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With the muggleborns in charge, nothing has really changed since the Battle of Hogwarts. The sides have been switched with those bearing old family names being discriminated against. Once again the revolution is upon us. What side will go to the darkest places to get what they want? Will it be yours?

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 Hogwarts University
 Posted: Sep 7 2014, 03:27 PM

Due to so much death in the Second Wizarding War, Masters of subjects became few and far between. Those who were left were not able to take on the number of apprentices clamoring for teachers. They took the problem to the Wizengamot who adopted the muggle idea of continued education and decided to build Hogwarts University. This way, Masters could teach classes of apprentices, not just one or two at a time.

Hogwarts University sits directly across the villiage of Hogsmeade from Hogwarts Castle. The path from the village has many twists, it takes about fifteen minutes to walk it. In the center of the Campus stands the administration building which handles the processing of incoming students as well as holding the offices for all of the Professors and Executive and Administrative Staff of the school. Coming out from this central building like spokes on a wheel are concrete paths that lead to the classroom buildings and Dorms for the students.

Each Mastery is contained within its own building and has an associated Dorm for the students that are studying it. For the duration of their stay at the University they will remain largely grouped with students that are studying the same thing they are – though there are no rules preventing fraternization between courses of study.
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