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With the muggleborns in charge, nothing has really changed since the Battle of Hogwarts. The sides have been switched with those bearing old family names being discriminated against. Once again the revolution is upon us. What side will go to the darkest places to get what they want? Will it be yours?

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 The Ballroom, Open to All Attendees
Maz Cowan
 Posted: Jan 16 2018, 09:24 PM
Maz Cowan
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5-September 14

As soon as she was amongst the crowd Maz was regretting moving away from the woman without a word. Not only did she not know what she was supposed to do she was buzzing, jittery. As soon as she had finished singing and realised she had done the nerves left but a burst of adrenaline took its place. She kept turning in half circles. Merlin she needed a drink.

She didn’t know what she’d been looking for but a drink was what she found. It was easy to take it from the hand of someone as she passed. Only the most hostile were staring glares at her, more were averting their eyes. After taking a sip Maz screwed up her face. “Whit kind eh man drinks gin?” she asked herself before drinking down what was left in the glass.

Coming across a woman who had what looked like a vodka and lime Maz was quick. “Here ye go there hen.” She pushed the empty glass into the lady’s free hand. “Oh an’ thank you very much. Don’t mind if ah do.” She took the other glass from the woman. “What a kind soul ye are.” She spoke as she walked away quickly then laughed.

It was vodka in the glass Maz was pleased to find. She carried on her way drinking as she did. She kept glancing around searching for something but not knowing what. The nasty looks cast in her direction were easily ignored and with no remarks aimed at her she had no reason to fly off the handle. A shame really because she knew a good scrap would be great right about then. It would burn some of the energy off a nice scrappy fight. There was nothing quite like it.

“Guys!” She happily shouted as soon as she spotted Tim and the others. “Yo-ho!” Maz bounce walked over drinking what remained in the glass on the way. “Anybody fancy a race?” She asked her question straight away. “Am high as a f**kin’ kite. It hit me like BAM!” She hit her own chest. “F**ck! Harder than ah meant there.” She rubbed where she’d hit. “So aye, racin’! Whit aboot it?” Instead of standing still Maz bounced on her toes.

“Ah jist… ah need tae dae some’hin. Am totally ready tae do it… whitever it is, s’long as it’s fast and… like… kindae… busy!” A man walking behind her soon found his hand empty as Maz has slipped his glass from it. A passing woman was given the empty glass. “Well thank you kind lady. Whit a very well-mannered person ye are.” The woman walked away, clearly bewildered. Maz continued to bounce while she got busy draining her latest drink - rum and blackcurrant. It didn’t really matter, the mood she was in she’d drink anything alcoholic.

“We could climb some’hin’!” She said louder than intended the thought having just sprang on her. “Climbin’s busy as f**k.” The giddiness was not lessening any.

Lottie Cane

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-Mega thanks to Court for the set-
Lottie Cane
 Posted: Yesterday at 04:49 pm
Lottie Cane
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30-September 14

The sight of Maz entering on a broom was just a wonderous thing and it was a shame that it wasn't getting the appreciation that it should. If she thought she could get away with it, or think it would help, she would have sent a few cheering charms into the throng of adults. At least that way Maz would get the reaction that she deserved, it definitely took a lot to get up on a stage and sing in front of an audience who, the majority of, seemed to want you off stage.

Lottie cheered along with her friends when Maz finally finished singing. She was actually a really good singer and Lottie was pleased that she had been there to witness it. She hoped that Maz heard their group cheering for her, though with the silence it wouldn't be too hard for it to travel to the stage.

As she went to reply to Tim, wishing to go with him to do the same, she was stopped in her tracks by the presence of Maz herself. With a small squeak at being suddenly confronted by the girl she took a step back, only to grin when Maz finally made her way through the crowd to get to them properly.

"A race?" She repeated. Maz had just gone on stage to sing and now she wished to race the rest of them around the house? She wasn't against having some fun with the group but it did seem to be a huge jump between singing and now. As she continued speaking it began to make a bit more sense and Lottie felt the corner of her mouth tugging up into a grin. It would be fun to get out and have some fun around the house, or outside, wherever there was space.

A thought struck her and once Maz had taken a pause she voiced her idea. "What about a race on brooms? If there are some spare?" It would be fast and busy and they could still race. It'd be fun and seeing Maz on the broom had caused her to want to do something similar, it had been too long since she, herself, had gotten onto a broom just for fun.

Lottie glanced at the rest of her group as Maz switched from racing to climbing. She wasn't too sure she would be able to climb anything in the shoes she was wearing, having been told by her grandma that she wasn't allowed to wear her trainers. "What would we be climbing?" She hesitatingly asked, mildly afraid of the answer.

Timothy Morrigan
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Maz Cowan


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