander wand, and best of all a brand new broomstick to mark the occasion. Flying and the love for broomsticks is in Caspian’s blood after all, and one simply cannot have too many brooms. Caspian was excited to begin school.

Arriving at Hogwarts turned out to be a massive disappointment however. Caspian found that his brand new, fastest on the market broomstick had been confiscated and let's just say a spoiled child does not look kindly on having his favourite toy taken away because of some silly old school rule. He was absolutely miserable and this mindset haunted the rest of his first year. Having grown up without siblings and in a cold and for the most part uncaring home, he was undeniably ill-versed in the ways of making friends and generally getting along with other people was a struggle. He fell into many disagreements and fights with other students.

Coming back for a second year Caspian knew what to expect out of school and he learned to adapt to get around and how to not get into any altercations with other students. One might say he took on a more passive approach, trying not to get involved in anything or downright ignore whatever was going on around him. And he realised it served him quite well. He was also finally allowed a broom at school and that definitely made his year a great deal better. Being such a skilled flyer, many suggested that he should try out for the Quidditch team but Caspian had no interest in participating in a team sport.

The years rolled on and Caspian faired well in school, and keeping out of trouble for the most part, but a few detentions here and there were inevitable. By his third year, he'd begun to discovered how many good-looking girls there were at Hogwarts and he quite enjoyed the attention they seemed to be paying him as well. Being completely oblivious in the art of wooing however made for quite a few awkward situations. Come fourth year though, Caspian had grown a great deal and become quite the little flirt. It wasn't until his fifth year that he actually started dating but he never entered anything serious. For the main part he kept to his friends and taking every opportunity he could to take his broom for a spin. But it did happen that go into some problems every now and then, ending up in detention a lot and cost his house a great deal of points for sneaking around the castle after hours. Being a night owl, set sleeping hours never did work well for him.

He graduated Hogwarts with good enough grades. Although having no real aspirations or desire to continue his education, Caspian still made the decision to go onto university where he enrolled in broom-making. It surely was better than staying at home butting heads with his father and besides, studying brooms could hardly be boring, right?
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