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Keira Bowen


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Jun 15 2017, 01:39 PM

Keira Bowen
15 | Slytherin 5th Year | Heteroflexible | Single

Blurb: Keira is fairly difficult to get along with - she's extremely direct and blunt, and too rational for her own good; plus, if you can't capture her interest, she probably won't listen to a word coming out of your mouth. She values principles and talent above all, everything else very much going right over her head.

Looking for:

Friends: While not keeping any close to heart, I see her having a friend or two that can see the fun in her twisted sense of humor, or people she tags along with for recreational Quidditch. After her brother's death she promised herself to start seeing value in such relationships and nurture them but she's not a natural at it at all. She's also probably known around the Library area. If she could, she'd camp in there through all vacations.

Best Friend: Maybe someone actually breaks through that shell? Maybe not. We'll see.

Enemies: The most likely scenario. Her hunger for success probably rusted a lot of feathers and left destruction in her wake throughout the years. It's very easy to have a justified grudge against her. Plus, she probably got under a lot of muggleborns' skins given what she stands for and has the courage to come right out and fight for it.

Favours: To succeed you need "friends in high places". She has had no problem to help people out in the past, if only for them to owe her something afterwards. The reverse can also be true if she was ever in a pinch.

Romance: It's hard to hold her attention for more than a week or two, should she choose to see someone, since it takes a lot to mentally stimulate her. However, just to spite her parents (and have some fun on her own, why not) she's dated a number of boys in the past, and is likely to do it again. She's probably good looking/talented enough to warrant a loose crush or two. She's entirely unaware of the possibility of being attracted to a woman, thus considering herself straight.
Jun 15 2017, 12:57 PM
Keira Bowen

Full Name: Keira Anne Bowen
Blood Status: Halfblood
Nationality: British
Place of Birth: Kent, England
Date of Birth: 16 Feb
Age: 15
House and Year: Slytherin, 5th Year (upcoming school year)
Spoken Languages: English
Relationship Status: Single


Eyes: Dark brown. Wears rectangular rimless glasses to read.
Hair: Straight brown, a tiny bit past her shoulders. Parted slightly at the left side.
Height: 168 cm

Look Description: A slim girl whom doesn't seem to be particularly athletic, Keira was not at all let down by her genes. She doesn't have any marks or blemishes to speak of at first glance. Her gaze is permanently fierce and her stance often imposing, contributing to a strong (perhaps negative?) first impression. While attractive, she can be considered quite 'generic' in comparison to her peers.

Dressing Style: Outside of her uniform Keira's wardrobe is mostly muggle-like and tomboyish, if only to spite her parents. Jeans and sweatshirts are the order of the day most of the time (along with a trademark leather jacket and aviator sunglasses), although she would have no qualms about wearing a dress. She prefers neutral colors, opting to catch other people's attention with her words instead.


Character Description: It’s common to mistake Keira to be a cold, heartless person. Due to her annoying tendency to be extremely rational, bring everything up to an argument and leaving emotions out of it, people tend to avoid her. She tends to be very enthusiastic about her views, and refuses to see she’s wrong at times, actually doubling down when proven she’s dead wrong. She has been called out on this flaw before and has to make an actual conscious effort to correct it every time.

Truth is she feels like an outcast, so the only thing she has left is to cling to her every skill and like with her teeth - arguing and studying being two of such things. As the girl hit her teens, she became somewhat rebellious as means of grabbing attention; her mother only saw her for her brain and talent, placing unreasonably demanding expectations for her. Despite them being met every step of the way, Keira felt the need of a more meaningful connection, starting to act out. Due to her hobbies, wizards saw her as too weird, exacerbating the feeling of not fitting in with anyone and being all alone in the world.

Given her solitude, she now uses her arguing and magical prowess to assert dominance. She means well in general - she wants to teach others, she wants to be noticed. It also serves as motivation to build her ‘invulnerable’ public appearance. However, nothing could be so far from the truth, as her feelings are in fact easily damaged and she’s prone to break down in private.

Having created mental shields around herself, it’s increasingly difficult to get close to her, despite her need of attention. She is the ‘tough love’ type of person, meaning sarcasm and irony are predominant in her speech. Even when not arguing, one can easily mistake her for being rather hostile; she just has a twisted sense of humor.

When someone breaks into that shell, she tends to become very clingy quite quickly in the sense of worrying herself to death over the person. She doesn’t want anything to happen to the one person that cares for her so she goes out of her way to ensure their safety, adopting a bit of a motherly personality in the process. One could say it’s a sharp contrast to her abrasive self - caring, gentle, always there for the person even at her own expense.

- Tends to absolutely focus on something that catches her interest, ignoring everything else; taps her foot quickly and incessantly when having to sit straight for long periods of time;
- Suffers of a chronic sleep condition that makes her have to adhere to polyphasic sleep, meaning she has to sleep through specific classes and hope she doesn't get caught;
- Occasionally slips some slang into her otherwise dignified speech without really noticing.

- A genius level of intellect which she nurtures constantly;
- Highly argumentative, being able to hold her own in various topics;
- Talented in what she does, taking pride in it, aiming for the stars every time;
- Studious, getting high marks in every sort of test no matter the personal cost;
- Ambitious, not settling for anything less than absolute perfection in her work.

- Self destructive, having the tendency to be way too hard on herself if met with failure;
- Lacks emotional intelligence, being mostly unable of providing comfort despite knowing the core concepts' definitions by heart;
- Cold, which leads her into misreading otherwise emotional situations rather easily and expecting more out of people than she should;
- Arrogant, not believing she can just be wrong given she has what she considers to be a superior intellect;
- Can't deal with her emotions, often bottling everything up until she breaks down in private or acting out in unhealthy ways.

- Muggle technology and entertainment;
- Books;
- Studying;
- Learning anything and everything;
- Riding her state-of-the-art broom;
- Being alone;
- Watching Quidditch (could make the cut, but can't be bothered).

- People (especially those who can't laugh at themselves, nor stand up for themselves);
- Losing;
- Her mother's side of the family;
- Being woken up;
- Pointy things;
- Muggleborn who go after others.

Boggart: Herself as some form of muggle-created robot/android, with mechanical parts on display and computerized speech. She fears becoming so dulled out to the world that she will lose all capacity of feeling.

Patronus: Tiger

Patronus Memory: The last time she and her brothers played together, before she moved. The two went out of their way to give her an unforgettable experience - for all they knew, it would be a long time before they saw each other again. And they were right...


Wand: Black walnut. Dragon Heartstring. 13''. Dark and rigid.

Strength: Arithmancy, Legilimency/Occlumency, Dueling-type magic (offensive and defensive)
Weakness: Divination, Herbology, Transfiguration

Family and History

Father: Leon Bowen - A muggle that managed to win her mother's heart in their late teens. He came from poverty and struggles in his family business as the head of a pawn shop. He and Keira speak in secret, as her mother doesn't approve.
Mother: Rebecca Claybrook - Remarried. A pureblood whom misses her glory days and has grown fixated in such accomplishments ever since, deeming Leon a failure. She wants the very best for Keira, whether she agrees with it or not.
- Dominic Bowen - Deceased, having perished in an accident: a gas explosion in his work building. Him and Keira grew estranged since their parents' divorce. Muggle.
- Evan Bowen - Slightly older than his sister, but still in high school. Muggle. The two siblings are estranged. For those who know him, he seems to be even more shut out from the world than his younger sister, although for different reasons.
- Ava Claybrook - Keira's step-sister. They are the same age, and Keira very much dislikes her for being a pushover. Hufflepuff, 5th year. They don't really get along, for as much as Ava tries to.

Pet: A little Syrian hamster called Rogers.

Background: Keira was born to Leon and Rebecca Bowen, halfblood, her father being a muggle. She was the last of three children born to the couple - and the one closest to the time when her mother grew disillusioned with the romantic and humble lifestyle. She caught the brunt of the hostile divorce in her younger years.

There was no such thing as a custody battle. On the one hand, Leon could not afford a lawyer to keep the children with him; on the other hand, Rebecca didn't care much for any of them, the main point of interest being Keira's raw talent in magic which the other two children lacked. She wanted the child to bring her name back into the spotlight and thus she took her in, leaving Dominic and Evan out of their lives without hesitation.

Keira grew up with her nose stuck in books for most of her life, whether it be general knowledge, fiction, or more importantly, magic. Her mother demanded nothing short of perfection; luckily Keira's own ambition and lust for knowledge aided her in accomplishing such tasks. However she couldn't say she cared for her mother, whom only seemed to concern herself with what Keira was capable of achieving in her name (and thus, bring in lost fortune and recognition to the house as a halfblood).

As she grew older, she also grew wiser to her mother's tactics - her ambition became one of becoming a great wizard so she could actually get out of their lives, rather than benefiting them. She gradually became rebellious out of spite, wanting a way of simply annoying her parents at every turn without compromising her academic career. She is now the bane of their mortality - nevertheless something they must endure for the greater good...

A few years into her education in Hogwarts, her mother remarried a fellow wizard - they had permanently relocated away from the muggle world (much to her dismay), and she was forced to socialize with a new step-sister whom she frankly found annoying. This only made her further shut from the world, trying to ignore her home life and just focusing on leaving it all behind her back as soon as she possibly can. While quite unsure of the career she wants to follow, she is looking at the position of Prefect when the school year starts over. Would look great in her background in the future...
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