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It is May 2077.
High temps reach 14°C while the lows stay nice at 7°C. Day begins at 5.30am and ends with sunset at 9pm. Rain is an almost constant with dry days being mostly clouded over.
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Persephone DeVilaine


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Sep 17 2016, 02:50 PM
Persephone stumbled slightly when she apparated on the vast castle grounds that seemed to surround the home of Dorjan. The path was beautifully kept, but it was gravel, and that required a certain amount of balance - she had never before really appreciated how her legs had immediately adjusted any the new floor. Slowly she walked up the drive, straightening her evening dress (she had decided to appear in formal, but not official attire - politeness towards the host combined with precaution against unnecessarily prejudicing him).

She was glad she had elected to arrive in the late evening - the big flower beds were coming to life before her eyes, and she stopped more than once to bend down and inspect one of the flowers, or to breath in the smell of a rosa fusca. She had not exactly been nervous - the vampire seemed to be a very sensible person and would know that seriously hurting her would bring the people with torches sooner to his doorstep than he could suck her dry - but the flower beds put her more at ease.

When finally the big entrance door was looming before her, she took a deep breath, than rang the bell.

"How do the Muggles say? Here goes nothing!", she mumbled, then put on her best society face.

Sep 15 2016, 04:58 AM
[Open for all]

Breakfast had not even begun on the first day of the new school year, when a dignified older house elf appeared in front of the Herbology class room, unrolled a large piece of parchment and neatly fixed it to the wall next to the door. He briefly tucked at the edges, obviously testing whether it was securely sticking on and safe from student mischief, then nodded, satisfied, and disappeared again.

The parchment, covered in a bold, slanting hand, read:

Curriculum 2075
P. DeVilaine, professor
Office hours: 10:00- 12:00, Monday-Friday, or by appointment

#First year#
**General introduction to herbology**
- Commonly used techniques (cutting, planting, upkeep, storage)
- Safety and best practice
- Most common magical plants
- *Field trip: St. Mungo's pharmaceutical garden*
- *Class project: grow a patch of shrivelling pumpkins*
- *Partner subject: Flying*

#Second year#
**Descriptive herbology**
- Plant description
- Plant identification
- Tree lore
- *Field trip: plant identification in the wild*
- *Student project: present a noted herbologist*
- *Partner subject: History of Magic*

#Third year#
**Commercial applications of herbology**
- Medicinal plants
- Preparation and storage of components
- Fungi
- *Field trip: large company or institution, commercial plant growing and preparation*
- *Class project: grow all components for a simple remedy*
- *Partner subject: Potions*

#Fourth year#
**Muggle herbology**
- Muggle herbologist lore and practice
- Soil lore
- Optimal growing conditions and magical helpers
- *Field trip: muggle medicinal garden*
- *Student project: grow a simple plant and present it with both muggle and wizard lore*
- *Partner subject: Muggle Studies*

#Fifth year#
**OWL preparations**
- Underwater plants
- Force growing, herbology in the Dark Arts
- Poisonous plants
- *Field trip: diving expedition*
- *Student project: plant propagation*
- *Partner subject: DaDA*

#Sixth year:#
**Advanced herbology:**
- Highly toxic plants, safety and emergency procedures
- Magical upkeep of difficult plants
- Natural habitats, feeding plants, parasitic plants
- *Field trip: class decision*
- *Student project: own choice*
- *Partner subject: Charms, Care of Magical Creatures*

#Seventh year:#
**NEWT preparation**
- Adjusting plant properties by selective propagation and hybridisation
- Destroying plants, countering magical attacks on plants
- Preparation of wand wood
- *Field trip: class decision*
- *Student project: own choice*
- *Partner subject: Transfiguration, Arithmancy*

Assistant positions are open for students from the third year onwards. Please apply in writing, stating your motivation, your qualifications and the time you can safely spend on the position. Students struggling in core subjects may not apply without the approval of the teacher whose subject they are likely to fail.

Students from fifth year onwards will be allowed private lab time. The greenhouses are closed from 18:00 to 5:30. If you require access during that time, arrange this well in advance with a member of the staff!

Students taking NEWTs in Herbology will be allowed private working space in the greenhouses and are expected to offer tutoring.

All student projects must be cleared by the staff. Supplies may only be taken after signing them out in the supply book. Please be considerate with school resources.

To promote a broader view of Herbology and a better understanding of its practical applications, all students are encouraged to choose their projects to mesh with current projects in other subjects.

**Do not remove any plants, parts of plants, soil, tools or supplies from the greenhouses without express permission by a staff member! Always wear appropriate safety gear!**
Sep 14 2016, 08:11 PM

Persephone Cassytha DeVilaine
39 | Herbology Teacher | Bisexual| Single

Blurb: Persephone is not actually looking forward to having to interact with other people. But if they are fairly intelligent, amusing and mostly able to get along without needing anything from her, she is willing to indulge them.

Looking for: Peace and quiet? And perhaps a few allies. Also everybody who seems competent enough to help her sort out her problems.
Friends: If friends include people you offer coffee too when they drop into your office, she supposes she has a few friends at the Ministry.
Enemies: Jack the Warlock. Everybody else qualifies as minor annoyance.
Other: She does not have the patience for a relationship. And probably not quite the self-confidence for one either at the moment. [OOC: She pretty badly needs tsomebody to shake her up, though. That accident screwed several things in her brain, and a few others were none too straight to begin with.]

Reply (repeated for each character applicable)
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[b]Proposed Interaction(s):[/b]
Sep 14 2016, 06:23 PM
Persephone DeVilaine

Full Name: Persephone Cassytha DeVilaine
Blood Status: Pure-blood
Nationality: British and French (she was born while her parents were on a diplomatic mission in France)
Place of Birth: Mont Saint-Michel, France
Date of Birth: December 12th, 2038
Age: 37
Spoken Languages: English, French, Breton, Latin, various others with varying levels of competence
Relationship Status: single


Eyes: blue
Hair: very long, black hair
Height: medium height and build

Look Description:
Persephone is quite good looking. She has rather pale, perfect skin, elegant features, luxurious hair, very elegant hands, a graceful figure ... and unfortunately a very large scar on her right hip and several smaller burns all down her legs. She has retrained herself very carefully to move or stand without giving her injury away, displaying once again her former grace, but it is hard work and she cannot keep up the appearance of health for long.

Dressing Style:
Usually quite formal and old-fashioned, achieving what is best described as severe opulence. Her legs are always covered. Her predominant colours are black, grey, blue, green and silver.


Character Description:

Quirks: Secret coffee addict. Sarcastic humour. Cynical. Great appreciation of irony.

- She is highly intelligent and logical and able to put the facts over feelings.
- She has an immense knowledge about a wide variety of subjects
- She is a very strong and versatile witch.
- She comes from a very good, rich family and has a lot of support from there
- She is an animagus, turning into a magpie
- She is very composed, self-confident and not easily shaken.

- She is aloof, cold and often arrogant.
- She has an untreatable leg injury: she can no longer walk longer distances, climb stairs easily, or sit a broom comfortably.
- She is quite secretive and does not believe in sharing unless she knows another person really well.
- Can be very direct and cutting when she does not like something. Usually she does not care too much about the opinion other people have of her, so she sees no reason to hold back.
- Does not believe in small hammers: When she took the exam to qualify as a workplace safety expert, it ended with most coworkers leaving very quickly and quite green in the face after she showed the possible results of several cases of negligence a bit too drastically.
- Impatient and has no tolerance for fools - which makes her a bad teacher for lazy students.

- Flying - which is kind of a problem when you can't sit a broom anymore. The only solution was to become an animagus.
- Detective work - even if it comes only in the shape of a well-written murder mystery (she is even willing to admit that muggles have a few good ones there)
- Her aquarium: It contains a variety of rare underwater plants, a few snails, crabs and fish - very relaxing.
- Her two house elves: They make life so much more comfortable.
- Logic and Order - and by extension paperwork. If you want something, best state it in writing - and be intelligent about it.
- Gloves: Really, how can people keep their hands decent without high quality gloves?

- Idiots, students who behave more stupidly than necessary, people in general
- Her disability and any pity
- The whole Quidditch team (for above reason)
- Uninspired food, bad accomodations, bad clothing - yes, she loves a comfortable lifestyle
- Mousey little Ministry employees and people who are too mild mannered - they might turn out to be mass murderers
- Wizards, especially pure blooded ones, who do not hold themself to a very high standart. Muggles can muggle through, since they do not have magic, nothing more can be expected of them. But a true wizard always tries for perfection.

- Jack the Warlock - a very mild looking, forgettable man dressed in a suit

- A large badger (she has difficulties casting a patronus spell at the moment)

Patronus Memory:
- Playing with her first badger, Arthus, when she was a child


Wand: Yew, Dragonheart String, 13 inches, smooth and elegant

- Herbology: Plants are much nicer and more logical than people, immensely powerful and relaxing to work with. Besides, they are the basic of all practical magic, because every wizard would be lost without their wand, right? And I'm pretty sure you don't want to poison yourself while picking the ingredients for your next potion - or have the right ingredients at hand when your next charm fails horribly. So you better stop treating this as a minor subject, boys and girls!
- Potions: Usually she is better at identifying than at brewing or even developing new potions, but she has a repertoire of analytical potions that are very complex and quite a challenge even to a potion master.
- DaDA: Came with the job. She is somewhat limited in the practical application at the moment.
- Since her accident, she has become a skilled animagus, turning into a large magpie. She can be easily recognized by her crippled leg in this form.

- Divination: Tossing a knut is a more reliable way to predict the future - at least it is right half the time.
- All spells/methods that attempt to influence another person or read their thoughts - taking a person over completely is easy, but picking all through their brains to pull the right strings? No thanks!
- Astrology: Admittedly, it is a proper science, but every other one is more interesting.
- Flying on a broom: Yes, she can't do that anymore. No, she does not want any pity for it.
- At the moment, powerful spells might have unpredictable results - she is still trying to find her magical feet again after her acciedent.


School: Hogwards (2049-2057)
House: Slytherin


Position: Herbology Teacher
Former positions: (If any) Auror, Unspeakable

Family and History

Father: Geraint Merlin DeVilaine (Slytherin, died of a heart attack three years ago)
Mother: Selene, née Avington (Ravenclaw, retired, lives at the Côte d'Azure)
Siblings: None

None, unless you count an aquarium full of small fish.

Since her earliest childhood, she had always had a badger companion - a gift from her parents when they had to move once again, acting both as a constant companion and as a bodyguard. The badgers were especially selected for her by her father and retired honourably to the family seat once they became too old to guard her properly. Her last badger, Lancelot, had been her companion since she began training as an auror. He died trying to defend her after Jack the Warlock had shot her down. He managed to hold on long enough so that a squad of unspeakables could subdue Jack, but died before she came back to consciousness.

As her patronus is tied to the happy memories she has playing with Lancelot's grandfather, she has great difficulties casting a patronus charm at the moment.


Her parents both worked as diplomates and negotiators for the Ministry of Magic, as have all oldest sons of her father's family since anyone can remember. Persephone (or Persy, as she was called) grew up all over the world, moving every year or so - her parents always tried to make each move a happy occassion for her, though, and usually made sure that she had good nanny in each place who could help her explore her new home safely. After she went to Hogwarts, she often joined her parents on holidays, but about half the time she also stayed at school. She quickly learned that many things useful to her parents could be learned by listening to her school mates - one of the reasons why she herself prefers not to discuss her personal affairs.

Persephone was a very good student who enjoyed the scientific subjects most. She was a chaser on the Quiddich team for her two final years and student assistant to the Herbology teacher since her third year.

After she finished school, she applied for training as an auror - while her father would have liked to see her in the diplomatic service as well, he knew that with her temper and personality that would have led to a catastrophe. She was accepted and excelled at it - so much that she was recruited as an Unspeakable (although her father might have had something to do with that, too ...). She quickly specialized in crime investigation, but kept up her field qualifications as well.

Nearly a year ago she was tasked to investigate a number of murders that had the aurors stumped - clues they found disappeared again, others led to improbable suspects, and the sheer amount of things going wrong inexplicably was staggering. The murdered people were all pureblooded witches who preferred to live in muggle surroundings - keeping the murders and the following investigations secret was a nightmare in itself.
Working on the clues discovered by the aurors and some intelligence discovered by her own department, she came to the conclusion that the actual murderer (calling himself Jack the Warlock) was an assistant to the Minister of Magic.

Realizing that he would likely find out that she was going to identify him, she tried to contact the aurors working the case, but before they could respond, Jack attacked her in the department's storage hall, wielding a wand made powerful by the blood of his victims. The following fight led to the destruction of several invaluable artifacts, and the resulting wild magic has made it impossible to completely heal the injuries she recieved. She managed to temporarily slow him down by collapsing half the roof over him, depleating most of her own strength. Realizing that she would not be able to defeat him, she and Lancelot tried to escape on her broom through the big hole in the ceiling, but the wild magic made this very difficult as well - and unfortunately Jack had very quickly dug himself out again. A powerful shot disintegrated her broom and a big chunk of her right hip and caused her to fall down from considerable height. Lancelot survived the fall long enough to defend her until a number of other Unspeakables, alerted because of the collapsed ceiling, arrived and subdued Jack.

She has spend three months in St. Mungo's and is as healed as she will likely get. Unable to keep up field qualifications, she had to choose between accepting a desk job or changing careers; since the Herbology position was open, she decided to take a sabbatical from the Ministry to give herself time to explore her options. Also, she hopes that with the research she will be able to do in Hogwarts, she might further improve her hip. She also was warned that her magic will likely need a longer time to heal completely, and has noticed that she has difficulties controlling powerful spells at the moment. She hopes that her stay at Hogwarts with all its magical safeguards will help here, too.

Officially, she has been an investigator in the department against the misuse of artifacts and has been in an accident when investigating the import of low quality wants.
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