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With the muggleborns in charge, nothing has really changed since the Battle of Hogwarts. The sides have been switched with those bearing old family names being discriminated against. Once again the revolution is upon us. What side will go to the darkest places to get what they want? Will it be yours?

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 The Hunt, Open to All
Liam McGrath
 Posted: May 15 2018, 12:55 PM

At her thanks, Liam gave her a confused look for a moment. It never would have occurred to him that there would be thanks for calling her by her name. Still, he wasn’t about to poke fun at her about it; his experience was that Slytherins tended to be a bit prickly by nature and he didn’t want to cause any trouble where there didn’t need to be any. Therefore, with a grin, he nodded and replied, “You’re more than welcome.”

Again, her answer surprised him just a little bit – though pleasantly so. It was nice not to get another rant about how terrible it was to be forced to come to something like this, or about how important it was to force this sort of thing on the magical world. Liam was very much a live and let live kind of person and he didn’t understand why more people couldn’t be the same.

The blush that flashed across her face as she called out his name made him smile. Although, it was a lot more difficult than he would have thought not to make a joke about it. Making fun of things like that came as second nature to him most of the time but – In the process of trying to make a new friend – It really wasn’t the right time.

“I’ve no qualms about helping ourselves a bit early,” he agreed with a playful grin. After all, it was just chocolate – it wasn’t as if they couldn’t run into town real quick and buy more if there wasn’t enough of it.

“Do you know where they’ve got this set up though? I know it’s up ahead in the woods but I have to admit that I’m not as familiar with the Forbidden Forest as I feel I should be as a Gryffindor.”

“So,” he offered, “do you want to go see if we can track down the field before they kick this all off, or do you want to duck back the other way and sneak into town? I doubt anyone is actually paying any attention, judging by the number of people I’ve seen head that way already.”

“There’s chocolate there that doesn’t require potentially getting lost in the woods…”

Lottie Cane

user posted image
=Arts By G=
Nate Essex
 Posted: May 15 2018, 01:54 PM

“I can understand that,” Nate agreed obliviously, “there’s a lot going on here today. I haven’t even been able to get over to check out any of the stands. Let alone out into the woods to find out where they’ve got this egg hunt set up.”

To be fair though, Nate was ridiculously easily distracted and something like this was an extremely mixed blessing to him. As much as he loved having the time away from school, he couldn’t quite focus on anything enough and ended up tuckering himself out by the end of the day without really getting even to try everything that he might have enjoyed.

“That sounds fantastic,” he brightened considerably as Gideon reminded him that they were there to hunt eggs.

His eyes darted off in the direction the other boy was pointing and he could see a small trail of students heading off into the woods and he perked up even more, if that were possible, “They’ve got it set up in the Forest? This is going to be great!”

“I wonder why we’re not supposed to go in on the school side if they’re allowed to set up something like this over here…”

It wasn’t something that really bothered Nate and he shrugged the thought off almost before it had left his lips. The proximity of something that was actually called the “Forbidden” forest had long been a temptation for him and it was only the fear of being expelled that had kept him from venturing into the place. Well… more than the short distance roaming that he did. After all, he couldn’t picture something all that dangerous being allowed to remain near the school so what would the harm be in delving just a little bit.

He fell into step with his new friend and his eyes darted all around as they entered the tree line. The map took them along several prominently marked trails a short distance into the forest where it exited into a beautiful, serene clearing. It was at least as large as the Quidditch Pitch back at the school, though a lot more peaceful. Or, it likely would have been if it weren’t filled with children milling around laughing and joking.

A quite spring fed a small pond off to the far side of the clearing from where they’d exited and a small group of adults stood there watching, as another mass of kids rooted through the grass and the tree line, turning up small numbers of brightly colored objects that Nate had to assume were eggs. As the came to a stop near the kids they’d been following a harried looking ministry official came rushing over to them with a clip board, “Names and year please? We want to make sure that you get into a group with children of a similar age and so we know where to send you to hunt your eggs.”

Nate blinked at the overly-stressed sounding woman and grinned, “My name’s Nate, and I’m a 4th year. This is Gideon, and he is too.”

As he answered for his friend, he looked over quickly to make sure that was okay – that he hadn’t overstepped a boundary somewhere.

Gideon Fawkes


Thanks for the arts, G!

All Characters:

Alex Morrigan
 Posted: May 15 2018, 02:32 PM

A low rumble of laughter echoed out of Alex at her words and he immediately held up his hands in apology, “I’m sorry, I don’t mean to laugh. It’s just that you’re giving voice to the thoughts that I have almost every day when I have to teach the first years.”

Most of the time, Alex loved teaching and he really couldn’t imagine himself doing anything else. However, there were times that the little ones made him want to run screaming. It had been different with his own kids, thank Merlin, but the students sometimes were just too much. The thought made him shudder as much as it brought a smile to his face.

“Then I’m even more sorry to hear that,” Alex replied with a frown. He didn’t really know much about Autumn Winters other than that his father didn’t seem particularly enamored of the woman. Although, that had just as much chance of being due to political differences as it did anything else.

“For the most part that works. Although, I have enough trouble makers in my House that sometimes it’s best not to keep them all in a confined area unless I have no other choice. Just when I think that I’ve managed to forget about them, they blow something up or turn someone into a pig.”

The tone in her voice told him he was pushing too hard, so Alex nodded and let it go. He hated not being able to help when he was in a position to do so; but pushing his aid against her will wasn’t a good plan either. Best just to accept that he’d done everything he could and that was that.

Again, he laughed and shook his head, “I’m sure that would be at least as fun as watching over the little hellions. Unfortunately, that’s actually my job so I suppose that you’re right.”

Just as he was about to leave it occurred to him that he hadn’t asked her name and he turned back, “I’m sorry – I should have asked. My name is Alex, what’s your name?”

Desmonda Stanis


=Art by G=

All Characters:

Aiden Flynn
 Posted: May 15 2018, 03:33 PM

“I’m sure that’s true,” he agreed happily, “and just think… if you consider yourself to be in that group you’re head and shoulder above the rest because you have such stellar company to go along with you quest for sugar.”

Another laugh escaped him at her reaction to his words. While he wasn’t exactly sure what the requirements were for being a Professor, he sort of doubted that the Minister could just switch back and forth like that; not to mention, it seemed super unlikely that he’d even be willing to give up the position given that he hadn’t been in it very long.

The fact that she laughed at her own joke brought another bought of laughter out of him.

With a teasing smile on his face, Aiden replied, “I do say so! If you don’t see it, then you clearly played the wrong sorts of games when you were growing up. There’s a lot of fun that could be had scrambling around.”

Aiden felt great about the bright smile that spread across her face as he congratulated her ability. It was easy enough to do, since it was a really cool ability. He found himself curious about whether other people just didn’t say anything about it, or if they were used to it, but her reaction made it seem like she didn’t get compliments on it often, which was just stupid.

It hadn’t occurred to him just how much patience, and trial and error, had to be involved in something like that. As he considered the amount of work that must be required to control something like that he found himself doubting that it was truly an ability that he wanted – unless he could somehow get it and instinctually know how to use it.

“There’s no question in my mind that it’ll absolutely be worth it. Do you have a tutor for that? Or are you just learning on your own?”

As she nudged him when the group passed, he looked over curiously to see what was up and almost dissolved into tears of laughter as her hair changed. He managed to contain himself, though snorted loudly, as he tried not to attract the attention of the passing group.

“Oh god,” he gasped, “that’s awesome.”

Then they were in the clearing where the egg hunts were set up. Aiden was a bit surprised by the scope of it. It was a large open area and there seemed to be several roped off sections, some out in the middle of nowhere that were being searched over by kids that appeared to be too young for school age. Several older kids were combing through an area with several stone piles set up in some sort of a design or another.

A stressed out ministry employee in a disturblingly brightly colored suit came rushing over and asked for their name and year. Aiden smiled and answered, “Poppy and Aiden, we’re both fifth years.”

“Good,” the adult answered quickly, “you’ll be the last two to get your group started. Come with me.”

He led the way over toward a small group of other kids that Aiden recognized from classes and around the school – and the assholes from the trail – and then gave them all some directions, “Your area is over there on the other side near the pond. It extends a distance into the woods. Stay inside the yellow taped area and you’ll be able to find some eggs.”

“Have fun!” they finished with a forced smile before hurrying off to greet some new arrivals.

Poppy Burke


Thanks for the arts, G!

All Characters:

Ianto Barnes
 Posted: May 15 2018, 08:23 PM

Ianto shrugged just after her. “I can’t say I’d know. I’m not in the habit of asking other men what they like.” He smirked as he spoke thinking it might actually be a fun thing to try sometime.

“That’s a brilliantly unusual name.” Ianto commented quite seriously. The names had been something he’d quickly come to love about the magical world. In his eleven years while he’d never hated his name he’d always known it was different, that it made him stand out in a way. While he didn’t find another Ianto in the world that was still so new to him he had enjoyed hearing the weird and unusual names the purebloods often gave their children. “Does it have any special meaning?” He questioned. After finding so many strange names in books and used by his schoolmates Ianto had dove into a research hobby looking up the meanings and origins of the names he was reading and seeing.

The man shrugged again as he glanced round. “I don’t believe I have any set type. I’m not even all the way put off by long hair and the thought of a stray strand wrapped around my pinkie toe.”

Which is exactly what had happened to him before, his experience of the horrors of longer hair. He took some moments to think then if he did have a type. Obviously he spent his time with beautiful women but beautiful wasn’t really classed as a type.

“I’ve had more blonde girlfriends.” He said. “A type narrows options too much I’d think.”

Ianto leaned against the fence now rather than hop back on it. He continued to ponder his thoughts while keeping his eyes on the field.

“Can a person have a non-type?” He wondered aloud. “In that case I could give an answer - women taller than myself. The look of it is too odd.” The look of things was always most important to Ianto.

“And you? Do you have a type?”

Xolani Oloo

user posted image
Thanks Courtney for the set
Gideon Fawkes
 Posted: May 16 2018, 07:00 PM

“What have you managed to do?” Gideon asked. He didn’t understand what this day was all about or why this holiday called Easter merited a day of activities but he was curious enough to ask questions. To him it all seemed in good fun and that went against quite a lot of his knowledge of the muggles and their world.

Gideon smiled widely when the already cheerful boy brightened further still. Yes, it was plain to see that Nate was an excitable type of person and while Gideon was usually wary around such people he didn’t feel a need to be with Nate. In Gideon’s opinion excitable people came in two varieties; the safe ones and the ones that could turn on him at any moment. The latter excitable person tended to use their energy more to stir up trouble with anyone they felt like rather than just have a good time.

“Yeah.” He answered weakly as he scratched the back of his head. “The forest.”

The Slytherin shrugged. “I gave up trying to understand adults rules before I even came to school.” He stated with a small smile. At home there had been many conflicting rules, usually by his father’s design. That man would do anything to upset and irritate those he lived with.

When they entered the forest Gideon forced himself to keep walking though his legs seemed to be desperately trying to seize on him. Following the map was easy enough and soon they were in the clearing. Gideon assumed his legs were grateful when the pair finally came to a stop.

He took his chance then to have a proper look around. It was a beautiful setting and he couldn’t help but think that it was being wasted as the setting for a hunt of any kind. Already the lush grass was being trampled down all over by the feet of the many students.

Gideon stared at the woman when she spoke wondering why they had to give their names. The fact that this day had been put together by muggleborns clanged in his head and his eyes narrowed slightly. She explained quickly and Gideon supposed he could accept that answer. It was plausible enough and really, what could they do with his name and year anyway.

Nate answered for him prompting Gideon to flash a grateful smile the Gryffindors way. They were directed to the group they had to join. “So… we just collect those eggs and trade them for a prize at the end?” Gideon asked as he watched those already gathering the bright eggs.

“Or are those chocolate?” That made no sense to him. Surely chocolate eggs would melt in their hands.

Soon enough it was their groups turn and when they were told to start Gideon lost no time in finding his first egg. He kept close to Nate as the search continued. His worry about the niceness of the clearing being wasted bled away as he actually began to enjoy himself, joking with Nate and even some of the others they were in competition with.

Nate Essex

user posted image
Thanks Courtney for the set
Nate Essex
 Posted: May 17 2018, 02:20 PM

“I…” Nate hesitated for just a moment, “I… well… I guess I haven’t really done anything so far today. There’s just so much going on. It’s hard to concentrate on any one thing, you know?”

Even Nate – with as oblivious as he was – couldn’t miss the clear signs that Gideon was worried about their trek into the Forest. With a bright grin and a shrug, he did his best to console the other boy, “Nothing to fear, there’s no way that they’d let us go tramping around in there if it wasn’t completely safe; would they? Certainly not with a new Headmaster that needs to make an impression and with a Minister who doesn’t want anyone getting hurt on his watch.”

“They must have made extra sure that everything was safe.”

“That’s a wise decision,” he agreed, “just think – in just a couple of years we’ll be adults and I don’t see any way that I’m going to start making sense between now and then. I bet it was the same way for them when they were kids.”

As they joined their group, the excited chatter continued around them and Nate did his best to focus on what his new friend was saying. It would have been tricky enough in a new place alone, but with all the noise, it was downright hard. His eyes darted over toward one of the kids running past with an egg and he smiled, “They look like plastic eggs. So, there’s probably chocolate inside of them – or at least something to turn in for candy later on or somewhere else.”

Once they got started on their hunt, it became clear that the eggs were in fact plastic. Unable to wait another second, Nate broke his open to find a couple small pieces of chocolate. With a brilliant smile, he offered one of them to Gideon and said, “Yup, chocolate inside them.”

After that, he did his best to hunt down more of the colorful little targets. However, with all the activity going on around him, and with so many people to talk to, he was falling pretty far behind in ‘competition.’

Gideon Fawkes


Thanks for the arts, G!

All Characters:

Desmonda Stanis
 Posted: May 17 2018, 07:25 PM

Desmonda didn’t take any offence when Alex laughed since she rightly assumed that he wasn’t laughing at her, at least not really, not in a nasty way anyway. She smiled slightly at his apology and explanation for it.

“Well, you did choose to become a professor. Quite difficult to do that and not deal with the stickiest ones.” She deadpanned as if still in the tight grip of her huff.

“It’s fine really. It’s just one day and I’ve a foolproof plan for cheering myself up when I eventually get home.” First her bath and then, since her mother had decided on a very last minute holiday Desmonda was going to spend whatever she had left of the night with her father. They were going to stuff their faces with junk food, chat and bring the yet to be sold puppies into the house. Her mother hated when the puppies were brought into the house.

She chuckled at the description of his House students and guessed, “Gryffindor?” Though he’d struck her as more of a Hufflepuff now that she’d met him Desmonda was sure she’d been told he was actually one of the lions. Though not sure enough to keep her question to herself. They sounded very Gryffindor, even from the few words he’d actually said about them. He certainly hadn’t been talking of the Slytherins she knew that much for certain.

“That’s funny because I suppose you’re right too.” She told him cheekily.

“Oh right, we didn’t do the introduction thing.” And it was his fault so right that he apologised. She wouldn’t do likewise. “I’m Desmonda and I’d offer to shake your hand but it might be a tad hypocritical of me… my hands are probably sticky.” She held her hands up as best she could as evidence just as she noticed another Ministry official walking her way.

Desmonda turned towards the woman. She was dressed like Stanley but nowhere near as friendly. It was in a snapping manner that she informed Desmonda she could take a thirty minute break before being expected to return to the same spot. When she left Desmonda made a face behind her back before turning back to Alex.

“Well it was nice meeting you, Alex and you seem to have kept the kids away so thank you. Bye.” She smiled brightly before walking away as quickly as her costume would allow. Not a moment of this break would be wasted, not a one.

Alex Morrigan

user posted image
Thanks to G for the set
Poppy Burke
 Posted: Yesterday at 07:40 pm

“That’s what you say but I think you may be biased in your own favour.” With a quick glance Poppy looked Aiden up and down while her expression gave no clue as to her thoughts. “I’ll reserve judgement for now.”

“Maybe I’m just past that stage. People do say girls mature faster than boys. Five years faster in fact.” The manner in which she delivered the words was snide but there was a cheeky grin to accompany them.

His question about a tutor caused Poppy to think for a moment. Maybe she’d see if there was anyone who could teach her. Surely someone would know another metamorphmagus. Yes they were rare but she knew for certain that she couldn’t be the only one.

“I’m learning on my own.” She told him. “The more I do it the easier it is.” As she spoke she blinked once. Her eyes had changed from the vivid green she favoured to a brilliant red that almost matched her hair.

Poppy smiled. “Now I’ve gotten good enough to show off with it.”

While letting Aiden take the lead with the strangely dressed man Poppy took a look around. Rather than looking at the area though she checked out the people. Not immediately spotting any Slytherins made her wonder if maybe she’d actually get to try and enjoy this egg hunt thing. It was easy to enjoy hanging out with Aiden when she wasn’t worried about whispering people taking tales back to the common room.

When they were told to have fun she started walking along the tape looking for eggs. As she did she asked Aiden quietly. “How much fun would it be to push that girl with the stupid hair in the pond?”

Then almost straight after that thought. “Found one!” She snatched it up and frowned as she held it in her hand. It was brightly coloured and definitely not chocolate. Poppy turned to Aiden. “Okay, where’s the candy?”

Aiden Flynn

user posted image
Thanks to G for the set!
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